Ligue 1 GW15 Review – Shipstontrev

EVIAN (King Eric) 70 beat PSG (Super Zlatan) 45

King Eric was the top scorer for the week, giving him a 25 point win over Super Zlatan. Michu, RVP(C). Fellaini, Mata and Baines were his high scorers. SZ was one of many managers to suffer by giving the armband to Luis Suarez, and even having Begovic and Jose Enrique in his team he finished a long way behind his American opponent.

LORIENT (Dr. Ennet) 68 beat MARSEILLE (Fratboy) 43

Another 25 point victory here, with the Doctor having a similar team to King Eric. The maid difference was the choice of Suarez(C), although his defensive trio of Begovic, Baines and Jose Enrique more than made up for this. Suarez(C) didn’t work for Fratboy either, who despite his good defensive points was unable to turn up a result against the Swede.

BORDEAUX (Ryan) 64 beat REIMS (Mahfreems) 56

Ryan moved up to second in the league table, bringing an end to his Palace fan opponent’s recent good run. The Kiwi was able to take some comfort from a weekend which saw the All Blacks lose to England. As one of the few managers with Demba Ba in his team, Monday was a good night, to go with RVP(C), Begovic and Jose Enrique. Mahfreems took a 4 point hit, but he too had Ba to go with Fellaini and Begovic.

TROYES (kaz) 59 beat NICE (Lateriser) 31

The surprise result of the round saw second from bottom kaz score 59 points and gain a 28 point win over his Indian opponent. Michu, Ba, RVP(C) and Mata all contributed useful scores, while Lateriser had a nightmare week, being the lowest scorer in the league this week. If Suarez (C) instead of RVP was bad enough, benching Michu just made it a week to forget.

BREST (Shipstontrev) 56 beat RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 44

Shipstontrev came back from two consecutive defeats to win this top of the table clash by 12 points and maintain his 6 point lead. Michu, RVP(C), Begovic and Baines were his top scorers, while his Indian opponent was another to suffer from trusting her armband to Suarez.

VALENCIENNES (Bazzinga!) 53 beat NANCY (Coldplay) 41

Another American win here, despite Bazzinga’s choice of Suarez(C), as Michu, Jose Enrique, Mata, RVP and Cameron for the Portland Irons outscored Coldplay’s RVP(C), Mata and Tevez.

TOULOUSE (Heco87) 52 beat BASTIA (Beavis) 43

As a Newcastle fan, Heco will be doubly impressed with the 13 points from Ba to go with those from RVP(C) and Jose he climbs to 2k in the overall FPL rankings and third in the Ligue 1 table. Beavis took a 4 point hit and had Suarez (C), two decisions that cost him, as he had good points from Fellaini and Begovic.

AJACCIO (Ms.Red19) 50 beat MONTPELLIER (Gervinho’s Forehead) 33

Ms.Red had the luck of the Irish with her this week, as she won comfortably despite both taking a 4 point hit and benching Michu. RVP(C), Fellaini, Mata and Jose Enrique brought her the victory over GF who captained Suarez and only got good points from Begovic, RVP and Jobi McAnuff to stay at the bottom of the table.

LYON (FC Borcelona) 46 beat ST. ETIENNE (Chrissy Waddle) 41

Just 5 points in this match as FCB’s choice of Michu coupled with CW’s 4 point hit proved decisive, as both managers lost points to Suarez(C). FCB climbs to fourth in the table and a Champions League place.

SOCHAUX (Chazza) 45 beat LILLE (In Like Flynn) 44

The autosub of Begovic in for Foster gave Chazza the narrowest of winning margins in this low-scoring encounter, although Chazza could have won more easily had he not benched Michu. Again Suarez(C) cost both managers points, and ILF took a 4 point hit.


7 thoughts on “Ligue 1 GW15 Review – Shipstontrev

  1. Sorry about the rubbish spacing – oops!

  2. Wow, nice score King Eric! 🙂 Over the ocean in EPL, i’m now up to third, UCL beckons 😉

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