Serie A GW18 Review

GW18 Review

Roma (Udit) defeats Milan (Milanista) 59-42

Roma’s victory leaves Udit in the chase for a UCL spot and me relegated. Damn you Udit.

This tie was decided after the Saturday as both had RVP(c) and Michu in action on Sunday, with Udit also having Mata to add insult to injury. Strong defensive returns were the key here, with Udit benefitting from Enrique and Cuellar, as well as getting Cameron in off the bench for Demel to ease the pain of his Foster/Begovic decision backfiring. Milan managed to get 3 subs with a grand total of 5 points off the bench while the unused sub was Begovic. Dempsey, Rafael and Kolarov (he would have played over Rekik dammit) all missing out through injury summed up Milan’s season as they were condemned to a 19th placed finish.

Udinese (Menly) defeats Atalanta (MJ) 52-40

League leaders for much of the season, Atalanta continued their poor form with another defeat. It was a case of points in defence again, with Begovic, Cole, Mertesacker and Enrique providing 31 points for Menly to compensate for Sessegnon being the only attacking player to score over 4 points and a disappointing Tevez(c). Atalanta also handed the armband to Tevez but only had Cuellar to be thankful for at the back, with double Stoke defence stuck on the bench.

Menly is stuck in mid table mediocrity after the win while MJ look unlikely to grab the title with four teams to overhaul. A win against league leaders Chievo will guarantee a Champions League place for Atalanta.

Parma (Little Wizard) defeats Bologna (Frazek) 65-51

A brave Zabaleta(c) was not enough for Frazek as Little Wizard picked up decent points all over the pitch to get the best score in Serie A this week. Parma are now free from relegation worries while Bologna are level on points with Lazio and Chievo at the top of the table.

Cagliari (Grounderz) defeats Juventus (Pratik) 60-58

With both teams starting and ending the week in 17th and 18th this was a key game in the relegation battle. As expected, it was a very tight game. Both teams scored well despite their lowly league positions and Pratik will be rueing his decision to bench Begovic which cost him the match.

Having both been beaten by Torino (the only team they can catch on points), one of these teams is guaranteed to be relegated and they start GW19 level on 21 points with Cagliari holding the H2H advantage. A win against title chasing Lazio will guarantee survival for Cagliari. Anything less and council member Pratik can escape if Juventus can overcome Sampdoria.

Inter (Isacki) defeats Genoa (Doctor X) 57-50

Captaining Suarez over RVP(vc) helped Inter to a win over Genoa, who did the opposite. Both teams suffered from benching Begovic and Genoa’s superior midfield was not enough to overcome Inter, who benefitted from defensive returns with Sagna and Johnson.

Isacki can climb from the lower end of mid table mediocrity to a more respectable position with a win in their final game, Doctor X is one of many managers fighting for a European spot.

Fiorentina (RCA) defeats Palermo (Mark) 57-50

The two top scoring teams of last week came head to head and Mark’s bold decision to sell Suarez for Dzeko for a hit cost Palermo the victory. RCA captained the racist and was no doubt ecstatic when Enrique assisted Suraez for a nice goal, assist and baps haul.

After a poor start, Fiorentina are 1 point behind the 3 league leaders  and 1-2 points ahead of a host of teams chasing that fourth Champions League spot. Victory against Pescara on the final day could clinch the title for Fiorentina, defeat will send them out of the Champions League places. A win for Palermo should be enough to get Mark a Europa spot, assuming that at least one of the five teams on 30-31 points slips up.

Lazio (Forca Inter) defeats Sampdoria (Megatron x) 49-47

With Pienaar on the bench and an unsuccessful 8 point hit that included Tevez(c) this was not the best of weeks for Sampdoria. Serie A’s resident Croatian captained his favourite player to put Lazio joint top heading into the final week. Depending on results elsewhere, a win could get Megatron a Europa spot.

Siena (Running Riot) defeats Napoli (Daniel) 64-59

Both teams performed above average this week, Daniel is another frustrated by the decision to bench Begovic over Jussi. Running Riot had the easier decision between Begovic and Federici. Siena are the only team in the league to own Hazard and his 13 points spelt bad luck for Napoli as they succumbed to defeat. Siena’s current 9th placed ranking puts them in the last Europa spot and probably needing points to secure it. However, seeing as they are up against Milan, Siena have basically no chance of getting that place in Europe. Napoli are stuck in mid table.

Torino (Bowstring) defeats Chievo (Reina Man) 48-43

It was a disappointing week for both teams though Bowstring will be relieved to go into GW19 without any relegation worries. Joint first in the league, Reina Man will be looking at Pienaar and Cameron on the bench and thinking about the opportunity that’s gotten away. There were no standout performers for either team and Chievo’s hit to sell Enrique and Giroud to Johnson and Defoe proved decisive.

Pescara (Goonerdhanesh) defeats Catania (Djerbil) 64-57

Catania just can’t catch a break. Relegated prior to this GW, they can’t even get a win when they do score above average. Snodgrass and Cuellar don’t look too good stuck on Pescara’s bench but Begovic, Nastasic, Enrique, Mata, Walcott and Silva(c)  combined to give the joint second highest score of the week in Serie A. Catania were the only team to get points from Pienaar, bravely playing him over Berbatov. The double Stoke defence on Catania’s bench doesn’t look so pretty, particularly with Hangeland’s nil pointer stinking up the team. Michu, Walcott, Cuellar and Enrique also contributed towards a decent score despite a disappointing Ba(c).

With just 9 points from 18 games Catania have nothing but pride to play for. Pescara are in the packed race for a Champions League spot.


One thought on “Serie A GW18 Review

  1. Talk about reading the fine print…..I was under the impression that if two teams are tied only goal-difference is considered for the tie-breaker. Just like the Premier League. In fact, that’s how I designed all the tables on the site too. Total Pts, and if tied then greater points difference.

    Thanks to your article, and then cross-checking with league rules page, I just found out that the tiebreaker is H2H.

    Very informative article. 😦

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