Ligue 1 Review GW10 – Shipstontrev

AJACCIO (Ms,Red19) 58 beat MARSEILLE (Fratboy) 40

Ireland’s Ms.Red19 had the top score of the week thanks to RVP(C), Gorkss, Santi Cazorla and McAuley, giving her a comfortable victory over Fratboy, whotook a 4 point hit His points came mainly from RVP(C), Foster and Ben Arfa.Ms.Red19 is up to 15th in the table.

BREST (Shipstontrev) 50 beat LORIENT (Dr. Ennet) 43

Shipstontrev made it 9 wins out of 10 and opened up a six point gap at the the top of the table. RVP(C), Gorkss, Foster and McAuley all contributed to his score, which could have been better had he not taken an unsuccessful 4 point hit. Luckily for him the Abba fan Doctor took an 8 point hit, so RVP(C), Suarez and the same West Brom defenders left him 7 points adrift.

VALENCIENNES (!Bazzinga!) 48 beat SOCHAUX (Chazza) 44

In a close contest, the American’s VC choice of Suarez proved decisive in the absence of Juan Mata. The Liverpool striker’s point haul, together with those from Santi and Berbatov, was just enough to beat Chazza, despite his choice of RVP(C). Chazza’s defence only gained him 7 points.

TOULOUSE (Heco87) 48 beat BORDEAUX (Ryan) 46

This top of the table clash was ultimately decided on captain choice. The Newcastle fan picked RVP, the Kiwi chose Gareth Bale, so Ryan’s winning streak was temporarily halted. Heco87 is also 1,369th in the FPL overall rankings.

REIMS (Mahfreems) 46 beat RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 44

16th at the start of the GW, Mahfreems produced the shock result of the week to pip 8th placed Sarnab by 2 points. Both players had RVP(C), but Mahfreems had Santi and HBA, while Sarnab only managed 8 points from her 4 midfielders.

EVIAN (King Eric) 45 beat LILLE (In Like Flynn) 36

In this mid-table match, ILF was another manager to lose out by giving the armband to Bale instead of RVP. King Eric also had decent points from Santi and Berbatov, while Foster contributed for ILF.

TROYES (kaz) 45 beat MARSEILLE (Gervinho’s Forehead) 43

Another close contest here, with both managers having RVP(C). Kaz must have been pleased with Foster’s save and bonus points, which proved decisive for the luckless GF, who now replaces kaz at the bottom of the table.

NICE (Lateriser) 43 beat NANCY (Coldplay) 30

Lateriser moves up to 7th in the table after this win of Coldplay, who started the week in 2nd but who had a nightmare week, despite having 2 free transfers. His top scorer was Ridgewell, whilst his choice of Rooney as captain proved a differential too far after he missed a penalty. Lateriser had RVP(C), Santi and Berbatov, and is now 446th overall in the FPL rankings. Coldplay slips to 3rd in the table.

ST. ETIENNE (Chrissy Waddle) 43 beat PSG (Super Zlatan) 35

Chrissy Waddle got away with having Bale as captain by virtue of his choices of RVP, Santi and Foster. Super Zlatan’s recent good run came to an end, as RVP(C) had no real support, a bit like Arsenal last season…

LYON (FC Borecelona) 42 beat BASTIA (Beavis) 34

A somewhat jammy win for FCB in a low-scoring match. Both managers captained Bale, but Beavis’s forward line of Jelavic, Ba and Aguero gave him just 4 points between them, half RVP’s score. FCB has now gone to 2nd in the table, in a good position for a Champions League place..


8 thoughts on “Ligue 1 Review GW10 – Shipstontrev

  1. A lovely read as always. Someone needs to beat you.

  2. Nice one Ships! 🙂

    2nd 😎

  3. why the league tables are still not updated???

  4. Just keeps getting worse and worse. 😦

  5. Great work as usual ship! And congrats on your win… again… 🙂

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