Order of Extreme Valour – FFS Friendly World Cup – Matchday 6 Award

Order of Extreme Valour – FFS Friendly World Cup – Matchday 6 Award

It’s been thrilling, it’s been long, it’s been emotional. And that’s just the valour awards, forget the tournament. Both the fantasy and real Euros finished with a bang as Spain destroyed Italy in a performance which yours truly never saw coming. And so here we come to our final award. No more copying and pasting all your teams into my spreadsheet and watching my computer hang. No more scouring through Drobnys and Fortounises looking for that elusive captaincy that separates the ballsy from the downright insane. And no more attempting to keep a straight face as I attempt to convince you that Richard Dunne could perform acts of valour against Spain.

I judged the award by the rules posted here. http://uefaffs.weebly.com/7/post/2012/06/the-order-of-extreme-valour.html
To recap:

A “successful gamble” is defined as a single player choice that returns an unexpectedly high number of points. The awards will be given on these criteria:
– Underappreciation
– Overachievement
– Underdog team
– Captaincy

Differentials were thin on the ground as expected and there could only be one winner. Since Italy got steamrollered and no other differential picked up significant points, honourable mentions are hard to come by, but I will give a few shout-outs to those who gamely tried Italian differentials. The expensive De Rossi had Emperikal, Archie and Menly as backers. Marchisio was owned by Canadian Football, Bal4Tom and Eoin. And Montolivo was owned by Shipstontrev, Optimus and Djerbil. A couple even managed to get a point out of an Italian who didn’t start – Balzaretti came on to nudge the score up a bit for Goldstonemr, Gargamel and Shipstontrev.

And now for the winner:
– The winner came off the bench and was a true differential throughout the tournament. If you’d asked people before the tournmaent whether Torres would win the Golden Boot, they’d have laughed at you. Gargamel and Goldstonemr reaped rich reward from Torres (8 points) for a goal and assist in just 15 minutes. Even more to their credit, they were both in the same team in the Friendly World Cup. The Torres bandwagon starts rolling, and we’ve still got 47 days til the start of the season. Yep, I’m counting.

As the awards close, I’d like to thank everyone on FFS for making this a whole lot of fun. We’ve had our highs, we’ve had our lows, and our Negredos. I’m taking a break from fantasy for a little while now, so I’ll become an occasional poster until the action hots up again.

This is the Jolminator signing off. But you know… I’ll be back.

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