Serie A GW8 Review

Atalanta (MJ6987) defeats Siena (Running Riot) 56-49

It was back to winning ways for Atalanta who now stand alone at the top of the table on 18 points. Siena had a chance to grab top spot but instead find themselves tied with 7 other teams on 15 points. Atalanta had some absentees and all three outfield subs were called into play. This has mixed results with Sterling producing the goods while MJ was no doubt relieved that Clyne didn’t return negative points from the bench. There was no subs needed for Siena who wisely played Sterling over Fletcher. Unfortunately for RR, his vice captain Pienaar saw red and, combined with Cazorla(c) against Atalanta’s Suarez(c), proved enough to hand Atalanta victory.

I have to make a special mention to Running Riot here, who for reasons unknown made Southampton’s Fonte vice captain in GW7 for his brace. While he didn’t get the double points, it still deserves credit for the flair.


Cagliari (Grounderz) defeats Bologna (Frazek) 43-36

RVP(c) proved to be the one big scorer for both teams in a low scoring affair. Frazek will no doubt be feeling aggrieved after taking a 12 point hit to sell Friedel, Terry, Noble, Hazard and Tevez for Jussi, Wisdom, Santi, Pienaar and Aguero. 32 points were accumulated by the players sold and the 5 replacements managed just 13 points between them. Pienaar’s red card in the last game of the week summed up the disastrous transfer dealings of Bologna. Bologna actually outscored Cagliari 48-47 but the extra 8 points spent on transfers swung the tie in Cagliari’s favour despite Grounderz also failing with a Hazard to Cazorla move.


Fiorentina (RCA) defeats Chievo (Reina Man) 67-63

With the joint 3rd highest score in the league this week Chievo could have expected to pick up 3 points. Unfortunately for the Flying Donkeys, they came up against the league’s top scorers for the week and went home with nothing. Strangely for a manager ranked in the top 15k, Reina Man still owns Petric but he seems to know what he’s doing. RCA put weeks of frustration behind him with an emphatic score courtesy of Suarez(c), RVP, Tevez, Nolan, Michu and, best of all, the great Emmerson Boyce.


Roma (Udit) defeats Genoa (Ex) 61-49

Both teams had RVP(c) to thank this week. Sterling and Michu aside, the rest of Genoa’s team disappointed while Udit had Nolan, Michu and Hangeland to boost the score and send Roma home with the 3 points. After a solid start Genoa have found the going tough in recent weeks with 3 straight defeats. Even with an 8 point headstart, Ex is no doubt bracing himself for a fourth consecutive defeat in GW9 when coming head to head with the mighty Rossoneri.


Inter (Isacki) defeats Catania (Djerbil) 62-51

After scraping a 1 point victory following a series of dodgy bonus point allocations last week it was a more comfortable win for Inter this week. This was another matchup where both managers captained RVP. Michu and Boyce made the difference for Inter who joined the cluster of teams on 15 points. Catania remain rooted to the bottom with 1 win from 8 and will be hoping for an improved performance next time out against Juventus.


Napoli (Daniel) defeats Juventus (Pratik) 63-29

Speaking of Juventus, it seems Catania have some cause for optimism after the team managed by council member Pratik scored a pathetic 29 points. When Aaron Hughes with 7 points is your top scorer you know it’s not been a good week. There aren’t even any hits involved in that 29 point score, it really was that bad. With 3 double digit point scorers and respectable shifts from Michu, Gallas and Glen Johnson this was a comfortable victory for Napoli, who recorded the biggest margin of victory this week.


Lazio (Forca Inter) defeats Milan (Milanista) 52-44

Somehow, I think it would have been very satisfying had I captained RVP and consequently beaten Forca with his Suarez(c) by 1 point. Alas, it wasn’t to be as Jelavic(c) failed with Forca taking victory thanks to a number of decent scores throughout his team. The efforts of Boyce were not enough for Milan who remain in the bottom 3 with just 6 points to date. Lazio move on to 15 points and an encounter against Fiorentina.


Palermo (Mark) defeats Torino (BowString) 53-52

In the tightest game of the round, Palermo scraped past Torino. RVP(c) was decisive for Mark who overcame a 4 point hit and benching Sterling to move on to 12 points while Palermo remained on 9. BowString’s transfer of Torres to Suarez proved to be a sound move, though BowString is no doubt wishing he hadn’t bestowed the armband upon Ratboy.


Parma (LittleWizard) defeats Sampdoria (Megatron x) 64-41

It was a decisive victory for Parma who racked up the second highest score of the week thanks to Michu, Sterling, Tevez and a certain armband wearing Dutchman. Much of the gap between the scores is explained by Sampdoria’s brave, but so far unsuccessful, decision to sell RVP to Suarez in GW7.


Pescara (Goonerdhanesh) defeats Udinese (Menly) 37-31

We end this week’s review with the lowest scoring tie of the round. Both teams did poorly and any team in the league bar Juventus would have been happy to face either of them this week. Neither side owns RVP which is part of the reason for their disappointing week. Despite having 10 flops in action, Pescara were the only team in Serie A to have Mata and those 18 points were crucial in getting the win and restoring some dignity to their GW score.

13 thoughts on “Serie A GW8 Review

  1. Well done Milanista, nice write up!

  2. I was hoping I didn’t have to see this week’s review…..This is just embarrassing!

  3. Nice write up Mila!

    “After scraping a 1 point victory following a series of dodgy bonus point allocations last week it was a more comfortable win for Inter this week.”

    Hahaha I’m not gonna lie, I thought I’d lost to you in the Milan derby last week. As you pointed out, the Barfa > Bale move won it for me because I went from 2 points to 3!

    This league is mental with what is it 7 teams on 15 points, 3 points behind the leader. European qualification is decided after GW19 is it? In that case we’re approaching the halfway mark. It’s really hotting up!

  4. yes..ur right.. i had one of the bad gameweeks.. if i am honest, i am not having the best times at all..its been 4 gameweeks that i have scored less than average score..luckily i was able to get 3 victories and 1 loss during this period in the serie a head to head league….

  5. Excellent piece as always Milanista 😀

  6. Pratik, don’t know if Parm emailed you but I was wondering how I could make a standings table. Need to make one for my Fifa13 league, so please let me know. Will be on later tonight,

    Cheers, Acqua

  7. “Reina Man still owns Petric but he seems to know what he’s doing”

    Not at all 😆

    and I will be returning to posting on a more regular basis, within the next few days, full explanation for my absence will be included

  8. Story of my life 😦 been happening to me since GW3 at least :/

  9. Malware screenshot for any of the Council members:

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