FFS UEFA La Liga – GW1 Review

So a terrific first week of matches in the highly contested La Liga has come to an end. With it comes the chance to look back  and analyse what we have seen, and what we may see coming in GW2.


Bilbao (The Parmtree) def. Real Betis (Billy Gimore) 84-52.

An early cruise for the Council member that sees him assume early leadership of La Liga. Victory in this one was essentially gained by just 2 men, Branislav Ivanovic and Frank Lampard who scored a combined 40 between them. This was supplemented by 18 from a Torres (c) and 6 a piece from Tevez, Hughes and Jaaskelainen. Billy could only muster a Torres (c) of his own and 6 from Foster and Hughes as a response. We also saw a rarity here, a Michuless tie. Next up for Betis is a match with Hillybilly Pete’s Vallecano, whislt Parm faces the sternest test of all, against Athletico Madrid


Barcelona (TW) def Real Sociedad (Yossi) 80-76

The 2nd Council member to claim a GW1 win, this one was a much closer affair. The differences proved to be Ivanovic and Torres (c) ahead of Terry and Mata (c). All this despite Yossi’s ownership of Michu, making it an even more impressive victory for TW, but he will know that had Yossi captained Torres over Mata he would have lost this tie, it was that close. TW should bear this is mind for next week when he faces Osasuna, whilst Yossi finds himself up against Celta Vigo


Malaga (Ajay) def  Celta Vigo (BonZ) 69-61

This averagely scoring tie was settled by just 3 selections,  Ivanovic for Ajay bettering Pog and Cashley for BonZ, despite the best efforts of Yaya Toure for Celta. There is not much else to say on this one. Next up for Celta, as we have seen, is Real Sociedad, whislt Ajay can look forward to a tie against Emperikal’s Mallorca.

Deportivo la Coruna (Boom Shakalaka) def  Osasuna (Declan Quinn) 81-67

A cruise here for Boom Shaklaka. Even 42 points from captain Hazard, alongside Cech was not enough for Declan, as Torres (c), Ivaniovic, Kacaniklic and Yaya Toure simply blew him out of the water. Declan was missing a Michu sized saviour here. next up for Deportivo is a tie against GW high scorers for La Liga, Valencia, whilst Barcelona await Osasuna.


Athletico Madrid (JK) def Levante (Maximeriezed) 96-87

In an incredicble back and forth match JK emerged victorious thanks to an extraordinary stroke of luck. Having taken the decision to leave Michu on the bench, JK watched in horror as he helped himself to 2 goals, an assist and 2 BPs for a total of 18. But then along came a saviour. A bizarre series of events at Newcastle resulted in Marveaux, the man JK ahead of Michu being named on the bench, then removed when it was discovered he had gone AWOL. This allowed JK to gain Michu’s points off his bench and take the tie. Maximerized though he had it won with Ivanovic, Torres (c), Michu and Kacaniklic, but JK had other ideas with Tevez and Lampard, plus a missing French Geordie, swinging it the way of the 3rd and final La Liga council member. Up next for Levante is a tie against Roscola’s Valladolid, whilst JK faces a council H2H vs Parmtree’s Bilbao.


Espanyol (Tangtastic) def  Mallorca (Emperikal) 86-59

This tie was decided by 3 moments of brilliance from Tang. His decision to pick Jenkinson was rewarded with 8 points from the Arsenal man. Nasri rewarded him with 12 and Torres (c) with 18. All 3 were not owned by Emperikal, and his Ivanovic pick was matched by Tang. Not even Michu could have saved Emperikal in this one. Tang went with flair and was rewarded. Up next for Espanyol is a tie with Real Zaragoza whilst Malaga await Mallorca

Vallecano (Hillbilly Pete) def.  Granada (Green Windmill) 95-70
This tie was won up front for Vallecano. Tevez, Torres (c) and Petric easily overcame Graham, Bent and Aguero, with Tevez on his own (6) outscoring the Granada 3 (5). Throw Mchu into the mix and not even Mata, Guthrie, Hughes and Foster was enough to even get close for Granada.  That being said, Kacaniklic first sub and Cuellar 3rd could have made a difference, those are the margins folks. They must lick their wounds and pick themselves up for a match with Sevilla. Up next for Vallecano, the 3rd highest scorers in La Liga, is Real Betis


Valencia (Drinky) def Real Madrid (Demi) 104-80
As well claiming the highest score in La Liga GW1, Drinky also claimed the notable scalp of FFS line-ups king Demi.  Drinky’s decison to double up with Terry and Ivanovic proved inspired, though he did captain the wrong one. This, coupled with Michu, Guthrie, Petric and Tevez was enough to outdo Demi who could only muster Dyer and Torres (c) in response. A score of 80 would seem more than respectable in many GWs, but this week, against this opponent, it proved to be just average. Demi will be hoping to bounce back next week against Getafe, whilst we wait with baited breath to see if Drinky can keep his form up as he takes on Deportivo


Getafe (Declan McCarthy) def  Sevilla (Chris White) 77-73

Another close tie here, in most other matches Declan’s score would have seen him lose.   For Declan, Lampard, Dyer and Ridgewell managed to outdo Ivanovic and Tevez to make the crucial difference and give victory to Declan in a tie only Malaga v Mallorca could better for lowest number of points needed to win. Next up for Getafe are Real Madrid, and Declan is likely to need to raise his game, whilst Granada, who can surely not make such bench mistakes again, await Sevilla.


Valladolid (Roscola) def Zaragoza (Scroobius Mac) 87-70

A fairly comfortable win for Valladolid for whom Nasri, Michu,Ivanovic and Torres (c) overcame Hazard (c) and Cashley. Hughes also weighed in with 6 for Valladolid whilst other than Tevez no other Zaragoza player scored more than 3. a bad week for Zaragoza. Up next for them is Espanyol, whislt Valladolid face a wounded Levante


That concludes our roundup of La Liga in GW1, join us again next week for GW2


2 thoughts on “FFS UEFA La Liga – GW1 Review

  1. ooh. some close games in la liga… great to see that every fantasy managers are looking forward to grab 3 points and take the lead as soon as possible…

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