Gameweek 4 Review by Maillot Jaune (Rebeldog)

F.C. Nurenberg 31 – 40 Eintracht Frankfurt

With both managers similarly experienced and both in their 4th Fpl campaign with the consistency going to Kings of Lyon for two top ten thousand finishes Gameweek 4 would throw them nothing they haven’t seen before. In a low scoring week Maillot Jaune (Rebeldog) and Kings of Lyon went into the final game of the Gameweek tied on 29 points. With both managers giving the armband to the new resident Dutchman at Old Trafford and defences generally on top it came down to Maillot Jaune’s Monday Night Special, Felliani being unlucky with a disallowed goal (and usual yellow card) whilst KoL’s Baines provided all the evidence needed to secure the English left back’s spot in many a team over the coming weeks.

Fortuna Dusseldorf 46 – 33 SC Freiburg

From the History Porkie is a frightening prospect with three finishes in the top 10000 and one in the top 100 King Nil Miss is no slouch either with a year on year improvement so far. Porkie was no doubt thankful for King Nil Miss’s willingness to take a hit rather than press the button on his wildcard this week and with identical front lines both managers were looking for their midfield differentials to come good this week. Porkie with Arsenal and Fulham against the points available in the Monday Night game from a Toon and Toffee representative chosen by King Nill Miss. And so it was that 15 points played 3 in favour of a stunning Baines goal and a rampant Arsenal.

Hamburg SV 46 – 41 Borussia Dortmund

Having both wildcarded, 4vets in week 4 and Tommy Tour earlier in week 3 this was very much a tie of hand picked players, with a weeks extra analysis the more experienced 4vets w/c took early honours with 37 points after the weekends games including Fletcher’s most welcome 9 points. Tommy Tour found solace in Bale’s timely reminder of his talents with half of his 22pts going into the Monday game and then slight hope that Pienaar and Ben Arfa could overcome the deficit. With Pienaar doing the bizz Arfa disappointed and 4vets ended up victor in an enthralling tie.

Mainz 35 – 46 FC Augsburg

Halnone still fresh from his top 16000 finish last season eyed Sean with caution prior to the Gameweek with good reason an Fpl pro in his 6th season was not going to be easy. Having saved his transfer in week 4 Sean saw fit to give the armband to Van Persie in his tie with Halnone who avoided the unpleasantries of a hit this week and promptly handed his new free acquisition the armband. Hazard provided a clean sheet and 6 points for the trust placed in him by his manager whilst the 4 players that failed to play were replaced with 7 points off the bench. Poor Sean though had only meagre crumbs from Noble, Lennon and Cashley with 6 members of his team scoring 2 or 1 including the unfortunate Cuellar.

Hertha BSC 38 – 35 Bayern Munich

In his 5th Fpl season and a top 500 finish last term Zep knew he would have to score well in a face off with top 10000 finisher Billy Ketsu. With both managers suffering the ignominy of both their keepers failing to provide points this week both Billy Ketsu and Zep fought out another cracking encounter. Zep’s 2 free transfers of Van Persie and Michu failed to gel leaving Zep with Tevez and Cazorla as his high scoring players early in the Gameweek. Billy K faired little better with Tevez only as his high scorer early doors. Monday night saw a slim advantage for Billy K with a Ben Arfa differential but ultimately substitutions held the key with Billy K’s Demel and his 6 points v’s Zep’s Gunter and his single point.

VfL Wolsburg 41 – 48 SpVgg Greuther Furth

7 seasons combined experience including 3 in the top 80000 tells you all you need to know about the quality on show here. Nitin can feel a little hard done to, an active wildcard with an opponent all done players wise on Sunday night, granted a healthy 48 pts on the board for Valar but surely Nitin could rightly expect a healthy return from Baines and Jelavic , alas whilst a Baines contribution gave hope in the Monday night game an early bath for Jelevic laid bare Nitin’s hope’s and Valar won out handsomely in the end. A victory in no small part due to a well held trust and belief in Gareth Bale who top scored for him this week getting 11 points and the satisfaction of going to the head of the table and being the only side left undefeated with a 4-0 record.

Bayer Leverkusen 39 – 49 Borussia Monchengladbach

A final game showdown with Gingapo’s Baines up against Manani’s Pienaar failed to make any real difference in this tie. Manani in his 2nd Fpl campaign can feel a little rueful at the complete lack of a keeper this week and feel rightly hard done to with Cuellar failing to complete the game as his 1st sub. A Persie light team however failed to give him the rewards that just maybe a Torres captain pick away at QPR could of done. Gingapo however is made of sterner stuff and with a wealth of experience behind him (this is his 6th Fpl season) a Hazard captain in a Van Persie led team clearly failed to provide the rewards it probably deserved but can be proud indeed of the 10 points Kacaniklic earned to ultimately win the tie.

TSG Hoffenheim 49 – 41 Hannover 96

This 2nd v’s 5th tie saw Eoin go into the final game of the Gameweek certain of victory thanks to a 1 point advantage and Pienaar in his squad. Having taken a hit Eoin in his 5th Fpl campaign and still buzzing from his top 10000 finish last term, boldly bought in Hazard and Persie prior to the tie but will no doubt be grateful to Bale for his double digit contribution in midfield. Canadian Football with a very impressive début rank last season of 4800 must however lick his wounds as a goal keeping horror no show and a paltry Cazorla assist from the bag full at the Emirates failed to add sufficiently to the excellent Kacaniklic points he gained.

Werder Bremen 18 – 47 VfB Stuttgart

With only two seasons behind him Brian : Not the Messiah with a 6000 followed by a 111 finish comes up against another relatively new Fpl convert in only his second season. An 8 pt hit for Rick made it a bad start for the newcomer doubly so when those hits included transferring out both Bale and Ba for Felliani and Van Persie, perhaps a harsh lesson but a great example of being mindful who you are taking out and just not the points you envisage from those coming in. Rick had the further misfortune of Clyne, with his -3 coming on for Zabaleta as well as a no show between the sticks. Brian then romped home with Jaaskelainen, Demel and Baines getting more than half his teams points and 27 points in total at the back in a low scoring week no wonder he finishes so high.

Schalke 04 45 – 60 FC Koln

In a rare high scoring tie sparks flew between heavy hitters Bal4Tom and Fray Bentos, with a 3-6 years deficit in experience for Bal4Tom but the mighty high finish of 980. Both guys took hits Bal4Tom restructured shipping out Al Ahmadi for Guthrie whilst losing patience with Bale and finally getting on the Hazard train. Frey Bentos took an 8 pt hit bringing in Ruddy, Cazorla and Berbatov. Unsurprisingly Fray Bentos having captained Gerrard still won at a canter with Bale and the afore mentioned Berbatov scoring well to seal a win over his rival who with 45 would of won many a head2head this Gameweek but instead had to be satisfied with his well balanced team and the hope of better rotation free weekends.


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