So, here I am, writing an article about myself as I am (by definition) a ‘key contributor’. Whilst this stinks of self-importance, I’d genuinely feel better about writing this if I wrote it in a self-deprecating manner. So here I go:

I am 24, and studying Economics at university. I have no underscore in my Council username. I have been using FPL for seven years, and never been outside of the top 75k (ended with 2011 points in the 10/11 season, some say I did this on purpose), with three top 10k finishes. However, I am best described as an English penalty taker; aka a bottler (or Great British – I take pleasure from blaming the Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish for our QF defeat to South Korea). I am also the pacifist Joey Barton; I can give advice, but rarely take my own.

I am Claudio Ranieri; I think I’m taking calculated risks, but they tend to backfire. I am Arsene Wenger; I can predict which players will have a great season, but then remove them before they hit form due to a lack of patience, and refuse to bring them back. My most memorable moment was in 2009, by removing myself from the top 100 in Gameweek 38 with a strategy of, let’s say, ‘strange’ risk-taking. Alas, a finish of 777 was what I deserved here. But as a Villa fan (using the term ‘fan’ loosely) and Englishman, I am used to admiring bottlers.

I started taking FPL seriously when I joined Fantasy Football Scout just before Christmas last year – this certainly helped turn my flailing season around and a comfortable position in the top 5k followed. This reignited my forgotten love for FPL; and thanks to the people reading this, I am now addicted. A top 1k finish is the number 1 target, and a respectable position in the UefaCouncil tournament is a close second.

Here’s hoping to a good season for all, and a successful Council tournament. You may’ve noticed this article comes at a time when much talk is on the Council tournament – it’s as if I’m attempting to go under the radar, much like Sigurdsson or Jonny Evans to the casual players last season. You’d be correct.


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