Ligue 1 HOF – GW 4

In case you need reminding, click here for a description of each award.
Salma Hayek Overnight
Evian (King Eric) & Lille(In Like Flynn) 55 pts
Patrice Suarez
AC Ajjacio( MS.Red 19)  28 points
Bonus Maesro
Evian (King Eric), Lille(In Like Flynn), Stade Rennes(Sarnad Wazza), Marseille(Fratboy) St Ettiene(Chrissy Waddle) 5 bonus points
Dalglish Differential
Chrissy Waddle 21 points
Gary Carrag-mole
Gervinho’s Forehead (Montpellier) -6 points
Ultimate Humiliator
Evian (King Eric)  22 point margin

3 thoughts on “Ligue 1 HOF – GW 4

  1. 3 Awards from last week? Noice.

    I’d like to thank my WC, all the IPAs that died so that my team might live, and Dimitar “Dark Horse” Berbatov.

  2. Afternoon each and all,

    Slowly finding my way round. Just to say hard luck to those that I’ve managed to scrape past in the last few rounds, with nothing decided until the bonuses pretty much.

    I have two frees this week,which is the first time in half a season. With such luxury at my disposal I fully anticipate cocking everything up in fine style this week.

    May we all get monsterously large scores this week ( Looking at the fixtures you really will need luck) and move towards crushing the top spots in FPL by Christmas.


  3. Did I mention “This week”?

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