Order of Extreme Valour – FFS Euro 2012 – Matchday 6 Award

Sunday’s match was a suitable finish to a cracking tournament. The Spanish finally decided to kick on and put on a display worthy of the first team to win 3 consecutive international tournaments. In Valour terms, the 4-0 defeat ruined the chances of anyone backing an Italian. However we have been left with enough valiant selections to fill this final Awards post.

I judged the award by the rules posted herehttp://uefaffs.weebly.com/7/post/2012/06/the-order-of-extreme-valour.html

To recap:

A “successful gamble” is defined as a single player choice that returns an unexpectedly high number of points. The awards will be given on these criteria:
– Underappreciation
– Overachievement
– Underdog team
– Captaincy

Honourable Mentions – A couple of decisions which were worthy of note if not the award:

-The Light Knight cut a lonely figure in captaining Ramos and his bravery was rewarded with a clean sheet and enough recovered balls to ensure 14 points.

-Mac and Drinky courageously chose midfield maestro Xavi who delivered his first attacking returns of the tournament with a pair of assists, delighting his noble owners in the process.

And now for the winner:

Despite finding himself 2nd and even 3rd choice striker once, Torres has still managed to walk away with the Golden Boot, which was thanks in no small part to his goal and assist on Sunday. from the bench. It takes a lot of valour to back an out of form striker, and it takes even more to play him when he starts from the bench. So ladies and gentlemen please applaud our truly valiant winners; ENR, Jafalad and Demened Flamingo.

And we are done. Thanks to everyone on the Council for the chance to help out, thanks to everyone on FFS for the great feedback and special thanks to my teammate Isacki for all your help and encouragement over the tournament.

Goodbye and good luck!!!


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