Order of Extreme Valour- FFS UEFA EPL- Season 1 Award

At the end of the Euros, I found myself questioning whether I had lost sight of what truly made a manager valorous. We had guided Denmark to the FFS Euros semi final, a noble achievement in itself but what followed was unbearable. My co-manager took the lion’s share of the credit (so what if it was true) and departed for Italy for a new career at one of Serie A’s big boys. I could only find work at one of the EPL’s relegation scrappers. It was a dark time. I needed time to reflect and meditate (and do other things that bravery-judging Knights do) so I left Norwich with the instructions of keeping things tight at the back (admittedly they took the piss a bit) and departed for 6 months of wandering through the wilderness (settling for Birmingham but it’s close enough). I return now to declare that I have rediscovered my faith in the valour of my fellow managers and am ready to induct a new gallant member to the Order of Extreme Valour.

I judged the award by the rules posted herehttp://uefaffs.weebly.com/7/post/2012/06/the-order-of-extreme-valour.html

To recap:

A “successful gamble” is defined as a single player choice that returns an unexpectedly high number of points. The awards will be given on these criteria:
– Underappreciation
– Overachievement
– Underdog team
– Captaincy

Honourable Mentions – A couple of decisions which were worthy of note if not the award:

– Gifs B…I mean Giggs Boson showed true courage by selecting Kolarov. Such a choice can make you a laughing stock, a pain GB knows only too well from giving him the armband for a one pointer. But vindication was found in GW 7 when a 20 point haul caused a spamming of http://i34.tinypic.com/259zv3q.gif ,the likes of which FFS will never see again.

– Wild Rover made a late charge for the award by captaining Bale in GW 19. WR had just brought in the Welshman and threw him in at the deep end and boy did he deliver. The monster 42 point haul alone highlights the need to bravely go against the grain.

And now for the winner:

This season’s winner is a man who made a bold declaration before the season had begun and stuck to his guns no matter what. He backed a certain Afroed individual to become Everton’s star man. While all other were bringing in Pienaar, he held firm and brought in Fellaini for GW 10 and a 15 point haul no one else in the EPL got a sniff of. Ladies and gentlemen, please offer your congratulations to Mr. Merry Differential himself, Doosra. His time in charge of his beloved Hammers may have ended, but he has left behind a valiant legacy to be proud of.

I leave you now by reminding you that your reign as an FFS UEFA manager is never secure. Be sure to make the most of the time you have by courageously turning your back on the norm and finding your own unique path to glory.


23 thoughts on “Order of Extreme Valour- FFS UEFA EPL- Season 1 Award

  1. Ah this is good to here. Nice to know my European partner still has the golden touch. The award of valour barely left our hands during the euros, and its nice to see its still with one of us.

  2. Congratulations Doosra. Thank you for the praise LightKnight 🙂

  3. Awesome read. No need for the double link though 😉

  4. This is one of my favorite articles in a long time….Loved every word of it.

    For what it’s worth, I though the Kolarov(c) in gw7 was more worthy of the award. It was very brave indeed, and very well rewarded too.

    • I’m afraid i didn’t captain him gw7, i captained him the week he moved higher up the pitch beside the strikers. He got injured half time and i enjoyed a juicy 1pter 😀 (and other people had Kolarov as well, not just me)

      • Oh, awkward moment but I will have to take back my imaginary award back too. 😉

        But still fair play, that you took a risk on Kolarov anyways. You know, I think Ginkapo, and Milanista still have him. Unbelievable, I tell you.

  5. Congratulations Doosra! Also to GB and WR for their bravery.
    Inspirational stuff really and nice to see it doesn’t go unnoticed.

  6. The Kolarov punt was just pure insanity.

    Great job. 🙂

  7. I took so many punts this year I could easily won this award, if all my punts hadn’t turned out to be a load of shite that is. Kebe anyone? Ramirez? How about Adam Johnson before he remembered he was good? Merveaux? No takers… oh well

    • I still have Marveaux. He is grand bench fodder while he is getting minutes. I think you were also held back in this award by being in La Liga not the EPL 😉

  8. Blimey O’Reilly – I had no idea. I am humbled by all of this – and all your lovely comments. It has really touched me.

    I am not sure that I deserve it all. Anyway – cheers!!! 🙂

  9. Great article and congratulations to my man Doos!

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