Our Weekly Features

Hey Everybody,

Hope your season started off as well as mine and you all enjoyed your first league match-up! 😀

While we unfortunately haven’t been able to get all our planned weekly features going yet, we are hoping to get them started off in gw 2 (or worst case gw 3). We just wanted to announce what we’re planning so you can all look forward to what’s yet to come:

  1. Weekly Reviews of each league in the same format as JK’s La Liga GW1 Review
  2. We will be bringing back the Order of Valor Awards made popular by Light Knight and Isacki during the Euro’s with awards done on a league basis
  3. We will be adding an award for the top 2-3 pressers/team news per league and top 2-3 overall each gw
  4. The Council will resume our team of the week from the Euro’s with the goal of selecting a higher scoring team that the Scout Picks. Wish us luck 😀

In order to bring all these awesome features to you, we may need a couple more contributors to help us out with #1-3 so if you are interested in helping with any of those, please leave us a comment here letting us know you’re interested and your email or you can send us a message through the contact us tab.

Best of luck to all of you in gw 2! Unless of course you happen to be Declan Quinn…. 😉


5 thoughts on “Our Weekly Features

  1. If you can wait until GW3 for a full league review I might have crawled up from the bottom…

  2. good luck everyone for gameweek 2…

  3. nice one , keep it up

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