Key Contributors H2H League

Key Contributors League


Now, I have not posted in a while. This could be because I predicted N’Zogbia to be a decent FPL shout this season, or it could be because I seem to have been snatched by totalFPL (by ‘snatched’ I mean I spend time on there spouting nonsensical gibberish). Anyway, I thought it might be nice to let everybody know how the ‘key contributors’ are getting on in the H2H league. A link to the league can be seen here:

This post is even more confusing given that we aren’t quite at the end of a Gameweek. Indeed, I will look at the current scores for the GW and then go through the league table as it stands.

Cow Junior’s XI 71 – 67 Believe In Brendan!

This is littlewizard123 (me) up against 1Bonz. This is Cuellar, Johnson(c) and Ba up against Cuellar, McAnuff and Fletcher so this could go either way.


Ortegulla FC 40 -53 PienaarButtnerJelly


This is TW up against Parmtree. TW has Cuellar, Ba Sessegnon (c)whilst Parmtree has Mignolet, Shorey, Berbatov and that unsurprisingly popular punt of Sessegnon(c). Parmtree should take this comfortably.


Punning Clan* 40 -44 Average


JK, with Mignolet, Shorey and Berbatov up against Average. With as many as 5 wins so far in the league for Average, this could go either way. You’d expect JK to just about edge it, though. Average will get a boost when automatic subs come in on Tuesday.


BestSeamanEvra 42 -44 Tamechester Rovers


Federici, Cuellar, Berbatov and Sessegnon (c) up against Shorey, Santon, Berbatov and Sessegnon (c). Santon is a doubt, so Nelsen coming on with 9 points could be key for Tamechester in this close encounter.


The Light Knight 34 – 48 Invictus FC


The Knight Light has McAnuff and Fletcher (c), with Udit having Cuellar and Fletcher left to play. A giant haul from Fletcher is likely to be needed for TLK to stand a chance. Joint bottom of the table hosts top of the table, and positions don’t look like changing after this game.


Ironic Foundry 1965 56 – 54 The Dirk Kuyt Riises


Doosra has Cuellar, Shorey, Sessegnon and Berbatov play Isacki who has Bardsley and Sessegnon (c). You’d have to back Ironic Foundry here.


Is This It? 67 – 73 The Originals


Eoin has Federici, Cuellar, McAnuff and Berbatov, whilst Pratik has Cuellar, Berbatov and Johnson (c) remaining. Still a lot to play for in a high scoring game, much like little_wizard vs. 1Bonz. Both little_wizard and Pratik relying on Johnson then – nobody else in the league owns him and both players have gone on to captain him. Petr Cech gets an honourable mention here!


As for the table, Invictus (Udit) has a four point lead over BestSeamanEvra, with 31 points from 15 games. Little_wizard123 is 3rd, joint on 26 points with Eoin. Last (and also least, well, joint least) on 12 points are The Light Knight and TW. The Light Knight can count himself very unlucky, as he is joint bottom but has the 6th highest points total in a league of 14. Wooden Spoon goes to The Originals, which is the only team to currenyl be losing to the average (619 vs. 625). But this is likely to change this week, so Pratik can pass on the wooden spoon for now.


But with lots of captains left to play this week, and slightly more importantly, 22 weeks to go, things can turn out!


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