TorresMagic’s competitions and leagues.

For those of you that are glory hunters looking for some more personal fame and bragging rights, and for those of you seeking personal redemption after failure in our leagues, we wanted to let you know about some great competitions and leagues run by TorresMagic. We”ll provide a summary of each competition here but check out his site for more details.
Knockout cups:
FPL Open (2412-1516) : H2H Knockout featuring top 256 teams including TorresMagic & last years winner starting. Your overall rank this season at the end of gw 29 is used to determine who qualifies for the 254 spots. The competition starts gw 30.
Elite 64 (2412-1524) : H2H Knockout featuring top 64 teams including TorresMagic & last years winner. Overall rank at the end of gw 31 determines who qualifies for the 62 spots.
Click here for last season’s draw/results
Classic Leagues:
After Xmas League (2412-1535) : starting from GW19.
2nd Wildcard League (2412-1547) : starting from GW22.
Millionaire Club:
Millionaire Club (2412-502992) : the goal is to have a gameweek rank within the top million every week, with penalties for hits (check his site for the full rules). If you fail to stay within the top million then you are eliminated from the competition. The winner is the last man standing. Starts GW22 with 3 qualifying rounds. The competition officially starts GW25 for those that survived the 3 qualifying rounds.
Current Entries for all competitions/leagues:

2nd WC League : 63 entered.

After Xmas League : 199 entered.
FPL Open : 107 entered, 256 spots.
Elite 64 : 88 entered, 64 spots, last qualifying spot currently at  42K.

*Remember, the Millionaire Club starts this GW with 3 qualifying rounds.


3 thoughts on “TorresMagic’s competitions and leagues.

  1. It says the millionaire club is closed

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