Ligue 1 Review GW9 – Shipstontrev

BORDEAUX (Ryan) 72 beat BASTIA (Beavis) 49

In a week when no less than 5 managers scored 68 points, Ryan managed an extra 4 in a comprehensive victory over Beavis. The Kiwi used his 2 FTs to good effect, with significant contributions from Ba(C), RVP, Bale, Mata and Berbatov, and has climbed to fourth in the table. Beavis took a 4 point hit and gave the armband to Aguero, so he was always up against it, despite having Bale and Ba.

NICE (Lateriser) 68 beat MARSEILLE (Gervinho’s Forehead) 38

An easy 30 point win for Lateriser as he continued his progress up the league. Tevez(C), RVP and Berbatov outgunned GF, who will have taken Mark Clattenburg off his Christmas card list after the red cards for both Torres and Ivanovic. Lateriser is now ranked 515 in the overall FPL standings.

LYON (FC Borcelona) 68 beat MARSEILLE (Fratboy) 42

A 26 point win for FC Borcelona as he went to third in the league. Ba(C), RVP,Bale and Mignolet all scored well, whilst Fratboy was another manager rueing the choice of Aguero as captain this week.

PSG (Super Zlatan) 68 beat NANCY (Coldplay) 46

Finally, finally… Super Zlatan became the first manager to beat Coldplay this season. Bale(C), RVP, Tevez and Hazard all helped him to the win. Coldplay had Tevez as captain and included Mata, but Rooney and Di Santo did him no favours, although he retains second place in the Ligue 1 table.

VALENCIENNES (!Bazzinga!) 68 beat LILLE (In Like Flynn) 50

Both managers had Santi Cazorla as captain, so the American’s choices of Bale, Mata and Suarez proved better than ILF’s Bale and Tevez in the end. Kolarov and Ivanovic did him no good either.

ST. ETIENNE (Chrissy Waddle) 68 beat RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 57

Chrissy Waddle’s team including Bale(C), RVP, Mata and Ba gave him victory over Sarnab, who had Ba(C), RVP and Bale, but also had Peter Crouch and Raheem Sterling.

SOCHAUX (Chazza) 65 beat EVIAN (King Eric) 58

Chazza took a 4 point hit this week, but Tevez(C), RVP and Bale still gave him enough to take the win against the American, who had RVP(C), Tevez and Berbatov, but only had 10 players due to the non-appearance of Steven Taylor.

BREST (Shipstontrev) 63 beat TOULOUSE (Heco87) 50

Shipstontrev stopped Heco87’s recent good run to go four points clear at the top of the Ligue 1 table. Bale(C), RVP and Tevez gave him enough to overcome his 4 point hit, partly due to Heco also taking a hit and choosing Aguero as captain. RVP, Bale and 8 points from Huth were not enough for him, but he remains high up in the overall FPL rankings, in the top 3k.

LORIENT (Dr, Ennet) 62 beat AJACCIO (Ms.Red 19) 59

A close match here, with the Swede’s 8 point hit just successful enough to see off his Irish challenger. Ba(C), Bale, Mata and Suarez were just able to fend off Tevez(C), RVP and Mata.

REIMS (Mahfreems) 58 beat TROYES (kaz) 57

Just one point decided this bottom of the table clash, with Mahfreems’ choice of Santi Cazorla as captain somehow not costing him the win, due to his other choices of RVP, Bale and Ba. However kaz must be feeling that he let Mahfreems off the hook by choosing Jonny Evans ahead of Carlos Cuellar as he returned to the foot of the table.


6 thoughts on “Ligue 1 Review GW9 – Shipstontrev

  1. Apologies for posting so late, completely slipped my mind 😦

  2. Great write up as usual. Keep the good work going.

  3. At the halfway point I wonder if the league tables are starting to take shape in terms of final league positions for the champions league

  4. I love these Serie A reviews/previews. Gets the pulse going on Friday evenings and during the matches 🙂 gonna get back in the game soon enough. The trout is on an upstream battle and will get there 😀

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