Changes are afoot!

If you have a keen eye, you might have noticed the navigation bar (menu) has undergone changes.
I will just get straight to the point -The much awaited fixtures and tables are out for the 19 gameweeks.

The links are provided in the navigation bar, but to lay them out for you

Ligue1 Home –
Ligue1 Table –
La Liga Home –
La Liga Table –
EPL Home –
EPL Table –
Serie A Home –
Serie A Table –
ROE Home –
ROE Table –
Bundesliga Home –
Bundesliga Table –

Your links will be working correctly on the table page for your league.

In the basic homepage where the fixtures are laid, the links will be activated depending on the gameweek. So gameweek 5, will point to the gameweek 5 link of that person. Obviously as gameweek 5 hasn’t happened yet, you can’t view the team now.

So immediately after the current deadline, you will see that gameweek 1 links have started working.

What I need you guys to do is to simply tell me any issues you have with the site. Remember while the background is straight from this site, the entire coding (including design) had to be done manually by me. So it’s highly possible that errors might have creeped in.

Any errors especially those in your fpl id/link please send me a mail ( or you can use the contact us page. You can alternatively comment here itself. If you see any other mixups, contact me for that too.


98 thoughts on “Changes are afoot!

  1. Oh My god… I have scored 41 points and i am having a clear edge over Isacki in serie A…. Can’t believe it….Wow.. 🙂

  2. is there any way that i can directly talk with any admins or organizer in person ??
    mail , chat or phone call

    wanted to discuss on new game of FPL which you can say expanded version of FPL and also going to launch a new website on it so can i talk with any of you ??

  3. The Italian league has some serious points!

  4. Pratik i thought we could do our discussion here on the Aguero Torres issue. My first thoughts are Aguero(c) could be a massive differential come GW3.

    • I also have aguero in my team and his knock out means its a big blow to the fantasy managers. But he tweeted this morning that he hopes its not a major blow and he might be back soon even though the scans and medicals are to be done today and in FPL site it is given as 75% chances of playing. So is it good to have him in team for now or should i go for Tevez whose price might increase this week?

      • This is a very risky territory. If in his press conference Mancini says Aguero is likely to return soon – doesn’t really do any good for us. Soon could be gw2 for us, but soon for Mancini could be gw5, with gw4 on the bench.

        I have through this exact phase with VDV where he supposed to make a quick return but it eventually took him more than 3 gw’s to return last year.

        So unless the press conference is really concrete, I will be doing Aguero->Tevez in gw3. Mind you, my current priority is getting rid of a Chelsea player and not taking a transfer hit.

        For now, just sit tight.

  5. Guys, I know this is not the right time to ask for a help but can any admin help me on how to look the Rotations.xls.
    To be honest, I didn’t expect to score more than 45 points in the fantasy league and now i am at 70. So I think i should take it seriously now and needs to do more research as well as to be more active on this site and also to get tips from the seasoned fantasy managers like you all…

    So thats when i found this excel sheet and I am not able to understand anything from this excel sheet which i think have some interesting information about the rotation planner. Please can anyone help me in this regard?

  6. I need a Kagawa goal today, or I need both him and Ramires not to play their games. Too much to ask? I hope not.. 😦

  7. Thanks pratik, I got your mail….
    @lateriser2 I am looking for United cover first as i have got Torres, mata and Ivanovic and I am looking forward to today’s game to see whether Rooney is making an impact or not.

  8. Kings of Lyon – the new man in charge of Eintracht Frankfurt

    After a great start to the season the new man at the helm of Eintracht Frankfurt was delighted at his new position – “I am really happy to be here in Frankfurt with team with a rich history. In recent years the form has not been there but I am here to change all that”. “I was wary when picking my squad for the weekend but the players have delivered so far and I can’t see anything but 3 points”. I am however, concerned with the injury to our main man upfront, but I have a few replacements I mind so hopefully this shouldn’t affect us long term.

    With the injury to his star striker KOL was asked if he would have to rejig his squad to incorporate these changes – “Initially I feared the worst and I thought I’d have to strip the squad to fit new players in, but now ive had time to assess I think I’ll be ok, I’m sending scouts to watch the game in Liverpool tonight. Hopefully I can get some strong feedback which will make my decision easier.
    When asked about his strong bench KOL responded with a smile- “I chose my squad so that I had strength in depth I knew that there would be weeks when my bench would impress me but luckily this week the players on the pitch done the job”.

    Its still very early days but signs are looking good in the Eintracht Frankfurt camp.

  9. Dodged a bullet going with Lampard over Kagawa 😛


    Nice have appointed a new captain.
    When manager Sherlock Holmes was asked about the appointment he said – “If there’s money in the bank ill spend. Especially if its on someone who scores when he wants. Now to convince him to want to score. Work needs to be done. The Game, Mrs.Hudson, IS ON!”

    More on this later.

  11. Top of the French League! Wooohooo!

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