Serie A: GW12 Review

Fiorentina (RCA) defeats Milan (Milanista) 61-42


RCA continued his recent strong form and leaving 10 point Ruddy on the bench did not get in the way of a convincing win. RCAs 2 free transfers of Foster and Boyce to Ruddy and Rafael yielded no immediate benefit but certainly caused no harm. My Cazorla, Lambert and McAuley to Fellaini, Berbatov and Wisdom for -4 was something of a disaster and gave Fiorentina an embarrassing margin of victory. Having gone from 650k in GW7 to 53k RCA will be hoping to cause an upset against league leaders Atalanta this week.


Atalanta (MJ) defeats Inter (Isacki) 52-31


It was 1st vs 3rd here and the league leaders came out as comfortable winners. Inter were another team suffering from transfer failings this week, Cazorla to Fellaini and Pienaar to Nolan for a hit did not go well. It was a mediocre week all round for Isacki, with only Bale and Lambert providing any joy and Sterling mocking him on the bench. Atalanta’s sale of Tevez to Berabtov was also a disaster, though 33 points from the midfield despite benching Sterling making up for disappointing returns elsewhere.


Cagliari (Grounderz) defeats Catania (Djerbil) 35-29


The lowest scoring tie of the round, it is perhaps not surprising that this was a relegation dogfight between the leagues bottom two teams. Both teams made 2 transfers and, while none of them worked out, the managers at least didn’t have to watch their discarded players run riot like so many fellow managers have this past week. Cagliari’s win lifts them to 18th. Catania remain in 20th, which is nice since it stops me from propping up the table.


Chievo (Reina Man) defeats Udinese (Menly) 48-47


In a tight game, Reina Man’s Flying Donkeys clinched victory thanks to 30 points from Tevez and Sterling rescuing the team from a string of 1-2 pointers. Both teams suffered from Mertesacker 3rd sub, while Chievo were left with Michu 1st sub and Udinese with Morrison in the same place. Yet more transfer misery in this, Menly will be glad he saved the transfer though Reina Man won’t be too happy with the acquisition of Mata in place of Cazorla.


Genoa (Ex) defeats Napoli (Daniel) 45-32


Has there ever been a week with so many transfer fails? Napoli spent 8 points ditching Baines, Lambert and Aguero for Gorkss, Berbatov and Captain Van Persie. For the sake of Daniel’s ‘sanity’ I’m not going to work out how many points that cost him. Napoli have now lost 4 in a row, a run that will inevitably extend to 5 with a game against the mighty Rossoneri up next. Michu was first sub for both teams in a disappointing week, though Genoa will be pleased to see Cuellar make it off the bench for an injured Jonny Evans. Ex also had Ba, Bale and Sterling produce the goods for a comfortable win, setting Genoa up nicely for this week’s local derby against Sampdoria.


Lazio (Forca Inter) defeats Roma (Udit) 50-41

Lazio were left grateful for Foster’s injury as Ruddy’s unexpected 10 point haul came off the bench to land them bragging rights in the Rome derby. There was little else between the 2 teams though Roma’s score wasn’t helped by a -3 from Hangeland. Forca joins the teams on 21 points fighting for a Champions League spot, Udit is not far behind on 18.


Palermo (Mark) draws with Sampdoria (Megatron) 57-57


As the only team to draw more than one game in the league, Palermo could start to get a reputation as draw specialists. Both teams can feel disappointed not to have taken the 3 points home given they both scored 10 above the leagues average. Hazard and Cazorla produced the goods for both sides. Megatron was helped by Ba and Tevez while Suarez and Michu helped Mark to the draw.


Siena (Running Riot) defeats Parma (Little_Wizard) 62–59


Parma will no doubt feel aggrieved to have been up against Siena as their score of 59 was enough to beat 16 other teams in the league. Running Riot was the only manager in the entire league not to captain RVP. His decision to hand the armband to Hazard made the difference in this high scoring clash.


Bologna (Frazek) defeats Torino (Bowstring) 65-45


No doubt aided by the decision to keep calm and save a free transfer, Bologna recorded the league’s biggest score of the week for a 20 point victory. While Cuellar was stuck at the back of the bench, Wisdom, Santi, Michu, Bale, Lambert and Kun all came up with returns for Bologna. Sterling and Suarez aside, it was a disappointing week for Torino


Pescara (Goonerdhanesh) defeats Juventus (Pratik) 55-42


Pescara picked up another win and now sit in second place, 3 points ahead of a number of teams on 21. Cuellar, Clyne, Bale, Santi and Ba did enough to get the victory over a Juventus side that had Sterling and Santi but little else to be thankful for. Pescara take on Siena this week as they aim to close the gap on league leaders Atalanta whereas Juve will be hoping to reverse their slide at home to Lazio.

6 thoughts on “Serie A: GW12 Review

  1. Hahaha dry and devastating, I like it. Really should have been harsher on me. I utterly destroyed my gameweek, pity I didn’t get points for style

  2. Who is this Van Persie chap anyway

  3. Very nice write up Milanista.
    I must get around to doing one, I haven’t contributed anything since my pre-season presser.

  4. Bloody hell. Just realised, I had the second highest score this GW in Serie A. And still lost. Because I was playing the highest!!

  5. Here’s a comment for Mull… I mean Mil! 😉

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