Post Xmas Break

Dear Guys/Girls – I am going to take a break from FFS for a few days. I am finding it dreadfully oppressive. :-(


21 thoughts on “Post Xmas Break

  1. Sorry to hear Doos but I can see what you mean.

    I think there should just be a forum section on here tbh! The amount of people will be diluted but the quality of people surely wouldn’t!

  2. No worries Doos.

    To all LAWR members, pls refer all question to me until further notice.

  3. Hope all’s well. Taking a break myself for a week with all these exams coming up. Best of luck guys!

  4. Good time to take a wee break – no EPL for 10 days and the boards full of Rate this WC team….still cant help but have a look tho when i’m sitting about watching TV!!

  5. Hoping to see you sooner rather than later good man. Take care.

  6. Don’t let the buggers get you down Doos. Hopefully “see” you soon.

  7. Many thanks for all those lovely and positive comments on here. I am touched! 🙂

  8. FFS is not same without you 😦

    hopefully you will get back very soon mate

  9. Hey Doosra!! Don’t let the barstadios get you down. I have noticed the sudden influx of idiots on the site with their lack of manners and absence of real FPL and FFS understanding. Just wanted you to know that although I’m not a member, your insight, humour and analysis are ‘season keepers’ and have helped me a lot in my 1st season. So please return asap, ok!!!

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