FPL Team Preview – West Ham United – by Doosra

The arrival of Big Sam last Season brought some welcome solidity to the Hammers defense, sorely needed, though unacknowledged by us, the fans. In addition, when away, we played a solid 4-5-1, with a slight change of personnel, and with Cole as the very hard-working spearhead.

O’Neil broke through, and came of age as a player, and Collison is in the process. These two will need to help Noble, who has long been ploughing a lone furrow as “Mr. West Ham”, following in the illustrious path of Trevor Brooking, and then Alan Devonshire. Tomkins has developed hugely too – although he had to, after the departure of Upson.

Nolan has added some grit – and a lot of yellow cards – to the midfield, while Vaz Te hit a hot streak of form to ensure that the Hammers scored plenty of goals.

I believe that we will survive, as there are four really quite weak teams already in the division, and one or two of those took quite a knock last Season. I also believe that we have more know-how than the other promoted sides …

Team Line Ups(possible):



Demel, Reid, Tomkins, McCartney

Noble, Nolan, O’Neil,

Vaz Te, Cole, Taylor



Demel, Reid, Tomkins, McCartney

Vaz Te, Noble, Nolan, Collison, O’Neil,



Tomkins P47,4G6Y

Demel P10,

Nolan P46,13G11Y1R

Noble P48,8G7Y

Collison P37,6G1Y1R

Vaz Te P42,24G2Y

Cole P43,15G7Y

I suggest that you stick to the players outlined here under 2011/2, plus Diame, O’Neil and Maiga.

Noble should pick up the most PPI, and therefore bonus. Carlton Cole may also do well in this regard, as will Tomkins at the back. Demel may be a worthwhile punt. Collison has the most potential, Nolan the least. If Vaz Te can retain composure at this level, he may be best of all. I am not sanguine about Jaaskelainen. Maiga may well affect the game time of both Cole and Vaz Te, while Diame may affect Nolan’s. Taylor may play some games at left back.

My fixture rating for the first seven is good, and very good for Homes. Just Arsenal to worry about at the end. I can see us picking up points on our travels.

Outstanding prospects: Vaz Te, Noble and Tomkins. I will not be picking Nolan any time soon …

Outstanding punt: Demel, if he attains fitness, and retains it … Ideal for uber cheap defences.

9 thoughts on “FPL Team Preview – West Ham United – by Doosra

  1. Thanks for this Doosra, really informative piece and a great help.
    I was interested in Demel as a cheap option and nice to know that you think he’s a certainty

  2. Noble and Demel are in!

    Nice article. Thanks, Doos! 🙂

  3. Wow, this is helpful

  4. Interesting article-big debates on hammers sites over demel-they all tend to believe he is past it,most importantly how slow/penalty giving prone he now is and much prefer spence or a fit o’brien-interesting to see how big sam sees it in the PL-not sure he has a regular place . I’m for one interested about how the significant signings of maiga and the class act that is diame will shake up fantasy hammers.
    Agree that caution is the byword -interesting article

    • Just spoke to a friend of mine who is a hammers fan and he is of the opinion that if O’brien is fit he will start over Demel. Interesting

  5. Great work, Doos.
    I think I’ll stick with Noble and Jussi for now but I may be swayed as the season continues 😉

  6. super report Doosra, exactly what I needed to cement my interest in Demel

  7. demel has been my 4.0 choice from the start. keep it hush hush Doos!!

    good stuff

  8. Good analysis Doos, but not concerned about Demel’s gametime?

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