Accepted Managers for Season 2

After deliberation and careful ranking by the council, the moment of truth awaits the 38 applicants vying for spots in season 2 of the leagues. Unfortunately we only have 18 spots to fill so we are sorry if you missed out but remember you can apply again for the next season which will be again next fall.

And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for! Organized by league are the 18 new managers that will be competing the second season starting gw 20. Congratulations to those that made the cut!

Anuragkhetancfc (AK – Ain’t got a Kalou)
Snake Juice
La Liga:
In Tommy We Trust
Serie A:
The second coming of Moussa Dembele
The Shadow
Ligue 1:
da beeeez

10 thoughts on “Accepted Managers for Season 2

  1. Great additions to the side. Great additions to Ligue 1 especially.

  2. Ligue 1 for me..Not bad i suppose 🙂 BTW, when will i know which team i represent?

  3. EPL for me, thanks. 🙂
    Do we get to choose the sides? 😛

    • you’re welcome. congrats! :D.

      maybe… we’re still trying to work that out. check back on the site after gw 19 is over. we’ll make a post if you get to chose. if you do get to pick, granny would get first pick for EPL

  4. if as incoming teams we get to choose one, any chance of az alkmaar 🙂

    • AZ made my list too, but not the top of it, so no qualms from me on that. Of course, it’s probably premature (and a little disrespectful) to be talking about any of this until the current relegation is resolved. 😉

      To echo others, a big thank you. Happy to have made the cut and looking forward to it. Other than getting the team selection sorted, is there anything else that needs to be done?

  5. Great to get entered into Ligue 1 and looking forward to the competition 🙂

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