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News spreads fast so probably best to make this official now. While you wait for FPL to come out today/tomorrow/next year – I’d like to release, after an exhaustive week of testing, a tool which I hope will be of some use to FFS regulars and get you a few more precious points. It’s a rotation planner which identifies the easiest fixtures for every week of the season in your chosen squad. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible. The only input it requires from you is to select the teams of each of your 15 players. It will then tell you

A) the easiest fixtures each week for a 3-4-3 formation (the most common one – unfortunately doing alternative formations will be a lot of work so don’t ask!)
B) who is on your bench (so that you can change formation if, for example, your midfielder has an easier fixture than your defender)
C) a colour-coded rating of the difficulty of your fixtures for that GW/the next 6 GWs/the entire season as desired

and lots of other features, all of which you can turn on and off as desired.

Instructions on how to download it are in the bottom right corner of the page you’re viewing.

Thanks to FFS UEFA and Pratik for taking the trouble to host it. And in Pratik’s case, having to deal with what sounds like is already a mountain of technical support requests 😉

Good luck and happy tinkering!



47 thoughts on “Rotation Planner

  1. It really is fantastic, cant wait to put it to the test properly once we can FINALLY pick a squad! 🙂

    Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Thanks, Isacki! 🙂

  3. Once again, great job Isacki — and even more so for releasing it to the general public. 🙂

  4. Great work, guys … 🙂

  5. I don’t see the download 😦

    • Can you see the big white box at the bottom right of the page, the file is available after it loads completely.

      • Nope, there’s no white box! I’m using most recent Firefox so would’ve thought it’d be ok…

        • Browser isn’t the problem. I am also assuming you aren’t viewing it via mobile.

          At the bottom right, do you notice the milestone – 7 days to go. What can you see under that?

          Btw you do have adobe flash installed right?

          • I do indeed but this work computer is sadly tempremental with Flash. I have tried installing most recent version, but still no dice. As everyone else seems to be downloading it without a hitch, i’ll take a guess that it’s my work computer, so i’ll download it from home and email it to work. Thanks for your help anyway dude, it’s much appreciated.

      • I guess it may be something to do with my work firewall. I’ll try when I get home and post whether I have any success!

  6. brilliant work guys!!!looks very impressive, i really like it

  7. Thanks Isacki, much appreciated.

  8. Awesome, brilliant, in fact word’s won’t do justice to it. I am referring to the magic weaved by excel, not your work. 😉

  9. That is a work of genius, now I don’t even need to pick my team – what can possibly go wrong 🙂

  10. great planner Isacki, very much appreciated.

  11. Fantastic work Isacki

  12. Fantastic work Isacki, you must have put in so much work.

  13. Appreciate the video of how to interpret it more than anything

  14. Any chance of an xls version? Looks class.

  15. Is there some type of patch that can be downloaded to enable the Excel features of Office 2007 to be compatible with Office 2003?

    • There appears to be a couple of problems for 2003 excel users (namely the IFERROR function and a conditional formatting problem). I’m hoping for a compatible version from the author. If you’re familiar with excel you can attempt to solve this yourself. I’ve been working on it for about 30 mins.

      If you are gonna give it a go, to help you on your way you can have where i’ve got to so far, which is to set up the IFERROR function in excel 2003.

      Here’s the code.

      Function IFERROR(ToEvaluate As Variant, Default As Variant) As Variant
      ‘Duplicates Excel 2007 functionality (UDF)
      If IsArray(ToEvaluate) Then
      IFERROR = IIf(IsError(ToEvaluate(1)), Default, ToEvaluate)
      IFERROR = IIf(IsError(ToEvaluate), Default, ToEvaluate)
      End If
      End Function

      • Nice start, thanks. I was aware it wouldn’t work in Excel < 2007 because the functions and features had evolved since then, but was looking to launch it and hopefully find a way to extend support to Excel < 2007 users later. Unfortunately I found out the most obvious way was to use VBA like you (that's VBA right?) and I don't have a clue about VBA so people like you are best placed to fix it.

        I will look into it but anyone is welcome to modify the spreadsheet as they require. It's only protected and sheets hidden to stop people from deleting formulas by accident. If you haven't worked out how to turn off the protection then let me know and I'll send you back an unprotected spreadsheet.

        • I should have a working version of this tomorrow for xls / 2003. People will have to select enable macros, as i said earlier, to get the iferror function that runs throughout this spreadsheet i had to set it up in VBA.

          For anyone who is interested It also doesn’t seem to like =DMAX when the range is split for some reason (which is a pain) but =LARGE seems to work equally well and is actually a little neater in parts.

          I’ve had to remove some of the other fomulas aswell and replace some INDIRECT formulas with ADDRESS versions.

          But i’m happy to report that all formula’s work now, and the sheet values and calculations updates instantly and are accurate.

          Now for the downside….

          The 2003 version cannot update the colours instantly, the conditional formatting just isn’t clever enough. The only way around this i can see at the moment is an “update colours button”. So you make your changes, subs and teams and averages update, but you have to click a button to get your colour changes. Bummer but better than nothing i suppose.

          I’ll i pick 9 shades (thinking traditional red to blue 1.68 but if you have your conditional formats isacki i shall try to mirror those) and link this to a button.

          I’ll link the xls version here tomorrow. I need to go to bed its 3.40am lol


          • Excellent work Stefan. My code was awful as I wrote it for my own use so it must have been a lot of work to change it.

      • Someone tried using that and they could see everything, but it wouldn’t let them edit the teams I think. So still worth doing!

      • Good find.

        I tried this a while ago for something else but never really used it. I’m not sure whether all the functions will work (got annoyed with it rather quickl, but if it does thats awesome) as Its just a viewer that lets you see excel and not really a patch. As such you can’t edit or save the workbook.

        Let me know how you find it though as it may stop me tearing my hair out with colours.

        And i will be posting a link to my edited version in the next few hours (when i get home) so it’ll be good to get the comparison lol.

        • Avoid posting this on FFS if you are done with it. It’s against the rules & policies of Data Co & since FFS officialy pays for Data Co, DataCo make sure that the fixtures can’t be misused, so they regularly check ffs….Have just heard recently that posting it there, can get them in trouble. Isacki/I will make appropriate edit on this article itself to include your file, but really avoid mention of it on FFS. In fact, avoid any sorts of promotion on the rotation ticker when it comes to FFS.

          • Cheers for the heads up.

            I have actually finished now. My button to update colours finally works. YAY.

            I have also added 2 extra features which you can use or not. First is just very basic. When you select Ratings instead of Names, a “BEST FORMATION” line is inserted and simply says yes or no as to whether you are fielding the strongest side you can. This one is little but makes it for me a bit more black and white for me.

            The second thing i have added is a Facility to “Change Fixture Difficulty” for the teams. This is really only for members of FFS that are familiar with this function. You can change and save, Restore last save and for those who tinker too much, Restore Defaults. (There is a tiny word of caution which is that when you have multiple teams with the same values, i.e 5 teams at 900, you have to enter them as 900.001, 900.002, 900.003 etc. There is always restore default if you get lost. If its too much for you, just don’t use it, its just something i will probably use myself so thought i’d smack it in).

            Ok I shall post a link to this once i figure out how to upload it somewhere to share. If anyone has any tips on how to do that by the way, please let me know.


          • sorry but can someone point me in the direction of the explanatory youtube vid? thanks for the trouble Isacki and Pratik!

  16. Excellent work lads!

  17. This is beautiful

  18. *Edited – Follow the instructions specified in the doc file found at the bottom right of this page. The download link will be sent to you immediately via mail.”

    The download link doesn’t work in the viewing screen you see when you first follow this link, but once downloaded it sorts itself out.

    a) You have to enable macros.
    b) If you don’t use macro’s you may get a security warning about the level, this is normal. Set it to medium. If you don’t know how;
    Close it without saving. Open a blank excel sheet. In TOOLS>MACRO>SECURITY, set it to medium (you only need to do this once). Then open up the FPLRotaionSpreadsheet and you’re good to go.
    c) The colours do not update automatically. You need to press the update colours (its instant).
    d) Enjoy.



  19. Hi Thanks for this great tool..
    The youtube video is set to private, any tips how i can watch it or the channel name i have to subscribe to.
    Thanks again, great effort..

  20. Fan-chuffing-tastic guys. I am in your debt.

  21. Echoing the above sentiments…gents, this is quite bloody marvellous. Bravo!

  22. I am sorry but i cant use it !

    When i open it : I click on ‘update links”

    then they says the links cant be updated because i dont have the excel file “Squad ratings”

    and everything is blancked

    When i open it : i click on ‘dont update’
    the same problem is still here : no links with the formula and the GK #REF
    MID #REF
    and the reste of sheet is white and red! thanks for help

  23. really really awsome work man !!!!

  24. This is truly excellent. Thanks Isacki

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