Return of the Auctions!

For those of us who remember the fantasy league auctions will agree with me that while it started on the right foot making the auction process interesting and enjoyable, it did absolutely nothing to engage you after that.

We recently got a proposal from people who were developing a similar game but with much better rules, to keep us engaged right till the very end.

Their proposed rules of the fantasy football auction

1- Admin of the league will post the base price of each player.  Managers can bid on each player and winner will get that player. Each manager will get £200 to make his initial team of 15 players just like FPL with 2 goalkeepers, 5 defender, 5 mid-fielders, and 3 forwards. Auction will be done live, so along with the admin for that league, a particular time must be allocated in the weekend just for the initial auction. Remember the live auction is a one-time thing only

2- Transfer window will open every Monday and will be closed on Friday night.

3- The 3 player limit per team still holds.

4- Additional £100 will be given for transfers after auction.

5- Transfers will involve bidding, swap deals, player + cash etc. enabling two managers to directly communicate with each other to inform them of their wishes and demands.

6- To maintain a 15 player squad, if you buy a player then you have to sell a player from your team. If no one is willing to buy that player then you have to release a player from your team. In this case you get no money in return.

7- Free agent’s list will be updated and maintained regularly for every league. If anyone wants to buy any free agent then again a bidding will be start in pursuit to sign that free agent.

8. Point scoring is based on FPL.

9. Each league will have 8-10 managers (undecided yet). This implies 8×15 players to 10×15 players will be sold at the first auction. A player can only be sold to a single team in the league with each league being independent of another league.

While their site is clearly still under development, they wanted an early market test to get a general feedback about the rules for the game.

So what are we thinking, guys?

a) The earliest beta version of the game could be available right after the 2nd international break (Near Oct 20th) from which we can begin scoring. So we could start registrations after a week or two. This could involve some manual/admin work.

b) We wait until they have a stable version of their site ready (By April) and then volunteer for a trial run. This will eradicate manual/admin work to a huge extent.

c) I’m not interested in anything except FPL.

d) Great idea, but no time at the moment as I am busy getting my ass kicked at FPL. 🙂

Please comment, so that we know where you stand, and then we can take a collective decision on whether we should proceed with it or not. Be honest!


30 thoughts on “Return of the Auctions!

  1. There is no way I would ever touch one of these games. Sorry.

  2. B just because I don’t have the time right now. or I vote for A if we start it after the new year, say after the winter transfer window closes

  3. D for me I’m afraid – looks genuinely interesting but I’m struggling to devote enough time to FPL/FFS/UefaCouncil as it is (for some reason my wife, child and employers all think they have a right to demand attention too). I’ll follow developments with interest though and if things ease up I may throw my hat in the ring…

  4. Hey guys , i am owner of that auction based site. . .I know you guys playing fpl and it is the best fantasy game for bpl . . . I know many of you guys have little time to play this game but i assure you guys just give it a try. . .You guys will enjoy it and love it. . .And just wanted to correct one thing it’s my promise there will be no work for admin of any league. Our site will look after everything. . .I will make sure that your time will not wasted if you play this game. . . Hope you guys will support and help us. Just give 1 shot to us.

    • Great effort! The issue which most will have is that you’re asking them to play throughout the season (or long period)….that’s a lot of commitment. Also, it would be great if you simply focus on
      1) the best/unique part of the game (which is the auction itself) and
      2) run it over a shorter period (2 weeks).

      Had an idea pertaining to that – if you’re still open/in the developing phase, we could always talk.

      • Missing the council, aren’t we? I was thinking of involving you in this, but I wasn’t sure how busy your schedule was.

        They are still in the developing phase, so I’m sure you can bounce off your ideas.

      • yeah we are focusing more and more on auction and transfer deals for players . . .we are also developing for loan deals also . . .

    • From the quick set of replies on here and FFS, I think everyone wants to simply steady their team on fpl, win their mini-leagues, before moving on to something else. Most of us are genuinely interested, but just don’t have enough time right now.

  5. It seems like a great idea but I simply wouldn’t be able to find the time – final year in college 😦 will just about make time for FPL when I go back

  6. For years I played fantasy football (Gridiron) and baseball (a clue to my screen name) using an auction. Terrific fun, and beautifully implemented by ESPN and other sites. Several styles of auction – (i) ‘snake’ auction – teams take it in turns to pick players from the pool. Snake because order of picks is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10,9,8,7,6 etc. (ii) ‘ranked order’ auction – teams pre-rank players by posisiotn in the order they would like to have them. The auction can then be conducted automatically without the tem managers present. Finally for purists (iii) the live auction – managers take turns to bid on any player – can offer any price, then the an auction ensues. Managers have a fixed budget and can spend their money however they like. The beauty of all these systems is that players do not have to have value pre-determined as in FPL – while FPL works well, I have always found the slightly arbitrary starting prices a little odd. It’s also very satisfying to play in a ‘unique’ player universe where no-one owns the players you own. It limits leagues to a small size, perhaps 10 teams. Works very well if you have a group of friends, and best if you can meet in the pub for the auction.
    My 2 cents …

    • I have very little idea about baseball, but I do know something about fpl and these auctions. 🙂

      This one is of the type for purists – live auction. And I honestly believe, that it could be a tremendous success if implemented well. Sadly, we can’t meet in a pub, but I’m sure a live auction over the net isn’t a bad option either.

      Glad to know that various types of auctions exist and are already running successfully. I saw the rules in detail here of what you are talking about -:
      As far as I know, espn doesn’t have one for fantasy football/soccer. Hopefully Rutz and co (the developers), will beat them to it.

      • I agree. What I forgot to say was that I’d be very interested to play such a game!

        As an aside, a well-implemented auction-based EPL game could be a valuable web-based business IMO – just the kind of site ESPN wouold acquire.

    • it’s great to hear from you. . .and yeah we have selected live auction just like you said managers will bid on player by turn by turn and winner will get player. . .

  7. b) FPL, an auction style PL game, and most likely fantasy CL keep me busy enough till Spring. I currently have no major complaints about the auction game I am playing already (my first season) but I am of course open to new options as well for next season.

    The site of the auction game (FFpro) I am playing is if anyone cares to have a look. Based on the proposed rules above, major differences between FFpro and the proposed game seem to be in the sizes of leagues (20 players per league in FFpro), transfer rules (less flexibility in FFpro), and initial auctions (no live auction in FFpro).


    • we have much more better rules for games and transfer window is much much much more fun then ffpro . . .still this site will help us to make more interesting game for you guys

  8. Just to clarify a couple of things…when would the first auctions probably be run? Also, what is the cost to play and what are the prizes? Thanks.

  9. Sounds great but too time consuming for me atm. Penultimate year of Uni doesn’t leave a lot of time for stuff like this 😦

  10. What’s the website?

  11. A)

    I like the idea.. will surely be involved. I agree to what ENR said regarding shortening the game duration and focusing on the auction part.

  12. A or b for me, as long as I am right in thinking that only the live auction will require a large chunk of my time in one go.

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