Update and a Batch of Good News

As many of you may know, we have opened registration for season two of the leagues which start gw 20. The deadline to get your application in is Wednesday the 19th.

TO ALL THE MANAGERS CURRENTLY PARTICIPATING IN THE LEAGUES,  YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION. UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE RELEGATION ZONE AFTER GW 19, YOU WILL MAINTAIN YOUR SAME TEAM FOR SEASON 2.  For those of you wondering about CL and Europa, we have not determined a date yet but they will most likely begin in February or March. Details about qualification for either of those tournaments can be found on the league rules page. Please refer to that if you have any questions.

Starting this next gameweek (I believe) the league tables should update automatically. This means you won’t have to wait to see the standings or email Pratik asking him to update the tables. A huge thanks to him for taking the time to set this up!

Lastly, and most importantly, we are pleased to announce that Berbilly Gilmore as the newest addition to the council! We hope you will all join is in giving him a warm welcome.


19 thoughts on “Update and a Batch of Good News

  1. Great addition is Billy. Welcome.

  2. That was quick 😛

  3. Great addition to the council imo. Well done lads.

  4. Cracking stuff lads!

    Wouldn’t have dreamt that a once-randomly-coined-term “Council” would expand to have such a profound team now. Keep up the good work!

    • Hearty congratulations to gilmore!

      Clearly, you’ve got no idea whatsoever as to how much different your “life” is going to be now 😛 (Much better, obviously)

    • There is hardly any work involved in these leagues now. In fact, I am positively sure apart from selection of the 18 candidates for the 2nd phase there is nothing else to do. Everything else is literally automated. We will be overcome with laziness, I tell you. 😛

      Udit’s more-or-less left the council, he is overcome with studying/partying in the US. And yes, I am a little envious.
      I don’t know how much time I will be able to devote from Jan onwards. So the real work for Berbilly and co. should lie in Feb/March when we start the CL/Europa. This will be the traditional way, like you did, on Google Docs last year. TW asked me to provide a way to see all their scores through a live feed which should make it relatively easier, but they will have to regularly update the doc.

      Anyways, I am more interested in the new ideas that they can push forward. I am really keen on LR’s idea of two managers managing a single team (i.e. scoutcast), and competing against each other which could be a bunch of fun. I just don’t know when to start it. Would you be keen on something like this?

      It would have been ideal to base it in sync with AFCON or something, but it’s impossible with their compact schedule.

      Do any of you have suggestions on what we could do with this or something else completely different?

  5. Welcome aboard Billy!

  6. Oooh, me likey! 🙂

    • He’s alive!! 😀 How are you doing, mate? Where have you been?

      • Well, well, Mr. Council Member himself! 😀 *tips hat*

        I’m jolly good, thanks. Yourself? Was busy with work, had to go the US for a month or so. Not doing too well on the FPL front, though. But now that you’re a part of the council, I’m not worried about relegation 😉

        How’re things in the DZ?

        • I’m good too. Bit lonely in the DZ without you. Zep hasn’t been around much either and a few others I’ve most likely forgotten. I’m not doing too well either recently. 5k to 33k in two weeks 😦

          Are you still in the US, or back in India? Are you gonna be posting any time soon? We struggled a bit last weekend when Demi was ill so couldn’t post the lineups. That’s where you usually come into play, picking up his slack 🙂

          • Ah, I see 😦 33k is still decent though. I’m far far behind … *sniff*
            Back in India now. Must’ve been chaotic without Demi! 😆

    • I thought you were gonna join the ranks of Rick, Udit etc…..At one point, they were the most frequent posters, but now I hardly ever see them around. Damn, I actually miss chatting with Udit on gmail.

      Hope your work lightens up a little, so you could spend more time on FFS.

      • I know! I miss when you, ENR, fuzzy, newman, and udit used to be on ffs all the time! and believe it or not i actually miss our super long council email threads haha 😀

  7. The great escape is almost complete!Me nitin and gink get off scot free!

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