Europa League Group A Preview

Its time once again where we bring you another review of Europa league qualified teams and this time we are looking in to the teams who are drawn in Group A of the Europa league. While the big boys are all getting ready for their CL matches in game week 24, i can see nothing short of same or even bigger preparations going on in the Europa League dugouts of each of the 48 teams qualified.

Group A teams who qualified are



SAMPDORIA(Megatron X) and


All 4 managers managed to grab more than 1000 points  in the first season in their respective leagues and managed to achieve somewhat same winning ratio. Toulouse managed to win 11 out of 19 games while all the other 3 managers grabbed 10 wins each to secure the spot in this league.All this points to the fact that these teams are evenly matched when it comes to head to head games in the league and therefore will be an enticing group to watch out for in the coming weeks.

While Toulouse and Fortuna Dusseldorf’s managers are in their 5th season in FPL commanding far more experience, other two managers are also not far behind with Sampdoria manager on to his 3rd season and Real Madrid manager on to his second season in FPL..So its obvious that every manager in this group has tasted success and defeats in the past and this experiences will come in handy once the leagues are on their way.

If we take a look in to the 4 teams right now, all 4 of them have Begovic, RVP, Fellaini, Mata and Walcott.. Ultimately the outcome of the matches of all these teams will be decided by the other players apart from the ones that are mentioned above  and also the correct captain choice will determine the winners of this group. Apart from Sampdoria, all the other 3 managers have used their wildcard to change their teams, so according to me, Sampdoria have a tactical advantage when it comes to the team selection in the coming weeks.

Although Sampdoria has the WC advantage the other thing which is to be noted is the manager Megatron X have made 6 game week transfers already even though he have a WC to play, which meants at least 16 points will be deducted from his game week(after adding the 4 point home advantage) and will provide a good platform for Toulouse to grab an early away win. Fortuna Dusseldorf also have a good home advantage in the first match and should try to expolit it to the maximum when the team faces off stiff challenge from Real Madrid..

Honestly this group is one of the groups where all 4 teams have equal chances of advancing to the knockout stages of the league.But if it comes to predicting, then i would predict Toulouse and Real Madrid will advance to the latter stages…Good luck to all 4 managers and may the best 2 advance…


8 thoughts on “Europa League Group A Preview

  1. I agree with Goonerdhanesh. Heco87 and Demi would be my favourites to qualify.

  2. I’d suspect Megatron is playing his WC, just hasn’t activated it yet 😉

  3. Cheers for the write up 🙂 Bring on Sampdoria!

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