Serie A GW 12 Preview – by Goonerdhanesh

Serie A Game Week 12 Preview – by Goonerdhanesh

Game week 11 saw some thrilling encounters, some end to end stuff, some awesome victories and some shock losses. In the light of recent events in GW 11, I can assure you that GW 12 will be nothing short of a purely entertaining week in serie A.

One of the best things in serie A league is that the league is still wide open and no one are still sure of what will be their final standings after season 1. But the current leader Atlanta who is having a comfortable 6 points lead over others can be the only comfortable manager coming in to this game week.

As said earlier the league is wide open. Managers ranging from 2nd spot in the points table to 10th spot are only separated by just 3 points which means that a defeat in the coming weeks for any of these managers can dump them down to the bottom half of the table.

Further down in the table, managers ranked from 11th to 16th spot are only 2 to 3 points away from the 10th placed manager, which again means the league is very much wide open for them too. This is why I said that a defeat in the coming weeks could dump the managers down to the bottom half of the table.

And that is why I think GW 12 is one of the most promising game weeks in serie A league with all the managers want none other than 3 points from their respective games. And I am sure some of them are also preparing intensely to beat their counterparts in the coming weeks.

Although at this time I am not able to see any teams for GW 12, I feel like I have to give a preview to some of the upcoming matches in serie A this week although not all the matches are covered here.


1. Atlanta(MJ6987) vs Internazionale(Isacki)

Arguably the biggest match this weekend is between the league leader Atlanta and the 3rd placed Inter. As far as the information that I have got, both the managers talked to each other and both the managers are in confident mood ahead of their game week clash. While Atlanta comes to this match with a 6 points lead and with 4 consecutive victories over serie A rivals, Internazionale are also in fine form after thrashing Juventus in Gameweek 11.

Moreover a win could assure Atlanta a further lead in Serie A tables whereas a win for Inter will see Inter closing on Atlanta by reducing the gap to just 3 points.

I am pretty much sure that this match will be a close call as both of them have strong team and suspect that the match verdict will go to the one who makes the right captain choice.

Good luck MJ and Isacki!!!


2. Chievo Verona(Reina Man) vs Udinese(Menly)

Both the managers are now sitting tight on 6th and 5th respectively in the league. Both the managers are coming to this match searching for their first win after Game week 9. While Cheivo Verona lost to Pescara and AC Milan, Udinese lost to Catania and Bologna in the previous weeks and since they are aiming to return to the winning ways, this match is also going to be a cracking one for sure. A win would bring any one of them to 21 points and close the gap on leaders whereas a 3rd straight loss means it will need real hard work and a bit of luck to get back to the top 4 CL spot.


3.Lazio (forca inter) vs AS Roma(Udit)

Pretty much like Chievo Verona and Udinese, these two teams are also on 18 points currently and are sitting in 8th and 7th spot respectively. While Lazio is looking to avoid 3rd straight loss, Roma is keen to get back 3 points after losing to Palermo last week.

Like I said previously, a win for any one will bring them closer to the leaders and a potential CL spot whereas Loss means it will be hard to get back from now on.


4. Palermo(Mark) vs Sampdoria(Megatron X)

After notching up the highest score in Serie A in GW 11, Palermo looks set to continue the same form against Sampdoria who lost the last match against the league leader Atlanta. While Palermo sits in 4th spot in the table with 19 points, Sampdoria now is at 9th spot with 18 points. With just one point separating these two sides, both of them are going to try hard for a win over the other and prove to be a competitive side to watch out in the coming weeks.


5. US Pescara(goonerdhanesh) vs Juventus(Pratik)

It is a rare co incidence that Arsenal fan Dhanesh is going to meet Spurs fan and popular FPL manager Pratik on the same week when Arsenal clash against the north London rivals Tottenham(popularly called as the north London Derby) in the Premier League. Whilst Pescara is looking for the 3rd consecutive win,  Juventus has vowed that they will be back in the winning ways possibly defeating Pescara and thus giving a statement that Juventus can also be a threat to all the other clubs in the coming weeks. Pescara sits 2nd in the league and also sees this as a perfect opportunity to close the gap on leader Atlanta bearing in mind that the 1st placed Atlanta and 3rd placed Inter are clashing this week.


Other interesting matches in this weekend are

  1. AC Milan (18th ) vs Fiorentina (11th)
  2. Cagliari (19th) vs Catania (20th)- The relegation battle.
  3. Genoa (14th) vs Napoli (13th)
  4. Parma (17th) vs Siena (15th)
  5. Torino (12th) vs Bologna (10th)

14 thoughts on “Serie A GW 12 Preview – by Goonerdhanesh

  1. Excellent 🙂 battle of the mid-table teams to come 🙂

  2. Man I am loving this hype!! I’m getting too excited!

    • don’t get over excited..

      don’t tell anyone.. i want you to win this match.. i am sure many serie A managers would also love to see Atlanta loosing 🙂

      P.S: No disrespect MJ, but we want to compete thats why… 😀

  3. Grr. I am starting to know what Man United feel like! Everyone wants me to lose!! I have a feeling our match WON’T come down to captain choice. I have a sneaky feeling that it will come down more to what happens in the North London Derby. Hmm.

    • No. you are certainly not like Man utd. But the only reason why guys like me want you to loose 1 or 2 matches are only to intensify the competition. If you run away like this there will be no competition and no more fun.. Of course I know you did it because of your skill and luck. But i just wrote it in a competitor’s view..

      I admire you for what you have achieved so far and i am sure you can do a lot better too.
      Good luck

    • Haha it’s tough at the top mate! Hope you’re savouring the attention! I also believe the north London derby will decide the match. Especially if the captaincy makes a surprise appearance!

      Just like you I can’t be fussed with overdramatic secrecy, particularly as virtually every permutation has been beaten to death on FFS. Suffice to say both Giroud and Walcott are tempting me, the only question is who to lose.

    • Thanks mate. Not quite in the bag but you need something special from Nolan. I caught you on a bad week. Just as well as my GW is nothing to write home about either. Got rid of Tevez…fail!!!

  4. On paper my next set of fixtures is really difficult – VsX

    Forca, Milanista, BowString, Mark, MJ6987

    I better not be destined for relegation!!!

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