Press Conferences -16th Aug Second Set

First up is Ginkapo

Borrusia Monchengladback (or the mods of Europe as they are more affectionately know)

Those loyal fans who have been watching our preseason training will have seen an odd sight, a man in full white biker gear and a helmet has been partaking in drills and matches. Curious to note that he appears to have the most outstanding left foot anyone has ever seen, and flys down the wing at break neck speed. Some say that he has previously gone by the names of Pele and Maradonna, others suggest that he was born in the outer hebrides. All we actually know is that he is called Alexander Kolarov, the new captain of Borussia Monchengladback.

This man brings with him a fair ammount of risk, but if anyone can turn back time to the great 80′s when these German giants stood tall and reigned over the Bundesliga it is him. So gather round to watch our plight as we rise upon eagle flight. All enemies beware, this is your final warning, forfeit now and spare your pain as we can and will smash you with Thor’s hammer.


Catmac – Manager of Galatarasay

A Postcard from Tenby

“Such a shame the games are over” Mr CatMac sighed. What? Oh he means the Olympics. I leave him to his umpteenth re-run of the “glorious moments”, hear the 4 grandkids bickering in the background over the last piece of toast, and gaze out of the caravan window. Little does he know that in my secret fantasy world, the real games begin this Saturday.

I see hot turkish sunshine, azure seas and picture the season ahead as manager of Galatarasay. I dont know too much about them other than what I’ve read on Wikipedia, but there again I didnt know much about CSKA Moscow or Chile (which I co-managed with Menly if any of you had forgotten) and I did pretty well with those two. So now lies a new challenge ahead – to take this proud turkish club to the top of the Rest of Europe league.

And talking about the league, who am I playing? I’ve had a quick look on my new fangled Android phone with its ice cream sandwich and A plays A in the EPL. Ok, but there isnt a G. Or does it just go alphabetically down the list, in which case I make it Newcastle. Mmm….China Mag, that would be interesting as I’ve used his rotation planner as a basis for my defence this time as I did last season.

Another look at my phone shows me the copy of my pc desktop (the reason for buying an Android) and sure enough all my bookmarks are there, but bugger, I forgot to copy over the spreadsheets with all my notes of the season’s ones to watch and my summer’s work of draft teams. Oh well, I think my team is good enough, at least I do until Friday when I will probably completely overhaul it following the internationals. At least they have free wi-fi at the clubhouse.

“Nan, whats for lunch?” Bump, back to here and now. I sigh and put away the last of the washed breakfast dishes. At least it’s not raining at the moment.

So, that’s it for now fellow FFSers. I will just leave this final thought for my forthcoming opponents– apparently Galatarasay’s home ground is nicknamed “hell” – so I’ll be welcoming you all to hell at sometime!

Barcelona News: 

Rumors have it that even before an official unveiling or press conference manager TW has been hard at work, apparently having already set up a gw 1 friendly against Dortmund and a gw 2 friendly against Werder Bremen.

A later report suggests that manager TW wants to schedule friendlies in England during gw 3, 4 and 5. Chelsea, Newcastle, and Spurs are the teams he would prefer to play if possible.


4 thoughts on “Press Conferences -16th Aug Second Set

  1. Hahaha! Nice, Ginks – so you are going with this, then? Flair uber alles? 😉

  2. ******PRESS CONFERENCE*******

    Wabba (Yes the Sess’ Lovechild) – Manager of Sunderland AFC

    After a short stint at the reigns, Irish Jabba mouth Martin O’Neill has been relieved of his duties. Whilst the reasons of his shock departure are unknown, rumour has it that his unhealthy obsession with trying to buy bang average strikers may have something to do with it. Sunderland Chairman Ellis Short has been quoted as saying ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back was entering his office to find the walls covered in pictures of players of such ilk as Kenwyne Jones, Shefki Kuki, David Ngog and El Hadji Diouf in a scene reminiscent of when Alan Partridge got trapped at that wacko fans house.’

    Taking up the hotseat is the man known simply as Wabba. After an electric season last year he hit the heights of top 500 place, which he held most of the season. After a loss of form towards the end, put down to taking more punts than Johnny Wilkinson, he subsequently lost a Top 1k place on the final day of the season. Lessons have been learnt and point hits have been abolished, as has his name Yes the Sess, with the young protégé Wabba stepping forward.

    His exploits and dynamism last season has seen Short take a risk in the eyes of a lot of fans. It seems their pessimism is unduly though and speaking at this press conference Wabba simply had the following to say:

    “Top 4 EPL. Top 250 FPL’

    Bold statements. Let’s see whether they hold true.

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