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Hey folks,

Good to know that the enthusiasm is running high for the competitions, both on here and on FFS.

As many of you will be releasing pressers over the course of the season, the council has decided to send out a brief guideline regarding pressers so as to create minimum confusion and maximum exposure.

  • Roughly speaking, simply post your press conferences either in the comments section on FFS or here, after that email us the link of the press conference at
  • Simply click the grey # button in the lower left corner of your posts on FFS to get the link of your comment or click the date and time on the comments on this website to get the direct link which will look something like this :
  • After you have emailed us the link, we will release all the pressers in one article daily
  • If the press conference is long, please avoid posting it on FFS and post it directly on here in the comments section

The above guidelines apply to key contributors and council members as well, there will be no separate posts for them.

A few people have expressed concern regarding the minimum number of pressers etc….Pressers aren’t mandatory, just strongly recommended in the spirit of the Cups. But generating banter is important, and it is this that keeps the spirit of these cups and leagues alive. It  differentiates this competition from other other straightforward fpl h2h leagues. So please take part in the banter, and don’t be nervous to take a shot at a presser. We are a genuinely great community, one that will not needlessly criticize.

Thank you.


33 thoughts on “Information for Press conferences

  1. I’m sorry if this comes across as a noob question. How many press conferences are manages supposed to put up? If I read right in a previous article, is it 3?

  2. Surely a weekly summary article at 11:30 Saturday mornings would be the best solution?

    • Perhaps later on……

      Initially I think there will be plenty of pressers to roll out for each day. So a single post, giving the pressers of the day would be a good option. Later on, when there are fewer pressers, we could roll them all out in a single post weekly, on Friday/Saturday.

  3. do we have to post press conference??

    my english is not the best and i would like to aviod this if is possible…

    • Your request is understandable, and you can avoid it if you want…..

      It’s just that when TW came up with this minimum requirement, he wanted everyone to give it a shot, and not hide in the shadows. Basically to build up momentum, create a great atmosphere and simply have fun.

      • sounds like a good idea but i dont like the fact that we are ,,forced ” to write 3 press conference durning the season…

        • yeah…..sounds a bit crazy although its fun… 😀

        • I would imagine as long as you’re visibly taking part in a bit of banter on the site nobody will mind.

          120 x 3 press conferences is going to be a bit much to keep on top of anyway I reckon, plus some people will get carried away and have weeklies no doubt!!

          • 120 x 3 is a little over the top I agree with this guy.

            2 one in either half of the seasons should suffice?

            • Pressers can be just as long as a paragraph…..We are not looking for exemplary pieces of English writing.

            • over the span of about 20-21 weeks i honestly dont think that 360 pressers is that much. but basically the point was to get everyone to give it a shot and get involved a bit. and remember it doesn’t have to be a presser it can be a brief team news or even some sort of a rumour. a brief paragraph can suffice, it doesn’t have to be as long as some of fuzzy and newman’s pressers were last season

  4. I have edited the article, and added a last paragraph regarding pressers. Is that fair to everybody?

  5. Hi guys

    I’m a little confused. Are we playing this the same way as we did the previous leagues, i.e. when I “managed” CSKA Moscow, where it’s our FPL teams competing against one another or is it the teams we’ve drawn? I only ask cos’ Hec087’s press conference made reference to the actual Toulouse team.

    Sorry if it’s a stupid question 😉

  6. We surely don’t need to send one now do we?

  7. Pepe Reina today met with the squad and the entire staff of Chievo Verona, and gave a short speech from the central pedestal of Conference Room B. It is said that Pepe was impressed with the unity in the camp and the ambitions of the club as a whole. This photo was leaked on twitter by goalkeeping coach, Peter Spinosa.

  8. Urbano Cairo, the chairman of Torino FC announced that a manager has been found for the newly promoted Serie A team. Calling the shots in the 2012/13 season is underdog manager, Bowstring, all the way from Dublin. Having played a ‘dead’ year in the 2010/11 season he ended up nearly at the 2 million rank. Last year saw him shoot up the ranks to 365k, which by FFS standards, is still pretty low. He joined up on FFS early last season and has enjoyed every moment since. Bowstring is not afraid to give his honest opinion, even when it involves likening Santi Cazorla to Stewart Downing. This year though, he hopes to get back on track after two disappointing seasons and will certainly be one to watch. Earlier we interviewed the man himself:

    Press – So, Bowstring what are your thoughts and feelings on becoming the new manager of Torino FC?

    Bowstring – Firstly, it’s a great honour to be accepted into Serie A as part of the UEFA council and I hope to show that I am capable of keeping the standard up in this very competitive league and get the best result I can with Torino. Big shout out to all the members that put their hard work into the organisation and recruitment of this league.

    Press – Let’s talk tactics, how do you see the team shaping up?

    Bowstring – Well without giving too much away and naming our watchlist targets, we plan on going for a 3-4-3 formation and we’ll take it from there. We’re looking at a very balanced team both defensively and offensively with some proven players for reliability, and some unproven players as differentials.

    Press – What are your aims and greatest challenges this year?

    Bowstring – Well we aim to progress in the competition as much as possible, but at the same time I’m aware that this league is no walk in the park. You have managers like Milanista, LittleWizard, Daniel, Menly, Isacki, Forca and Mark who don’t make things easy for the underdog. Competing with them is our main challenge. My aims are simple – use my budget to get a balanced team before the season starts and just give it our best with as few hits as possible.

    Press – Do you feel that this ‘underdog’ can make an impact this year?

    Bowstring – Definitely. Torino (Craggy Island XI) will not go down without a fight. This year is a new start for me, I know I’m a small fish in a big pond, but all I can do is my best. I know my record hasn’t been great but hey, if Kenny Dalglish can manage Liverpool then surely I can have a go with Torino. Not to mention that I’ve played 4 seasons with them on FIFA. We’ve also got the Stairway to Heaven league (L5), some leagues that the FFS regulars set up, and a few money leagues to try and make our mark in.

    Press – Thank you Bowstring for your time and good luck in the coming season.

    Bowstring – Thank you very much.

  9. Can the topic of the pressers be any random subjects such as a strategy on fantasy football, a conflict between two key contributors on the forum, etc?

    • you can make yours whatever you want! though last season they were often pre or post match pressers discussing the matchup, with a lot of flair thrown in! take a look at the ones from last year for a general idea. though honestly anything goes.

  10. only big news about my pescara club this season is that we have signed Weiss from Man City….

    The Slovakia international spent the last two-and-a-half years out on loan at Bolton, Rangers and Espanyol and now comes to the newly promoted club with the hope to play some first team football…..


    The Daily Mail has reported that Werder Bremen manager Thomas Schaaf has been abducted last night from his apartment in downtown Bremen. No apparent clues were found on the spot, except a very peculiar element — a torn out Polaroid of Steven Gerrard, with the phrase “old grav” scrawled illegibly on the reverse. More news to follow as and when possible.

  12. Beavis takes the reins at SC Bastia

    Following the promotion from Ligue 2 after a very successful campaign in which SC Bastia won the league by 6 points and amassed the best goal difference (+25), the board of directors has surprisingly decided to appoint the inexperienced 22-year old Beavis as their new manager.

    This decision has left the previous manager, Frédéric Hantz, very disappointed and has simply reiterated the ever-changing and unforgiving circumstances in which football is being run in the modern day. It is reminiscent of the unfair way in which Vicente del Bosque was not offered a new contract back in 2003 for Real Madrid despite winning the league for in 2001 and 2003, as well as the Champions League in 2000 and 2002. Hantz will be hoping to follow in del Bosque’s footsteps and prove his doubters and previous employers wrong.

    SC Bastia will similarly be hoping that they do not eat humble pie and that Beavis can lead them to a respectable finish in Ligue 1. Beavis himself will be hoping that his experienced players like Jerome Rothen, who played in the 2004 Champions League final for Monaco, and the captain Yannick Cahuzac will lead by example and try to push the team forward in what has been described as a ‘new era’ by the board of directors.

    Beavis also took the time to introduce himself and point out that not only did SC Bastia have top players, but now they also had a top manager. Following his 580th overall finish in last year’s season, he dubbed himself ‘The Amazing One’ and said that the SC Bastia fans had nothing to fear this year, as well as promising them European qualification at the very least.

    Although this would be described by most as farfetched and unrealistic, you cannot fault Beavis’ ambition and it will be very interesting to see how the Ligue 2 champions will fare against France’s big boys.

  13. Breaking news from the Black Country – Surprise appointment for the Baggies

    As dawn breaks a bleary eyed Jeremy Pearce holds an impromptu press conference at The Hawthorns to a very small crowd of journalists…

    Jeremy Pearce – Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the home of West Bromwich Albion. I apologise for the early hour, but I’m sure you’ll soon understand why we called the conference at this time of morning. I’m also sure that this news will come as a big shock to you, but I regret to say that Steve Clarke has, after much deliberation, decided not to pursue the post of head coach for the forthcoming season.

    Gasps of surprise are heard amongst the snoring of the gathered throng.

    Jeremy Pearce – I am however glad to announce that despite the short notice Steve gave us, we have found a manager of quality, a manager of vision, a manager not afraid to take risks, a manager who will take this club forward (whisper’s to one of the hacks ‘a manager who was cheap’).

    After a few elbows in the ribs, more of the press pack open their bloodshot eyes, accompanied by a yawn or two.

    Jeremy Pearce – Without further ado let me introduce our new manager (whisper’s to one of the hack’s ‘I understand the only time we’ll get any sense out of him is early in the morning’), let’s have a round of applause for ManofKent…

    A few half-hearted claps from the press.

    ManofKent – Welcome ladies and gentleman. Firstly may I say that I do not see this position as a stepping stone to managing the national squad, nor do I see it as a stepping stone to Abramovich’s millions. I take this position as someone who is proud of the club, and it’s history.

    Press – so you wouldn’t consider the England job or the chance to manage one of the top clubs if offered?

    ManofKent – Ermm – that’s not quite what I said, and if they were to offer I would obviously have to consider my position carefully)…

    Press – Have you talked with either of your predecessors?

    Manof Kent – Of course I have. Once a baggie, always a baggie – our ex-managers maintain a good relationship with the club. Look at how when we asked for the loan of a striker, Roberto didn’t try and fob us off with Torres, but lent us someone who isn’t affraid of the goal.

    Press – Is it true Roy phoned you and said he had to deal with a selection of mediocre players?

    ManofKent – I think he was referring to the England Squad rather than West Bromwich…

    Press – Looking foward, how will your tactics differ from Roy’s

    ManofKent – Roy is largely an advocate of the old-fashioned 4-4-2, I will largely be playing 3-4-3.

    Press – Is that because you’ve failed to invest enough in defence?

    ManofKent – I am confident of my tactics.

    Press – Will you be fielding Lukaku up front?

    ManofKent – Obviously I am considering multiple options.

    Press – Is it true you keep changing your mind about who to start?

    Manofkent – There’s plenty of time until the season starts…

    Press – So you don’t have a finalised squad with less than a week to go?

    ManofKent – It’s important to remain flexible…

    Press – Is it true your management career has been beset by too many transfers, and jumping on bandwagons just as they hit the ditch?

    ManofKent – Ermmm. It’s important to remain flexible…

    The press go back to sleep.

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