Southampton: The Prospects – Courtesy of Gigging Order

Southampton certainly spoil us with their potential attacking returns coming from their defenders based on last seasons statistics, however, due to their defensive frailties then perhaps others will look elsewhere and leave these potential diamonds left in the rough.
We however, know not to turn up our nose at such a rare fantasy occurrence,  especially if they are priced so cheap!
The three that stand out with these qualities, and the only ones worth looking at, are Fox (4.5), Hooiveld (4.5) and the new signing Clyne (4.0)
So, the stats to back this up are as follows:
2011/2012   Danny Fox                Played 38   Assists 11   Goals 0
2011/2012   Jos Hooiveld             Played 36   Assists   0   Goals 7
With Clyne it is a little bit more speculative, however with the benefit of writing this after GW1, we can clearly conclude that he will bomb forward at every opportunity and should provide plenty of assist potential with the minimum risk attached being priced at 4.0
A mid price and a budget midfielder are always hot property in the majority of our squads and Southampton provide us with a prospective option in both positions.
Lallana (6.0) is one of the few young Saints that have not been snapped up after coming through the youth team, however he is certainly blossoming now. With some set piece duties and a beauty of a delivery, although he may not reach the heights of last season in the championship (11 goals and 10 assists) if he can even produce half of this haul he will be worthy of a place in our squads.
Puncheon (4.5) is offering us his services as a bench warmer who when called upon can even help us out with the odd goal. He appears to be in line to play the majority of games for Southampton and I can definitely see him as being a viable alternative to Guthrie and Britton who in all likelihood do not have much of a chance of getting more than 2 points each week.
Up front it is all about one man: Rickie Lambert (6.0) Lambert is truly a goal machine and he marked his Premiership debut with a goal away at the defending champions, not a bad start in anyones books.
Although he started from the bench, playing time is not really a concern, as Southampton will need his goals to survive.
Once their fixtures pick up (they have a tricky start) Lambert will be a prime contender for the third striker spot.
Hot Prospects
Fox, Hooiveld, Lallana, Lambert
Doosra Differential
Guilherme Do Prado

One thought on “Southampton: The Prospects – Courtesy of Gigging Order

  1. yes, i think Lambert is a good bet to be the 3rd striker. Right now i am banking on Petric for that role. Once the saints come out of their tricky start i am looking forward to put lambert in that position.

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