Merry Christmas from the UEFA Council

On behalf of myself and the rest of the UEFA Council I would like to wish you guys all a very Merry Christmas!!! Best of wishes to you, your friends (unless they happen to be your mini league rivals :D), your family, and most importantly, your FPL teams :D.

We’d like to thank all of you for making the leagues, and all of our competitions really fun and awesome experiences. They wouldn’t be the same without you guys. And thank you also for your contribution to the ffs community and your help, comments and insights on the ffs boards.  A special thanks goes out to anyone who has helped as a contributor in any way shape or form, whether that be in the form of team previews before the season started, other insightful  articles, HOF awards, league write-ups, etc. Thank you all!

Berbilly and I are hoping to have a special Christmas present for all of you out by the end of the day (hopefully): a league by league breakdown of every game and it’s significance (or lack of significance, whooo midtable obscurity! :D) to the title hunt, fight for automatic CL qualification, and the relegation dogfight.

Merry Christmas and best of luck to you all in the final gameweek of the inaugural season of our leagues!


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the UEFA Council

  1. wow..that would be awesome christmas present.. waiting to see that gift from you guys.. 🙂

  2. Thanks guys for giving us something extra for this FPL season.

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