One of the best game weeks in Serie A league where there were more upsets and struggles and some awesome victories. Here is the review of all the matches that took place last week in Serie A.

AC Milan(Milanista) defeated Chievo Verona(Reina Man) 40-33

AC Milan were back to winning ways in Serie A league followed by the draw last week against Palermo, whereas one of the front runners in the league Chievo Verona succumbed to second consecutive defeat after losing last week to US Pescara. Despite both the managers scoring less than average game week score of 41 points, this match proved to be a close call with AC Milan edging Chievo Verona only because of the extra points scored in midfield. Both managers scored 13 points in defense and 17 points in offense, but the difference came in midfield with Milan edging out Chievo Verona with 10 points against 7. Reina Man’s double transfer(-4 point hit)during the week proved vital for Milan in getting a 7 points victory.

As a result of this victory, AC Milan jumps to 18th spot in the table whereas Cheivo Verona drops two places and sits now at 6th place in the league.

Palermo(Mark) defeated AS Roma(Udit) 69-44

Palermo registered a great victory over fellow rival AS Roma by notching the biggest score in the game week. Berbatov(16), Fellaini(13) and RVP(10) and the whole defence of Palermo(22 points) were the main protagonists who helped outscore Roma’s RVP, Jelavic, Lambert, Cameron and Begovic who all combined to score 33 points out of the total of 44 points.

Palermo climbed 5 places as a result of this stunning victory and now sits comfortable at 4th place in the league whereas Roma slipped to 7th place in the league from 2nd place last week.

Bologna(Frazek) defeated Udinese(Menly) 51-41

Following last week’s marginal victory over Juventus, Bologna continue the winning spree this time by defeating another league front runner Udinese. While both had RVP and Lambert as the front men, Bologna’s choice to go with Aguero reaped him a further 7 points than Udinese’s Ba. Also Bologna’s stable defence proved quite worthy as opposed to the mediocre defence of Udinese which consisted of Rafael and Mertesacker who contributed a meager 2 points.

Bologna climbed to top 10 for the first time after this victory whereas Udinese dropped 2 places now and sits at 5th in the table.

Catania(Djerbil) defeated Lazio(Forca Inter) 64-61

This was one of the best matches of the league this weekend with the bottom placed club Catania giving the shocking result by overcoming the consistent Lazio with a marginal victory of 3 points. All praises to Catania who produced this superb result even though he had to make a 4 point hit during the week. It was the midfield pair of Mata, Pienaar, Nolan, Ben Arfa and Cazorla that made the difference in this match with these five scoring a total of 21 points amongst themselves whereas Lazio’s midfield could only manage a decent 11 points plus the extra 2 points for the 3rd striker.

Despite providing one of the best wins in the week, Catania still sits in a much disappointing 20th spot whereas the defeat for Lazio means they have now dropped just one place and sits at 8th place currently.

Fiorentina(RoyscallerAnne) defeated Cagliari(Grounderz) 60-41

Fiorentina rallied to the second consecutive victory in 2 weeks and defeated the relegation battling Cagliari. Both the Midfield and the defence proved worthy for Fiorentina to thrash Cagliari. The stellar midfield of Fiorentina consisting of Fellaini, Nolan, Cazorla and Bale proved to be too good for the midfield of Cagliari who had Mata, Yaya Toure, Cazorla and Pienaar. The inclusion of Reading defender Gunter provided extra 4 points for Fiorentina against Cagliari.

Following 2 back to back victories, Fiorentina climbed to 11th spot in the table whereas Cagliari still remains at 19th spot with 9 points from 11 game weeks.

Internazionale(Isacki) defeated Juventus(Pratik) 55-21

Isacki was back to winning ways again and this time it was against the struggling Juventus. RVP, Berbatov, Mata, Baines and Begovic were the main candidates who helped Isacki post his big win against Pratik. This is I think the worst game week for Pratik who started the season very well as he made 5 transfers this week thus reducing his 16 points and also a bad decision to bench Berbatov who had the best weekend in FPL.

As a result of this, Inter climbs to 3rd spot in the serie A table and Juventus slipped to 16th place in the league.

Torino(Bowstring62) defeated Napoli(Daniel) 66-59

Another exciting match of the weekend.Torino proved to be a strong contender against a much improved Napoli. While this is the second victory for Torino in 2 weeks, it is the 3rd consecutive loss for Napoli.

Unlike other teams, these two only had Baines, Rafael and Mata in common amongst them. The front 3 of Napoli proved to be stronger than Torino, with the former grabbing 25 points from the forwards while the latter grabbed only 21. But again the difference was in midfield where Torino gathered a whopping 30 points from mata, fellaini, Ramirez and Morrison whereas Napoli could only manage 20 points from Nolan, Mata, Bale and Michu. Napoli’s defence scored 18 points whereas Torino’s defence scored 15 points. Napoli also had taken a 4 point hit, which meant that Torino had the last laugh and grabbed 3 points in the league.

The resultant victory meant Torino will start GW 12 sitting at 12th place whereas Napoli slipped to 13th place and are now in the bottom half of the table.

Altanta(MJ6987) defeated Sampdoria(Megatron X) 52-41

There is no stopping league leader Atlanta at the moment who just cruised to the 4th consecutive victory with a win over Sampdoria. Both the defence of Atlanta and Sampdoria scored 19 points and there was no difference in points scored by forwards since both had same forwards.It was yet again down to midfield where Everton’s free scoring Fellaini making all the difference and once again proving good for the league leader Atlanta.

Following this victory, Atlanta is very much comfortable sitting at the top of the table with 27 points, 6 ahead of 2nd placed Pescara whereas Sampdoria dropped one place and are now down to 9th in the league.

Genoa(Ex) defeated Siena(Running Riot) 48-39

Genoa is now back to winning ways again whereas the out of form Siena tasting 4th consecutive loss in a row. Both the defences were somewhat similar in scoring. Genoa’s defence scored 19 points as opposed to Siena’s 17. But it was the wrong decision of Siena to captain hazard this weekend that ended up in misery for them. Siena’s midfield only produced 10 points with hazard as captain whereas Genoa’s midfield produced 11 points. Genoa’s forwards contributed a valuable 18 points too whereas Siena’s forwards only produced 16. Siena also had a 4 point transfer which meant that Genoa won comfortably by 9 points.

Genoa climbs to 14th in the league following the victory whereas Siena is now dropped to 15th in the league.

US Pescara(goonerdhanesh) defeated Parma(Littlewizard123) 54-31

US Pescara now wins 2 matches in a row whereas Parma looses their 2nd match in a row. Parma’s defence produced 14 points whereas Pescara only managed 12 points. Again the midfield proved to be quite good for Pescara, as the midfielders scored 22 points whereas Parma’s midfielders only managed 7 points. Pescara’s forwards too proved to be better than Parma’s. While Pescara’s forwards notched 28 points, Parma’s boys managed only 14. This eased the pressure on Pescara who also had an 8 point hit compared to 4 point hit by Parma.

Following this win, Pescara climbs to second in the league whereas Parma is now down to 17th spot.

Credits to Goonerdhanesh for the article

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  1. Just like to congratulate Goonerdhanesh on the effort. Well done mate.

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