SERIE A Review by Doctor X – GW 17

My first contribution to the FFS UEFA community in terms of an article, this is. So here I am delving into the form of managers going into Matchday 17 and assessing the end product of their tactics and team selection. I’ve put quite a bit of research into this, so the feedback would be appreciated a lot! Any errors can be made aware of through the comment system. Enjoy lads!

1.            UG Pescara (GoonerDhanesh) 52 beat  AC Milan (Milanista) 42

UG Pescara come into this game in despeciable form (L-L-L-L) facing the Italian giants AC Milan (L-W-W-L) who have surprisingly dropped into the relegation zone after poor performances all around this season. City vs Newcastle proved to be the key game in this fantasy match up, as RvP (C) was matched by both teams with Pescara benefitting from a Silva assist and Demba goal to set himself up for the win, which saw Milan lose out on a City CS. Milan drops to 19th in the table and will be looking to rediscover his form to stay with the big dogs.

2.            Sampdoria (Megatron X) 70 beat Catania (Djerbil) 52

Catanias poor form continues with a loss this weekend to Sampdoria, which means that they are now on a run of 5 losses. Sampdoria have picked up off late coming through a run of consecutive victories to snatch this one comfortably. Overall team performances were poor on both sides, but SantiCazorladelievered heavily for Sampdoria while OOP Walcott was not so effective for Catania. Catania have hit rock bottom in the league now with just 9 points, while Sampdoria are nicely poised midtable with a couple of games more to go for a Europa League spot.

3.            Chievo Verona (ReinaMan) 47 beat AS Roma (Udit) 40

Arguably one of the most low scoring match ups in the league this weekend, high ranked Verona continued their good form (W-L-W-W) capitalize over a poorer performance by Roma, who had to trade non playing Gaston and Lambert for – 4 points which might have contributed to their narrow loss. A cheeky punt on Aaron Lennon who came through with 4 a CS point and a Bonus point pushed Verona through. Capitalizing on this Verona have climbed to the top as league leaders on Points Difference with Bologna, a Champions League spot looking assured.

4.            Fiorentina (RoysCallerAnne) 70  beat Siena (Running Riot) 66

The highest scoring match up of the weekend saw Fiorentina narrowly snatch victory from Siena beating them by 4 points. Both teams came into the Gameweek on reasonable form with Fiorentina having a knack for snatching draws and narrow victories off late. Van Persie (C) and SantiCazorla produced the goods for both sides, which Fiorentina won thanks to a Wayne Rooney goal. Siena slip into the bottom half of the table, as the winners move into the upper half carrying a rich vein of form into the next round.


5.            Genoa (Doctor X) 57 beat Torino (BowString 92) 43

I came into this Gameweek on a decent run of form (W-L-W-W) similar to Torino (L-L-W-W). These were two teams packed with a similar frontline of RVP, Suarez, Defoe, Michu, Fellaini and Sterling. But the deciding factor proved to be the little man himself. SantiCazorla’s 23 point haul along with RVP (C) propelled Genoa to victory over Torino who gave the armband to Luis Suarez, who disappointed massively. A crucial match up for both teams saw Bowstring drop into the lower echelons of the league sitting just above the drop zone, while Genoa continues their good form sitting three points from the top of the table.

6.            Juventus (Pratik)66  beat Atalanta (MJ6987) 61

Juve riding the back of poor form off late with 3 losses in their last 4 came head to with Atalanta at home who have been in equally terrible form with D-L-L-L in their last 4 games. However form went out of the window and the game was extremely tight. Atalanta’s 2 free transfers were unfruitful as Rafael withdrew injured and Defoe drew another blank. Finally a West Ham clean sheet from Guy Demel and 3 points from Clint Dempsey were enough to give Juventus their second win as they try and rediscover their form of previous champions. The win pulled Juve out of the drop zone, sitting just a couple of points behind it, while Atalanta gave up top spot in the league and now sink to 3rd place. A very critical match up this.

7.            Lazio (Forca Inter) 54 beat Internazionale (Isacki) 42

Lazio, who have had mixed fortunes of late in the league (W-W-L-L) came face to face with Italian giants Inter as they continue to make a late surge in search for a Europa league spot. Lazio drafted in Mark Bun and Luiz Suarez (C) both of whom disappointed but his gameweek and match up was safe thanks to none other than Santa Clauzorla who bought Lazio an early Christmas gift with a whopper 23 points. Meanwhile Inter took a massive 8 point hit to bring in Glen Johnson, Giroud and Olsson, all of whom couldn’t bridge the gap and pulled Inter further into the abyss of the bottom half of the league.

8.            Napoli (Daniel) 45 beat Bologna (Frazek) 43

The lowest scoring combined match up of the weekend saw Napoli who’ve been in great form (L-W-W-L) – with the last game a 1 point loss to Inter last weekend – come face to face with high ranked Bologna who have been in incredible form with 4 wins out of their last 4. Napoli drafter in Glen Johnson who produced an assist, while Frazek took a 4 point hit to bring in Zabaleta, Defoe and Tevez (for Aguero). Had Bologna held onto Aguero, they would’ve comfortable snatched the win, in an otherwise disappointed all round performance barring Robin Reliant. Bologna are still holding up strong at 2nd place in the league on goal difference, while Napoli consolidate a midtable position.

9.            Cagliari (Grounderz)65  beat Parma (LittleWizard123) 49

Stuck in the relegation dogfight, this was a much needed win for both sides, with Cagliari coming out on top with none other than Cazorla dropping a 23 point bomb on Parma. Cagliari, in contrast to their recent results (W-W-L-L) have infact been in terrific form with both the losses, a 2 and 1 point game, so has been Parma, with 3 wins in their last 3. Both sides went in with the Dutchman as captain and the tie was settled by the Spaniard at the end. Cagliari are third from the bottom and must look to maintain their decent run. Parma move down nearer to the dropzone and must be cautious next week.

10.          Palermo (Mark) 72 beat Udinese (Menly) 39

FFS Founder Mark and his team were pitched against Udinese this weekend. Palermo with 3 wins in their last three have been enjoying a surge up the table and the rankings off late, while Udinese come into this game with mixed fortunes (W-L-W-L). Udinese were pounded by the wildcard wielded by Palermo, who had Van Persie (C), Rooney and SantiCazorla raking in the points. Udinese seemed to have an unchanged squad from last week with Sessegnon as (C) who chipped in with an assist, and a no show from Enrique and Rafael only made matters worse. Palermo move within touching distance of a Europa League spot, while Udinese drop down into the lower half of the table.


3 thoughts on “SERIE A Review by Doctor X – GW 17

  1. Well done Doctor X, nice write up.!

  2. You checked everyone’s form….Impressive 😛

  3. Cheers you two. Thought i’d go the extra mile instead of being my lazy self 😛

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