Registration is Open!!!

We’re happy to announce that registration for season 2 of the leagues (which start gw 20) is now open! All current managers will maintain their spots besides the 18 relegated managers (3 relegated teams x 6 leagues). Therefore there will be 18 available spots that applicants will be competing for.

As a reminder, league rules including tie-breakers can be found here.

Criteria for Team Selection:  

1) Contribution to past UEFA events and positive participation in past UEFA events

2) popularity/reputation of managers on the forum

3) highest fpl rank of manager (within last 5 seasons)

Each of these criteria will be judged objectively by the council and the ultimate decision rests with them. *Please note that criteria 1 and 2 have more weight than criteria 3 which will serve mainly as a tiebreaker of sorts.

December 10: Applications Open
December 19: Applications Close
December 26 (or sooner): accepted managers and their leagues are announced
December 29: Round 1 of matches begins

The application can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Registration is Open!!!

  1. Good stuff!

    So you’ll be running the CL/Europa & another league in parallel?

    * Tips hat off for the effort

    • yupp! but thanks to Pratik, the league tables for the 6 leagues will all update automatically, allowing us to focus our time on running CL/Europa

  2. Pratik, I mistakenly stated my ID as Grounderz instead of 5077 when lodging the season two application. I have also sent a second entry form. Please delete my first entry form and use my second entry form with proper details for season two! 🙂

    • don’t worry about it! current managers don’t need to submit an application. unless relegated you’ll keep your same team

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