Champions League Preview Groups A-D by Shipstontrev

GROUP A: Sarnab Wazza, 4Vets, MJ6987, Optimus

If ever a Group deserved the title “Group Of Death”, then Group A does. Sarnab was Ligue 1 winner, 4Vets was 2nd in the Bundesliga, MJ6987 led Serie A for a long part of the season before finishing 3rd and Optimus, whilst finishing 4th in the EPL, is the highest of all 4 players in the current FPL rankings. In fact all 4 players are currently in the top 7k overall, so there is no weak manager here. The group qualifiers could be the two that manage their 4 point home advantage the best, so Optimus and MJ6987 need to get off to a winning start.

Predicted Qualifiers:  I know this sounds like Lawro, but “too close to call”

GROUP B: Boom Shakalaka, Isacki, Jinswick, Chazza

A much easier Group to call. Whilst Boom strolled La Liga by 7 points and Jinswick came third in the RoE, Chazza sneaked into 4th in Ligue 1 and Isacki has a special invitation due to his heroic contribution to this site. The overall FPL rankings show Jinswick at 3k, Boom at 14k and the other two at 19k. If Boom and Jinswick can get off to a winning start with home advantage, they will not be easy to catch.

Predicted Qualifiers: Jinswick, Boom Shakalaka

GROUP C: Evs, Lateriser, TW, ReinaMan

Again, two managers stand out as the clear favourites in this Group. Evs only came 3rd in EPL Season 1, yet scored an impressive 1,176 points and, more significantly,  is currently ranked near the top 100 overall in  the FPL  Lateriser is a special invitee to this tournament, as whilst he only finished an unbelievable 14th in Ligue 1 despite amassing 1,116 points, he is ranked well in the top 200 overall. With all due respect to ReinaMan, ranked 31k, and TW, ranked 60k, this Group looks a two-horse race.

Predicted Qualifiers: Evs, Lateriser

GROUP D: FunkyAV, Shipstontrev, Old School(Drinky), Canadian Football

Whilst this may not seem as tough a group as Group A, it is if your name is Shipstontrev, who with a ranking of 6k is seemingly rather out of his class in Group D. Funkyav, the winner of RoE Season 1 by 2 points, is in the top 600 overall, Drinky/Old School came third in La Liga and is in the top 13oo overall, and Canadian Football is in the top 1800 after a massive improvement in form since finishing fourth in the Bundesliga Season 1. This Group could come down to goal difference, i.e. who thrashes Shipstontrev by the biggest margin, although Drinky and CF have both achieved 100-plus scores with their Winter Wildcards to show their current form is very good, and both can get their campaigns off to a good start with home advantage.

Predicted Qualifiers: Canadian Football, Drinky/Old School


10 thoughts on “Champions League Preview Groups A-D by Shipstontrev

  1. Hats off to shipstontrev who is massively contributing to this site.. i wish you win or come 2nd in Group D and qualify for the knock outs.

  2. With all due respect to Ships, my H2H performance is abysmal. But, i am certainly up for this. Good luck to fellow CL teams. Cheers.

  3. Shipstontrev, don’t write yourself off….When people are place so high, they each have an equally good chance. And come on it’s H2H, highly unpredictable and Lady Luck will play a huge part.

  4. nice review!

    Looks like i’ll be playing the underdogs yet again this year!

    good luck mate. I recon you’ve got as good a shot as anyone in your group. don’t discount your rank! and remember it’s h2h so anything can happen.

  5. Wonderful contribution, Ships. Rooting for ye! 😉

  6. Great work Ships!

    Ligue 1 (and now UCL) would not be the same without your work. Good luck!

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