A West Ham United fan who once had a fling with Charlton Athletic, because they treated and trained my children so well! I am 58. I have a soft spot for Everton, and a great deal of respect for United. I quite like Stoke, which earns me numerous brickbats!

Started playing Fantasy Football in the Guardian game, for two glorious years. Didn’t win anything, but ALWAYS selected ONLY English players. Had an abortive stab at FPL in 2008/9. Guardian game ceased in 2009/10, owing to a lazy marketing department.

I migrated, via The Mirror to FPL in 2009/10, still only selecting English players. Played on with full teams since then, gradually improving. I have been on FFS since that year.

Won my public head-to-head last year. Set a record bench score of 43 for FFS; my team scored 57 … I am notorious for my differentials, and sometimes dispense sound advice. My best achievement last Season, however, was succeeding in persuading everybody that Yaya Toure was a sound investment!. I have a fondness for box-to-box midfielders which started with Steve Hodge … and will continue this Season with Alexander Song!

Co-founder, with Ginkapo of the bodacious “It’s a Long and Winding Road …” set of Leagues. My ambition this year is to run these successfully, and break 2200, and get into the top 20k.


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