Ligue 1 Review GW6 – Shipstontrev

BASTIA (Beavis) 85 beat NICE (Lateriser) 33
On a distinctly average gameweek, Beavis notched a massive 85 point haul to record a 52 point win. High scores from Jelavic, Bale, Ba, RVP (C) and Rodriguez meant that just half the Cypriot’s team would have beaten anyone else in the League this week! 18 other managers breathed a sigh of relief that they avoided the tonking handed out to Lateriser, whose overall high ranking in FPL is not reflected in the H2H format.

BREST (Shipstontrev) 43 beat AJACCIO (Ms Red19) 30

Shipstontrev made it six wins in a row to remain in first place, mainly thanks to the Sunderland pair of Fletcher and Mignolet. Ms Red19 also helped him by taking an 8 point hit, to no avail this week at least. Ms Red remains second bottom of the table.

NANCY (Coldplay) 37 drew with MONTPELLIER (Gervinho’s Forehead) 37

Coldplay sneaked a draw due to the (very) late changes to the points caused by the Press Association’s problems. His RVP (C) was beaten by GF’s Torres, and GF may feel a bit unlucky not to have grabbed the win here. Coldplay is now third in the League standings.

LORIENT (Dr. Ennet) 51 beat EVIAN (King Eric) 29

As with the Ryder Cup, the USA was beaten by Europe here. The Swede gained another victory thanks to 20 points from everyone’s favourite goofy-toothed Uruguayan, although he did not have the captaincy. This, as with King Eric, went to RVP. Dr. Ennet goes up to second in the table and looks a real contender for the title.

LYON (FC Borcelona) 55 beat BORDEAUX (Ryan) 39

Borcelona’s Ba and good defensive points were enough to give him a straightforward victory over Ryan, whose differential of Rickie Lambert failed the Kiwi this week. Borcelona climbs to fourth in the table.

PSG (Super Zlatan) 30 beat SOCHAUX (Chazza) 29

Super Zlatan won a very low-scoring contest, where Chazza’s 4 point hit ultimately cost him the win. A few other managers must have wished they had had SZ or Chazza this week.

ST. ETIENNE (Chrissy Waddle) 45 beat REIMS (Mahfreems) 28

A fairly comfortable win for Chrissy Waddle, whose choice of Fletcher as captain proved a good one. Mahfreems had the lowest score of the week in the League.

RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 54 beat LILLE (In Like Flynn) 40

A return to form for Sarnab Wazza, for whom Ba, Fletcher and RVP (C) made the difference against ILF’s Ba and Pienaar (C). ILF is now down from fourth place as a result.

TOULOUSE (Heco87) 55 beat TROYES (kaz) 29

Heco87’s picks of Suarez (VC) and RVP (C) helped the Toon fan to another win, this time against kaz, whose 2 free transfers did not do him any good. Kaz is still without a point so far this season, but.there is no truth in the rumour that kaz’s chairman has given him a vote of confidence…Heco87’s FPL overall ranking is now up to 3k.

MARSEILLE (Fratboy) 39 beat VALENCIENNES (Bazzinga!) 35

Another tie decided right at the end, with Fratboy’s choice of Raheem Sterling as 1st Sub making the difference in this closely fought match, aided by the American’s low defensive score, including -1 from Norwich defender Leon Barnett.


10 thoughts on “Ligue 1 Review GW6 – Shipstontrev

  1. Very nice read Ships 🙂

    Nice scoring by Beavis 😯

  2. very nice article..

  3. great stuff as usual ship! 🙂 i am slowly climbing… 🙂 cheers for doing these reviews… i love them mate!

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