Serie A – GW5 Review

Roma (Udit) defeats Sampdoria (Megatron x) 72-59


Roma were the highest scoring team in Serie A this week, with the decision to hand the armband to Rickie Lambert providing a third of their points. Goals from RVP and Rafael along with assists for HBA, Cazorla and Kagawa completed the rout. Sampdoria scored above the average and can be considered unfortunate to have come up against Roma. Megatron’s HBA(c) was fairly successful, his decision to bench Cazorla less so.


Atalanta (MJ6987) defeats Catania (Djerbil) 66-52


Atalanta picked up a fourth victory to go top on goal difference and send Catania to the bottom of the league. With a defence of Cole, Baines and Ridgewell, Atalanta’s 3 defenders racked up 26 more points than the defence of Catania. It would have taken some effort from Catania’s attack to claw back the deficit and, with Atalanta having Ba(c), it simply wasn’t to be.


Inter (Isacki) defeats Chievo (Reina Man) 56-42


Foster, Berbatov and RVP captain made the difference here as Inter recorded their third win of the campaign to level with Chievo on 9 points. Inter welcome Fiorentina to the San Siro next while Chievo travel to Sicily for a clash with Palermo.


Milan (Milanista) defeats Cagliari (Grounderz) 62-40


Finally, I have my first win. IN YOUR FACE GROUNDERZ!

Ahem, Milan were winners here with Lambert, Cazorla and double WBA defence making the difference. Despite benching Rafael, it was a comfortable victory for the last team in Serie A to get points on the board. Cagliari suffered a frustrating week, with only Baines, RVP and Fletcher producing the goods. Both teams failed with their captain choice this week, Cagliari made the popular selection of Hazard while Milan’s choice of Morrison fared no better.


Juventus (Pratik) defeats Fiorentina (RoysCallerAnne) 67-45


Juventus recored the joint second highest margin of victory with Pratik’s use of the wildcard paying dividends. On first glance, Juve’s brave decision to bench Podolski does not appear to have backfired though the presence of Nathan Dyer and his minus two points in the starting XI reveals otherwise. It was a disappointing week for RCA, with the decision to give the armband to Suarez proving to be misguided.


Genoa (Ex) defeats Parma (Little_Wizard123) 59-57


In a very tight game, Ba(c) proved to be a key factor in Genoa scraping the win. It could all have been so different, with Rafael sitting on the Parma bench. Parma have proven to be specialists in tight games, last week the team were involved in the only draw so far in Serie A. Next week, this run of close games will no doubt come to an end for Little_Wizard when Milan rock up to the Stadio Ennio Tardini to give Parma a right walloping.


Napoli (Daniel) defeats Lazio (Forca Inter) 62-42


After 2 consecutive losses it was back to winning ways for Napoli as they comfortable beat Lazio to go 5th. The Lazio defence was awash with goals this week with Lescott and Cole providing 26 points and Clyne mocking his manager with another 9 points on the bench. It was a disappointing week for Lazio. Their manager’s succumbed to his admiration for Suarez, brought him in for a hit and captained him.


Siena (Running Riot) defeats Bologna (Frazek) 52-30


Siena continued their flying start to the season with a fourth successive victory. Critics are questioning whether Siena can keep up their form, pointing to their negative goal difference despite such a lofty ranking and fortune in twice facing the lowest scoring team of the round. Despite possessing a strong team on paper, it simply wasn’t Bologna’s week as no player returned more than 6 points. The manager has reacted by making 3 transfers this week.


Udinese (Menly) defeats Torino (BowString) 63-46


It has been a testing time for Torino. After following up a GW1 haul of 120 points with a second win it has now been three defeats on the trot. It was always going to be a tough tie for Torino as Udinese are renowned for not getting started until GW5. These are another two teams that scored well in defence, with Foster and Cole coming up with the goods for Udinese and Foster, Rafael and the differential pick of James Perch. The midfield and attack was a different story, it was just one goal from the front seven for Torino and no assists. While Udinese’s front seven failed to score, four assists and Captain Bulgaria resulted in a convincing win.


Pescara (Goonerdhanesh) defeats Palermo (Mark) 54-43


Unusually, these teams had just 3 players in common in their starting XI. Despite this it was a fairly tight match, with a combination of Pescara’s strong midfield and Palermo’s transfer addict tendencies making the difference. It was another disappointing week for FFS overlord Mark, who will perhaps look at starting some Moses-esque bandwagons to gain an advantage over managers who naively jump on board.

12 thoughts on “Serie A – GW5 Review

  1. Brilliant stuff Milanista. Though I have to say, it was the Pienaar assist that won me my H2H. Would’ve lost it by a point otherwise!

  2. Haha love this Mila, very classy. Reminds me of James Richardson’s style on Football Italia. What a classy man. He’s probably running an embassy now or something.

  3. nice rewiev milanista

    Suarez will be must have soon 😉

  4. Great piece Milan, congrats 🙂

  5. Great review, a brilliant read.. Congrats Milanista, for your first win , it did take it’s time coming.

    Next week fixtures are great – Me vs Udit, Isacki vs RCA, Milanista vs Little_Wizard123…….This likely low-scoring weekend should still be interesting.

  6. Thanks for the write up Milanista.

  7. Excellent 🙂 I really need to get back in the game…. captaincy is the torn in my side at the minute… last 3 weeks it has failed me.

  8. Nice work Mili Vanili. ‘Bologna make 3 transfers,’ = panic stations. 🙂

  9. nice one milanista.. you did give me the correct name.. Naive manager coz of my inexperience in this field.. Happy that i got 3 win and 9 points so far in the standings after GW 5. 😀

  10. Oh my god.. I am against Forca Inter this week and he is in kinda hot form now.. I certainly think this week will be my 3rd defeat.

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