Chelsea – An FPL look

I don’t need to tell you about Chelsea last season, nor do you need the details of who they’ve signed, unless you’ve been living under a rock or in Outer Mongolia for the last couple of months, so let’s get on with it shall we?

Predicted Team


This looks to one of the safest places to predict, with the only debate at the minute being who will start between Cahill and Luiz, though given that Cahill seems to make Terry more assured, I’d say it will be him. Barring Terry all of Chelsea’s likely starting defenders, along with Cech are all 6.5 and any could be worthy of investment. Cech is an interesting option. Plenty of saves, possible peno saves and CS could all come his way if you can spare the money in the budget. Just make sure you have a decent back-up for GW3, I recommend Jussi. Personall I have opted for Terry as my Chelsea defender. I have done this for a few reasons. Firtly he is nailed on to play, frankly, like him or not John Terry IS Chelsea, if he is fit he will play. Second, he is a great threat from corners, and Lampard will always look to pick him out. Lastly, other than Kompany he can easily be switched to any other big hitting defender when needed (Vidic, Baines, Verm, Vertonghen to name just a few). That being said, unless Chelsea sign a rb in the next 24 hours, Ivanovic is a great option and also offers a great goal threat, whilst Cashley offers some assist potential.


This would be better dubbed, ‘minefield’. It’s impossible to predict who will start both games or 1, how long they will play for and their roles. One might say picking one has become a Hazardous Mata, arf arf. I have opted for Lampard. Although he may sit a little deeper, the Community Shield and the England game showed he will get forward when possible, plus he is on set-pieces and penalties, and he is nailed on for my money, Chelsea can’t replace him. Beyond him, Mata and Hazard are both 0.5 more. Mata is a proven talent who could score well, but he could be rested after doing both EURO 2012 and Olympic duty, whilst Hazard has talent, but is unproven at PL level, and falling flat on his face trying a trick v City did him no favours. Lastly, for those fancying a punt, Ramires for 7 million could be a great money saving option. Likely to play wide right of a front 3 he has endless stamina coupled with a bit of Brazilian flair, as his assist for Torres showed. Oscar and Marin will be eased in IMO and do not currently warrant investment IMO.


That s is a bit redundant to be honest. With Drogba gone and no forward signed it’s all on Torres, unless RDM fanices Sturridge up-top. Whether you trust him to deliver is another matter (or should that be Mata?)

Top Picks

Any defender







Doosra Differential Punt



One thought on “Chelsea – An FPL look

  1. Mikel will play ahead of Essien.

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