Athletico Madrid Press Conference following GW1

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and thank you all for attending this rather delayed Press Conference from Athletico Madrid after our Gameweek 1 victory over Levante. Who’s first?


Marca – JK. Well done on the victory, you promised that the fans could expect good things this time around, and although it’s still early days, you delivered in spectacular fashion. Are you pleased with the start

JK – *looks at Press Officer and whispers – I thought I told you to ban him*

Oh, it’s you. Yes obviously I’m pleased, did you expect me to sit here and say, no, I really wanted to lose? I’m a little disappointed to have fallen just short of the 100 point mark, but I blame that on my misfiring skipper and QPR to be honest. It’s a nice way to start the season though.

Marca – That’s great. So what can we expect from you in GW2?

JK – Well, this week I’m up against a tree. A tree – really? In all seriousness, Bilbao also started the season well and we have very similar sides. It will be very tough to go 2 for 2, it could well come down to a straight shootout between Rafael Van Der Vaart and Gareth Bale. I have a great deal of respect for my opposite number, but he can expect to be given a tough match.

La Razon – JK what do you think went wrong this GW, what could have gone better?


JK – Well clearly hindsight is a wonderful thing. It shows me I should have played Mignolet and Clyne, benched Federici and Fabio. But I made what I felt were logical choices and I have no regrets. I simply breathe a sigh of relief and thank the heavens for Sylvain Marveaux.


La Razon – That brings me nicely to my next question. You had a major stroke of luck with Michu coming from your bench. Do you worry you have used a big slice of luck up too early.


JK – It can be a worry, but at the same I feel a good start can be important, it sets you up nicely for the rest of the season and lays down a marker. Of course there will be days when the luck isn’t there, and you have to deal with those as well. I just hope that when my luck is out, my opponent has an even worse day.


La Razon – Thanks JK, and congratulations on the victory, we hope it’s the first of many.


JK – Thank you, and thank you to everyone for coming. I hope you will continue to support me, well mostly. *Glares at Marca reporter*



5 thoughts on “Athletico Madrid Press Conference following GW1

  1. congrats on your victory… i didn’t knew VDV, bale and Michu all played for Athletico Madrid 😀


    Well it’s been a hectic week full of controversy and tragedy but it’s finally over and we’re looking forward to another exciting week to come in the world of football. We talked to underdog manager Bowstring after his first week in charge Serie A’s newly promoted side Torino FC.

    Reporter: Not your average run-of-the-mill start is it Bowstring?

    Bow: No it’s sure not. A prime example of what happens when luck is totally on your side and everything goes according to plan. We know it won’t be like this next week, or the week after, or probably again for that matter. But we’ll push on and take the win from this week.

    Reporter: Yes speaking of the points, you picked up a sweet 120. Talk us through it.

    Bow: Well it came down to “Do I choose X or Y?” as it was for many managers. Luckily we made the right decisions, choosing the big guns. Ivanovic over Cole, Nasri over Yaya and Tevez over Aguero. Our budget options also got us up there with Michu and Petric doing their part. Sadly Kaca was left on the bench despite a great performance and Bale drew a blank. Also Zaba was denied his CS due to a terrific performance from Southampton.

    Reporter: Plans for next week?

    Bow: Well Lampard and Ivanovic have handed in transfer requests despite their great results so we will have to plan it from there for the game against Pescara in afew days time. We also could have keeper worries looming.

  3. You Lucky Sod 👿
    *Takes a Knife & Searches For Pardew*

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