Serie A Hall of Fame awards for Gameweek 11 – Goonerdan

1. Salma Hayek Overnight score (for the best match day score)

Palermo club which is managed by Mark grabs this award for gaining 69 points during the match day , thanks to Dimitar Berbatov(16), RVP(10), Fellaini(13) and all the defenders who contributed with a clean sheet for notching the biggest score amongst fellow serie A league managers…

2. Patrice Suarez award (for lowest match day score)

Unfortunately this award goes to Pratik, one of the Council members and manager of Juventus. Although Juventus are leading the Serie A table in real life, they are actually struggling to catch-up with the rest of the managers in FFS UEFA league. A whopping 5 transfers were made during the week by this manager thus deducting 16 points from his total as well as h2h score of 37 points and thus making him eligible to earn this award this past weekend.

3. Bonus Maestro award (for highest bonus points during the gameweek)

Napoli(managed by Daniel) and Torino(managed by Bowstring92) are the winners of this award as both clubs managed to get 11 points as bonus points this past weekend. Fortunately or unfortunately these two clubs were competing each other during this week in what turned out to be one of the exciting and closely held match during the gameweek. While Napoli grabbed bonus points via Baines(2), Nolan(3) and Aguero(6 points- being captain), Torino managed to get the same points from 4 players Baines(2), Fellaini(3), Morrison(3) and Suarez(3).

Honorable mentions in this category also goes to Fiorentina(managed by RoysCallerAnne) and Palermo(managed by Mark) as both managed to grab 8 bonus points this weekend.

4. Dalglish Differential (Worst Matchday team selection- most points on bench)

Bad luck was roaming around Juventus and its manager Pratik last week as he lost a stellar 16 points from the total score by benching Dimitar Berbatov who had a superb match at the emirates this past week. Coupled with Sterling who was also benched by him, Pratik could have grabbed an extra 17 points along with the gameweek score of 37 points if he chose the benched duo instead of Ben Arfa and either of Michu/Pienaar/Cazorla, although it wasn’t enough to beat his opponent Isacki.

5. Garry Carrag Mole Award(for most negative points during the week)

Maximum negative points this week was 3(Three) which were shared by 3 clubs.

Juventus(manager: Pratik), AS Roma(manager: Udit) and Udinese(manager: Menly) are the winners of this award. All three of them had Rafael and Ben Arfa as the main protagonists for the negative points while Figueroa, Sagna and Mertesacker played their respective roles in getting these 3 managers Garry Craig Mole Award for this week.



4 thoughts on “Serie A Hall of Fame awards for Gameweek 11 – Goonerdan

  1. I guess I will need to attempt justifying myself to anyone who reads this article (A good one at that) – Frustation, Anger, Boredom – but yes call it whatever, a 16 pt is ridiculous. Let’s just call it a lapse in judgement, and leave it at that.

    The timing of Goonerdan’s first article is curious as it precedes his fixture against me next game – mind games, eh? 🙂

  2. Great write up! Just need to start captaining those bonus pointers 😕 up to 1.3k rank now, nervy times ahead

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