Final Results

Sincere apologies to all managers regarding the confusion between the tiebreaker rules.  We have ultimately decided that the tables you’ve seen throughout the year are indeed the final tables, which are based on GD.

Congratulations to the six managers that won their respective leagues! The League Winners are:

Bundesliga – SpVgg Greuther Furth – Valar Morghulis

EPL – Aston Villa – Epic Fail

Ligue 1 – Stade Rennes – Sarnab Wazza

La Liga – Deportivo La Coruna – Boom Shakalaka

Serie-A – Lazio – Forca Inter

ROE – PSV – FunkyAV

The return of UCL and Europa League in late Jan (gw24) promises to bring back the Google Docs which we know you’ve been secretly missing. Check the schedule here -:

Hearty congratulations to those who have already qualified for CL and Europa, their names are listed below.

Managers that automatically qualified for the Champions League:

a) Bundesliga – SpVgg Greuther Furth (Valar Morghulis) , Hamburg SV (4Vets), TSG Hoffenheim (Eoin), Hannover 96 (Canadian Football)

b) EPL – Aston Villa (Epic Fail) , Southampton (1966 – ERIC WAS BORN) , Swansea City (Evs) , Liverpool (Optimus)

As last year’s winner of the inaugural Champion’s League competition,  Chelsea (ENR) directly qualifies too.

c) La-Liga- Deportivo La Coruna (Boom Shakalaka) , Real Betis (Billy Gilmore), Valencia (Old School), Mallorca (Emperikal)

d) Ligue1 – Stade Rennes (Sarnab Wazza), Brest (Shipstonstrev), Evian (King Eric), Sochaux (Chazza)

e) ROE – PSV (FunkyAV), Rubin Kazan (Le Gooner), Twente (Jinswick), Benfica (Aatish)

f) Serie-A – Lazio (Forca Inter), Bologna (Frazek), Atalanta (MJ6987), AS Roma (Udit)

Managers that automatically qualified for for the Europa League:

a) Bundesliga – Borussia Dortmund (TommyTour) , Hertha BSC (Billy Ketsu) , VfB Stuttgart (Brian – Not the Messiah) , FC Koln (Fray Bentos) , Fortuna Dusseldorf (Porkie)

b) EPL – Stoke City (Wild Rover), Manchester United (Impressive Tackle), Everton (Beric), Fulham (Back to Back Ballacks), Wigan Athletic (The Giggs Boson)

c) La-Liga- Sevilla (Chirs_White) , Real Madrid (Demi), Malaga (Ajay) , Barcelona (TW), Athletic Bilbao (The Parmtree)

d) Ligue1 – Lyon (FC Borecelona), Toulouse (Heco87), Paris Saint-German (Super Zlatan), Bordeaux (Ryan), AS Nancy Lorraine (Coldplay)

e) ROE – Celtic (Count of Monte Hristo), Spartak Moscow (Arsie Sir Giggsy), Standard Leige (Duffman 91 – Last Season’s Winner but directly qualified), Feyenoord (Cabaye4), Shakhtar Donetsk (Dynamic)

f) Serie-A – US Pescara (Goonerdhanesh), Chievo Verona (Reina Man), Fiorentina (RoysCallerAnne), Sampdoria (Megatron x), Genoa (EX)

We made a special exception to the tie-breaker rule when it came to relegation. Both Roscola and I decided to sit out for the next phase for various reasons, giving Declan McCarthy and Grounderz who would have won via H2H another chance to compete in these leagues.

Of course, the trade-off was that we get to participate in the CL/Europa League 😎

Sadly it’s now time to say goodbye to those managers who won’t be joining us next season. These relegated managers are:

a) Bundesliga – Schalke 04(Bal4Tom), VfL Wolsburg(Nitin), Werder Bremen(Rick)

b) EPL – West Ham(Doosra), Man City (Happy Ankit), West Bromwich Albion (Man of Kent)

c) La-Liga- Valladolid(Roscola), Atletico Madrid(Jkisthe1), Levante(Maximerized)

d) Ligue1 – AC Ajaccio(Ms. Red19),Bastia( Beavis), Montpellier (Gervinho’s Forehead)

e) ROE – Fenerbache(Bedknobs and Boomsticks), Zenit (Gigging Order), Galatasaray S.K.(CatMac)

f) Serie-A – Juventus(Pratik), AC Milan (Milanista), Catnia (Djerbil)

For exceptional work and giving life to this competition, both Jkisthe1 and Milanista are also granted a spot in CL/Europa, despite being relegated.

This leaves a total of 21 spots left for the CL and Europa League still unoccupied. Relegated Managers will also be considered for these spots.

The main criteria for these spots is your contribution to the Uefa Council Leagues, and FFS. We will be looking for managers that will contribute to repeating the great atmosphere of last year’s CL and Europa through banter and pressers!

Accepted managers for season 2, feel free to contact us (, or via comments) if you have a particular team preference from the relegated teams in the league that you have been assigned. The new ROE managers can propose alternative team names if they wish to change to another European team not currently in any of the 6 leagues.


52 thoughts on “Final Results

  1. Hey guys, I’m one of the newly accepted managers in Serie A and I would love to be assigned AC Milan. Hope I get it. 🙂

  2. Got accepted in EPL. Here goes my preferance.

    West Ham United
    Manchester City
    West Brom Albion

  3. Hello lads.

    My team choices in order of preference:

    1. West Brom
    2. Manchester City
    3. West Ham


  4. Despite the ultimate humiliation of relegating Galatarasay to the bottom of the RoE league 😦 (and not being around much these days), may I take this opportunity to say what an excellent competition it has been and how honoured I have been to have taken part. Also, what a fantastic job you FFS UEFA guys are doing in running this website.

    Finally, best of luck to all the new managers


    • You were so great in the Euros too, with Menly. Hardly see either of you here. You should really visit FFS more….

      • I’m on FFS quite a lot although currently busy with trying to sell present house and buy new one, but my lack of posting FFS is mainly due to the speed of the comments! Hopefully once they get the new system up and running I’ll post more 😉

  5. what a roller coaster first season in ffs uefa league.. somehow managed to grab a place in europa league and hopefully will continue to do fairly well in the second season as well…

    its a real shame that i couldn’t contribute much to this site except a gameweek review and a week’s HOF..

    looking forward to see 3 new managers in the second season..

    also my hearty congrats to all those who won their respective leagues, to all those who qualified for the champions league, to all those who qualified for the europa league.

    and my deepest regrets to those who are parting ways with us now…

  6. Exciting Stuff. My Serie A preferences would be:
    1. Catania
    2. Juventus
    3. AC Milan

    • I am surprised…..Your first preference is Catania. Any particular reason why? Inter Milan fan or something?

      • assuming granny wants city, looks like we’ve got EPL and Serie A sorted with everyone getting their top choice 😀

        btw make sure in the tables and stuff you use AK – Ain’t got a Kalou and not Anuragkhetancfc so it matches his ffs name

        • How can Granville want City? Are you sure?

          The only reason he can want City is to take it down. He’s a hardcore Utd supporter.

          • i’m not sure. but everyone keeps mentioning granville and city so that why i’m saying that.
            though obviously we should wait and try to ask him. but if we can’t maybe we ought to just give him city

            • You just can’t TW. If I was a Utd fan, I would never want City, it’s grotesque in a way….I’d rather be shifted to another league in fact. Get in touch with Granville and check it out. Please.

              I would rather give Anurag – City, Granville- West Ham, and Snake Juice – West Brom.

      • I’m not sure I can handle the responsibility of being manager of Milan or Juve 😉 . Nah I did a career with Catania in Fifa 12 once so I have a fondness for them.

  7. Rukawa’s preferences:

    1. Juve
    2. Milan
    3. Catania

  8. Pratik, kindly use Snake Juice for the table and not leo643.

    Thanks mate. 🙂

  9. Can’t believe i survived. That was a close one. Unlucky to Roscola, Jkisthe1 and Maximerised in la liga

  10. as an incoming ROE manager really looking forward to the coming season,
    if i have a team choice i’d like to be az aalkmar , as having family in holland
    i like to follow the eredivise and have been to the odd match,
    thanks again for accepting me

  11. I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory (Damn Bale), but congratulations to all the winners, and good luck everyone for season 2.

    Also, while I’m here, I might as well ask, is there any chance I can be promoted to the CL? 😉

    Top work from everyone involved and thanks for organising everything, all the best for the rest of the season and Happy Holidays!

  12. Pepe Reina was pictured after the clash with Atalanta after receiving news of other results, and dropping down into the Europa League from top spot

  13. Nicely done, guys. But I have an honest criticism: taking 20 or so ‘new’ or low-ranked players into the CL/Europa — who didn’t earn the spot — is weak sauce.

    Couldn’t you just have increased the number of teams from each league feeding into the CL/Europa? You know, so that people who *earned it* could advance to those comps? You might understandably have the few odd spots remaining to hand out to the organizers and somesuch …

    Now, I’m in the CL as it is, so this isn’t sour grapes on my part … but if I came in just outside the CL/Europa spots only to have some lower ranked/new player swoop in to one of them before me, I would be hella pissed and done with this comp.

    If my understanding of the process is wrong, I apologize and so authorize you to ignore me completely. Cheers.

    • I think Parmtree, and ENR both had the very same suggestion….

      My thinking is a little different. The only reason we add some other managers, those “20” odd or so, is because they have something to contribute. Just because you are the best player at FFS, doesn’t make you the most fun to go against. There is banter, contribution (articles) etc to be considered. This competition wouldn’t be the same, without these articles from time to time. Let me elaborate via an example-:

      Take Milanista or Light Knight for example….Now Norwich City didn’t qualify for UCL/Europa directly. But these lovely articles that you see, someone has to write them. There is a lot of other work too that goes on behind the scenes. And being in the competition, being a part, gives him incentive to do something. So if you aren’t part of the competition, why would you write for it? Do you see what I’m getting at?

      That’s why, the 120 managers that played a part in the 1st season, weren’t simply those with the highest HOF (rank). Would you like playing against Doos, or someone ranked 333 OR, but who hardly ever comes on the site?

      At the same time, guys need to be rewarded for such a fantastic performance this year. Thus a good blend is critical.

      Agree or still disagree?

      • I understand, and I appreciate the time and effort you took to respond.

        I also appreciate the philosophy … but it could work the other way, yeah? Doos could come in just out of the Europa places in season 1 and be replaced with a new/lower UEFA-ranked player … when he’s both more fun *and* “more deserving.”

        I hope you guys understand my meaning, I’m not trying to pee in your cereal, here. It was just a thought.

        Thanks again for your time.

        • I think I know you better than that, so I know you are not that type of guy at all. Additional, your thoughts are in good company as they were echoed by Parmtree, and ENR.

          More than anything else, I too appreciate the fact that you care and took the time to point it out, and read my long reply. I hate it when no one reads a long reply. 🙂

          And just in case I didn’t make it clear, I completely understand what you meant, and that it was in good-nature.

          Happy New Year

          • As a side not, can I just say that if under the current system i was not selected to partake in Europe I would not too upset. Quite clearly the result of season 1 shows that I am not of a high enough standard to compete with others. Avoiding relegation was no mean feat for my boys in black. As such, just being part of season 2 is a big enough reward. So, whilst contributors like Light Knight and Milansta might deserve reward for their literary efforts, I’m not sure players like me deserve anything for being active online other than the chance to participate which we were given.

  14. In case you haven’t seen, Jafooli would like Partick Thistle.

  15. Teams decided so far are

    Granville – West Ham
    Anurag Khetan FC – Man City
    Snake Juice – WBA

    Ruwaka – Juventus
    Second coming of Mousa Dembele – Catania
    Mak_Gold – Milan

    Jafooli – Partick Thistle
    da beeez – FC Basel
    seantbn – AZ Alkmaar

  16. No idea how you decide, but I’d like to be considered for a CL spot. Although I could’ve posted a few more articles as a Key Contributor, I ended up with the third highest number of points in my league but the most points against me. Boo hoo! I also promise not to get people’s hopes up when I preview Villa next season.

  17. Pepe Reina, friends and the Chievo team has been spotted in high spirits at a late Christmas party, but, the night was marred as Lazio manager Forca Inter crashed the party at approximately 1:35am

  18. Congratulations to all the winners btw! Lucky feckers 😉

  19. We caught up with manager Matt Kearney, more commonly known as Bowstring92 this week. What did he have to say about last season’s performance?

    Bowstring92: It’s a disappointing position to finish considering the points we have overall, so we’ll be looking to give the team a fresh boost in the January (wildcard) window.

    Reporter: Anyone in particular you have your eye on?

    Bowstring92: Well obviously I cannot go into names, but we have a few targets from Stoke, and possibly Norwich on our shortlist. Also depending how things go at Chelsea we have be looking towards them too. Fellaini is out for us but we hope to have him back in the New Year also. Gallas and maybe Rafael could be leaving us, but we’ll have to see how it goes.

    Reporter: Anything left to say before we leave it at that?

    Bowstring92: Well we have Little Wizard up first and as we know he’s a tough opponent, but if we can get off to a good start then I hope we can make a top 6 finish much like the consistent quality that MJ, Forca and Reinaman showed last season.

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