A League by League Analysis by GreenWindmill

As the international break comes to a close and GW 8 approaches, here is some interesting analysis done by GreenWindmill. Again a huge thanks for all his efforts!!! I found this rather fascinating as he broke down each league and looked at who has been fortunate and who has been unlucky. He also analyzes which leagues are comparatively stronger than others. Hope you enjoy! 


p.s.  Just want to point out that La Liga has the most quality! 😀

A note from GreenWindmill:

This is just a little article taking a glance at some of the headline figures from each of the leagues
to date and drawing some (fairly sketchy) conclusions on the merits of each league. I’ve only really
looked at the top level data and haven’t made any effort to drill down into individual teams, results,
etc. so apologies for the superficial nature of this. Maybe at some point later in the season I’ll try to
investigate things in a little more detail but that will be dependent on my mood, how this is received,
whether the stars are aligned, etc, etc. For now, this will have to do…

La Liga – The league of high quality

La Liga is proving to be the league with the most quality so far with an average team points total of
398 putting it head and shoulders above the other leagues. Tangtastic is currently heading the pack
with 5 wins and a points difference of 69 but with four others level on points it really is wide open at

Maximerized can consider himself particularly hard done by at this stage as he has so far come up
against opponents who have racked up 488 points against him (the highest in any league). To put
this in perspective, that’s the equivalent of facing someone inside the world’s top 100 every week!
No surprise then that Maxi is languishing at the bottom of the league with only one win despite
amassing a very creditable 407 points himself.

Other La Liga managers with notable cause for complaint are Drinky and Declan Quinn who are the
top two scorers in the league with 442 and 430 points respectively but find themselves in 13 th and
17th places after some extremely poor fixtures.

Contrast this with the good fortune experienced by Bonz: 3rd lowest scorer in the league with 375
points he has still managed 5 wins to put him level on points at the top of the table. This is mainly
thanks to some generous opponents who have only succeeded in scoring 336 against him.

Honorary mentions in the good luck stakes also go to Boom Shakalaka (5 wins from 397 points) and
Ajay (4 wins from 392 points).

Premier League – The league of big names

Attracting more big name posters than any other league (in my humble opinion of course), the
Premier League is currently second in terms of overall level of difficulty with an average points total
of 392.

Optimus, Epic Fail and China Mag lead the way with five wins apiece, and although Epic Fail is the
league’s top scorer with 449 he sits behind Optimus who has faced the easiest opponents to date,
conceding only 310 points.

Optimus’ luck with the fixtures is probably only bettered by Wabba (Yes The Sess) and Sporting who
have achieved four and three wins respectively despite being the league’s lowest scorers with 344
and 341 points.

Evs, Beric and Happy Ankit must be green with envy considering the relatively modest returns
they’ve managed for their efforts so far.

Evs and Beric have very similar records, both have scored more than the league leader and yet they
sit in 12th and 13th places with just three wins each on the board. Happy Ankit is also likely to be
feeling uncharacteristically gloomy as despite an above average 395 points he is currently second

bottom with only Doosra preventing him from propping up the entire league.

Ligue 1 – The league of the unbeaten

An average points total of 391 places Ligue 1 third in order of difficulty, behind La Liga and the
Premier League.

Shipstonstrev leads the way with six wins under his belt, only a narrow defeat in GW7 prevents him
from holding a 100% record at this stage. Coldplay is hot on his heels however, boasting the only
unbeaten record in any of the leagues having won five and drawn two. Both have been aided by the
fixture list being on their side though as they have conceded fewer points than any other teams in
the league (326 and 340 respectively).

Chazza completes the roll call of good fortune, managing to squeeze four wins from his below par
tally of 355 points.

Those with particular grounds for complaint are headed up by Lateriser whose 454 points would put
him 2nd only to Hec 087 (461) in a classic league but is actually sitting in 16th place with only two wins
to his name having conceded more (450) than anyone else in the league.

Also feeling harshly treated must be Kaz. Kaz is sitting rock bottom of the league with just one win
to his name even though his 387 points is only just short of the league average, 444 points against
tells its own story.

Serie A – The league of fine margins

Fourth up it’s Italy’s Serie A. An average score of 388 is pretty unremarkable but this is by far the
tightest of all the leagues. It holds the lowest top scorer (MJ6987 with 431) the easiest ‘toughest
opponents’ (Pratik has conceded 414) the second toughest ‘easiest opponents’ (Daniel has
conceded 345) and the second highest low scorer (Djerbil with 324). And if you followed all that I’m

Serie A also boasts the smallest gap between its highest and lowest point scorers and this is reflected
in the fact that just one win separates the top 12. All in all this is shaping up to be a fascinating

Second in the league in terms of points scored is Bowstring 92 who has notched 421 so far. He
somehow finds himself in 13th place however, as the fates conspire against him to see him lose four
of his seven match ups to date. Little_Wizard123 could also have expected better returns for his
efforts. An above average 391 has only been enough to earn 16th place, just one point above the
third relegation spot currently occupied by Milanista who can feel similarly disappointed with how
little his 384 points have produced.

Udit, Pratik and Forca Inter have not been quite so hard done by but, having all broken the 400 point
barrier, they might reasonably expect to be further up the table. So finely balanced is this league,
however, that they are deceptively near the top.

One symptom of the closeness of this league is that few can be truly accused of being jammy, I hope
the following will forgive me for their inclusion. Daniel and Megatron x have both scored just a
single point more than Milanista but have picked up two extra wins along the way to sit only three
points behind the leaders. Daniel in particular has had a favourable run of opponents. Mark also

deserves a name check here, as his disappointing 355 points has actually seen him dispose of three
opponents, more than he deserves perhaps.

Rest of Europe – The league of contrasts

With an average score of 387, the Rest of Europe league is truly unbalanced, containing both the
highest and lowest individual point scorers across all the leagues: Captain Shirokov (482) and
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (308).

Captain Shirokov’s dominance is hugely impressive, as despite facing the second toughest set of
opponents in the division he has still racked up six wins out of seven to sit proudly atop the league.
Funkyav and Cabaye4 are snapping at his heels however, helped by both fine individual tallies and
kind opponents.

At the other end of the table King Nemanja can consider himself more than a little unfortunate to be
rock bottom considering there are four teams who have scored less points than him but have each
managed to win three extra games.

Mull and Gigging Order are also probably wondering what they have to do to improve their
positions. Having scored 415 and 404 points respectively both have a negative points difference and
sit in the bottom half of the table. Their luck must surely change soon.

Arise Sir Giggsy (or Arsie Sir Giggsy as the official fixtures and tables call him – has he upset
someone? 😉 ) has had the easiest run of fixtures so far with a mere 349 points against. This has
helped him up to 7th position despite a modest 365 points scored. Dynamic, Le Gooner and CatMac
all boast very similar records to Giggsy as they also have four wins to their names with unspectacular
points totals of 364, 375 and 372.

Bundesliga – The league of underperformance

Last up it’s the Bundesliga, which is so far struggling to keep pace with the other leagues. A league
average of 377 puts its ‘typical’ manager over 20 points behind their equivalent in La Liga. Some big
names have underperformed so far and will be keen to help close that gap in the coming weeks.

Valar Morghulis currently heads the league. One of only six players to have broken 400 points he
has managed six wins so far to have an enviable three point cushion at the top. Second placed
Halnone dominates some of the key stats however: league top scorer with 436 and conceding
fewest in any league (301) his points difference of 135 is streets ahead of anyone else so far this

In such a relatively low scoring league it takes extraordinary misfortune to have conceded 471 points
at this stage but that’s exactly what Manani has managed to achieve. This means that despite
scoring comfortably above average for the league Manani is currently in 18 th place. Bal4Tom has
also had a tough run of opponents and can consider himself unlucky to only have two wins to his
name. With slightly less grounds for complaint but also worthy of mention is Kings of Lyon who
despite outscoring the league leader currently finds himself in 8th place.

On the sunnier side of Good Luck Street, Fray Bentos and King Nil Miss have each managed four wins
so far this season from points totals of just 342 and 364.

Eoin is also perhaps a touch fortunate to be sitting in 3rd given that he is still 10 points shy of the 400
barrier. The second easiest set of fixtures has played a major hand in his lofty position up to this


17 thoughts on “A League by League Analysis by GreenWindmill

  1. WOW!!! I love this comparison…..Well done Captain Shirokov despite the tough opposition.

    Really good article Greenwindmill 🙂

  2. La Liga baby! 😀

    Very well written Greenwindmill! Thanks for the effort mate.

  3. Proud to have contributed to Manani’s poor score 🙂

    I swear the average scores for the leagues over the past few weeks show that the Bundesliga is starting to get rolling with some high scores.

  4. The only one unbeaten, hence the last man standing. 😎
    Cheers GW, a brilliant write-up.

  5. Tangtastic likes this article.

  6. Good stuff GWM. Thanks! Ligue 1 pulling back this GW.

  7. Cheers all! Had to get this article done while La Liga was top of the averages 😉 Be interesting to see if things get more ‘normalised’ by the end of the season and the averages move closer as you might expect or if there is a genuine class difference..

  8. This is why I don’t like H2H leagues. Boooo!!!

  9. Nice article GW 🙂

  10. And once more, I lose again by a 2 point margin… this time to Mark 😦 I just seem to be getting good scores but missing out on the win by a margin. Oh sure that’s the fun of it all 🙂

  11. its tuesday and the serie a tables are not even updated.. pratik are you there?

  12. How did u get the recommendations to write
    ““A League by League Analysis by GreenWindmill FFS UEFA”?

    Thanks a lot ,Elisabeth

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