Order of Extreme Valour – FFS Euro 2012 – Matchday 5 Day 1 Report – Isacki

Note: This is the report for the FFS Euro 2012 award only; there is a separate report for the FFS Friendly World Cup!

STOP PRESS: This report has been written against the clock just after the announcement of Germany and Italy teamsheets. Please allow for haste and a sad, empty feeling of disappointment as Klose is named on the bench, followed by euphoria and a 39-hour drinking binge as he comes on and snatches victory from defeat with a brace in stoppage time.

Last night’s 0-0 draw between Spain and Portugal meant that the only differentials to profit were Portuguese defenders. Up on the roll of honour, then are Coentrao (7 points – Mac, Drinky) and Bruno Alves (6 points – Gaz Downright ENR, China Mag). Let us not speak of Negredo or Hugo Almeida. They are dead to us.

Tonight’s titanic clash between Germany and Italy offers far more in differentials, almost all attacking, and sadly, almost all not starting. Anyway, for Italy, starting at the back we have Buffon (Doosra). Defensive picks include Barzagli (Gaz Downright, Pratik, Drinky) and Balzaretti (Super Dunny, Hillbillypete, Mark). In midfield we have a host of differentials. Marchisio (Daniel), Diamanti (ENR, Gaz Downright, Milanista) and UCL hero Nocerino (Milanista, ENR, Gaz Downright). Even more leftfield are the midfield picks of Motta, Giaccherini and Ogbonna by that freak ENR. Up front the lone Italian differential is Cassano (Pratik, Roscola).

For Germany two people have opted for the super-expensive differential of Germany traction engine Lahm (ENR, Fuzzy Czarbles). Moving on to midfield, similarly expensive Schweinsteiger has been picked by Fuzzy Czarbles and In Like Flynn. Finally, up front we do have some who punted on the risk. Podolski is picked by Milanista and Sporting ABG. And finally, to close the report, it’s our old friend Doosra again – he went for Schurrle. Schurrle not?

This is the only report for Matchday 5. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of the FFS Euro 2012 Matchday 5 Order of Extreme Valour tomorrow!


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