The Big Question – When Do Registrations OPEN?

Sorry to start off by disappointing you but this Big Question still goes unanswered.

But to prevent you from missing out on any significant updates, please follow our blog. Your email-id is secure and confidential (even we as admins can’t see the subscribers email-id). An email will be sent to you alerting you when registrations open up.

(The follow blog option should be visible on the right sidebar)

While we are uncertain about the dates for registration to one of our 5 leagues, look for it to open for at-least a 15 day period.

More news to follow shortly…….


45 thoughts on “The Big Question – When Do Registrations OPEN?

  1. yeah i think by mid July as usual the registrations will open..

  2. Let me know then please…. I’ll be the token welsh team 🙂

  3. Let us know when registration opens in ffs..

  4. Excellent work 🙂

  5. Hopefully I am registered.

    If not drop me a note on FFS

    Cheers Evs

  6. I’m registered now right?????

  7. Nice work lads. Looking forward to the new season

  8. Great Work!
    Looking Forward to ti!!

  9. Looks Really Cool!

  10. Evo all

    Nice little sight……if you know what I mean 😉

  11. What are the requirements for acceptance going to be based on? Sorry if this is already written somewhere and I haven’t seen it 😉

  12. Great stuff lads, well done yet again.

  13. Really don’t want to miss this.

  14. So this is where we all are 🙂

  15. Fuzzy Warbles checking in!!!!!

    • hey Fuzzy! think you could put your FFS name in parenthesis of your wordpress name or something like that so we all know and remember who you are?

      and are you sure this grave is the real you? I thought the ffs one was you 😉

  16. this website is accessible at work!!!! awesome. everybody move over here!!!

  17. Any closer to finding out when this begins?

    Also, can we not call the League FFS something? Dont want my ML rivals to discover this.

    • Within 4-5 days of FPL opening, registrations should start here. Also your rivals cannot see these leagues – it will not be mentioned anywhere on the main fpl site..

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