Fixtures Available

The fixtures are now available so you can all have alook and see who your first opponent of the new season is!

The EPL fixtures are set to mirror those of the actual EPL, bar double gameweeks and blanks which have been adjusted accordingly, and bar the final gw (38) which has the same matchups as gw 20 so we have adjusted that accordingly (switched to gw 19 fixtures) so that every manager plays each other once in the course of the 19 gw season. All other leagues fixtures have been based off of these fixtures by a simple replacement method as it would have been far too difficult to match other leagues fixtures up too.

Welcome to the 18 new managers! We tried our best to give you your top choice team but that wasn’t always possible and we couldn’t reach some of you in time. Check the league tables or fixtures list to see which team you’ve been given.

Please join me in thanking Pratik for his tireless effort to get all the fixtures done and everything coded in such a short amount of time!!! He stayed up half the night finishing the code and is due the utmost praise and respect for everything he’s done to ensure the leagues run smoothly and successfully.

He has asked that if you see any mistakes that you let you us know, either by commenting here, emailing us at, or letting one of us know on ffs if you see us around so that he can fix the errors.

He wants me to let you guys know not to freak out about the tables, he says once the gameweek starts they will be fine but since they are set to automatically update that is why they are showing everyone with a 0-0 draw and thus 1 point a piece. He also says that the refresh button for gameweek scores will not work until the gameweek starts.

Best of luck to everyone in this new season!



11 thoughts on “Fixtures Available

  1. Fantastic job all round but especially to Pratik for this.
    Roll on Season 2

  2. excellent work by pratik and team..

    can’t wait for season 2 to begin.. and its a heavy fixture for me coz I’m starting with a game against Isacki, a well known FPL manager.. #BringItOn

  3. Excellent work Pratik.

  4. Great work team! The new season in MINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. can’t wait for gw 23. Granny vs Jonty. gunna be a dgw of epic proportions 😀

  6. A very impressive set-up here gents. This type of project takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and run, so top marks. The instant updates are tremendous, makes you wonder why FPL can’t get their act together in the same way. looking forward to getting involved.

    All in all a very prestigious title to be in contention for, looks like most of the top players are involved…so, thanks for the acceptance guys.

    heres hoping the Ligue 1 title is heading to the south coast this season 🙂

  7. On behalf of everyone here at Chievo Verona, I, Pepe Reina, would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. The year in the calendar changes after every 365.25 days, but my good wishes remain with you throughout the year. Wish you and your family a prosperous and very happy new year.

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” – Albert Einstein

  8. Looking forward to the weekly match-ups and getting involved! 🙂

  9. Whenever you lads have some time, posting a little Winter Wildcard strategy. Discussion would help. Pratik, maybe you could just open a new thread called wild card strategies where a serious discussion could happen.

    My proposed Wildcard/DGW Strategy.

    I gave myself half an hour of thinking and came up with a wildcard draft that makes a litle sense to me. A decent amount of thinking has gone into this. I will take you through this once you have a look at the team. What i have done is with this strategy one can have a full quota of DGW players for both the DGW’s without compromising too much on the long term structure of the team.

    The current structure for most of us at the moment is similar to something like this.

    xx xx xx xx xx
    Bale Mata Walcott Michu xx
    RVP Suarez xx

    These players, atleast in my current team are my core and are untouchable. So then, i look to fill in the blanks.

    Begovic Turnbull
    Mertsacker Obrien A.Cole Clyne Demel
    Michu* Bale* Mata* Walcott* Ramirez/Puncheon
    RVP* Suarez* Lambert

    0.8/1.5 in the bank depending on Ramirez/Puncheon

    I go in with 3 Chelsea and 3 Southampton players. Chelsea play Stoke and Southampton and you could rely on Chelsea keeping 1 cleansheet atleast. The only other player i would consider is Hazard and he would come in only for Walcott and i would do the Walcott -> Hazard transfer for the next week, but i have Walcott since about 12 weeks now and would lose value, hence the double up on the chelsea defence. The 3 SOT players pick themselves for me and are potentially the most dangerous players. The decision between Puncheon and Ramirez might be based on money as i want to be bring in Giroud and maybe a Wham midfielder for the DGW or something of that sort.


    Lambert + Ramirez -> Ars/Wham players of choice (Currently looking at Noble + Giroud) for a -4. The Giroud thing is a personal call, as you all know, i really fancy him.

    With this i get a complete quote of 3 Wham + 3 Arsenal here as well.

    Post DGW – No need for wildcard

    As long as the structure of
    Mata Bale Michu Walcott
    RVP Suarez

    is maintained, the remaining players can slowly be filtered according to how you want your team to take structure. That is why i am thinking Puncheon over Ramirez as it offers more flexibility in terms of the third striker i could want. Mert and A.Cole staying there for some time is not an issue really because both are decent defences.

    You could make a case for Azpil but i am really trying to go for players that are as nailed on as can be and if Terry is coming back anytime soon, i’d be worried about owning Azpil/Ivanovic.

    A discussion is warranted and i’d like to have your opinion on this proposal.

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