Ligue 1 Review GW21 – Shipstontrev

MARSEILLE (Fratboy) 89 beat MONTPELLIER (Facer) 64

Ligue 1’s top scorer this week was Fratboy, whose score of 89 after a 4 point hit gave him a 25 point win over new manager Facer. Fratboy’s top scorers were RVP(C), Suarez, Baines, Sterling, Walcott and, uniquely amongst Ligue 1 managers, Benteke. Facer also lined up with RVP(C) and Walcott, and he also had Berbatov, but he still finished a long way back.

RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 87 beat BASTIA (Aditya) 68

This all-India clash saw Sarnab continue the form that won her the Ligue 1 title and has propelled her to the lofty heights of 525th in the overall FPL rankings. She had Suarez(C), RVP, O’Brien, Sterling and Walcott to thank for her score. New manager Aditya had RVP(C) and Walcott, with a very useful differential in Chicharito, but Sarnab is not a player to let new managers work their way in gently.

LYON (FC Borcelona) 81 beat EVIAN (King Eric) 74

FCB’s 4 point hit came off, giving him a 7 point victory over King Eric. The new Holy Trinity forward line of RVP(C), Suarez and Berbatov combined with the likes of Sterling, Walcott and Clichy gave him a win over his American opponent, who had RVP(C), Zabaleta, Berbatov, Walcott and Dempsey in his line-up. King Eric has been pretty unlucky these last two weeks, with two scores above 70 not bringing him any H2H points.

LORIENT (Dr. Ennet) 80 beat TROYES (kaz) 58

A 22 point win for Sweden’s finest, with big scores from RVP(C), Suarez, Berbatov and Baines putting him out of sight of kaz, whose only really good scorers were RVP(C) and Berbatov.

REIMS (Mahfreems) 80 beat SOCHAUX (Chazza) 77

A narrow victory for Palace fan Mahfreems here. Both managers had the Holy Trinity forward line and Sterling, the deciding factor being Mahreems’ Walcott versus Chazza’s Santi Cazorla.

ST. ETIENNE (Chrissy Waddle) 79 beat BREST (Shipstontrev) 78

Just one point in this match, with both players having the Holy Trinity forward line. Shipstontrev will be cursing Steven Pienaar’s inability to keep his mouth shut which led to a booking for the South African. When will players learn that their actions have significant consequences?!!

NICE (Lateriser) 77 beat LILLE (In Like Flynn) 61

Lateriser became the early leader of Ligue 1’s new season with his second consecutive H2H win, which must be almost a record for him! Again the Holy Trinity forwards came to the fore, but he also had Walcott and flair pick (?) Ryan Nelsen. ILF could not match him, as although he had RVP(C), Sterling and Rafael, he also had disappointing scores from Defoe and Brett Holman.

AJACCIO (Spike) 68 beat VALENCIENNES (bazzinga!) 66

Spike became the first new Ligue 1 manager to taste victory, if only by two points. Having Nelsen come off his bench was part of the reason for the win, but his American opponent must be kicking himself for taking the captaincy from RVP and giving it to Juan Mata. As usual, Rafatation will always be a pain for fantasy managers.

PSG (Super Zlatan) 58 beat BORDEAUX (Ryan) 57

Another match to be decided by just one point. Both had RVP(C), but Ryan’s other forwards Ba and Tevez only contributed one point between them to let SZ off the hook.

TOULOUSE (Heco87) 55 beat NANCY (Coldplay) 51

Heco87’s narrow win in this low-scoring encounter may have eased the pain of Newcastle selling Demba Ba, but maybe not. His unusual choice of Gerrard (C), together with RVP and Berbatov, just gave him enough points to overcome the challenge of Coldplay, whose top scorers were RVP(C) and Walcott.


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