Europa League: Group E Preview by Acquafresca

Group E Preview: The Group of Unexpected Events

This group, comprised of The Light Knight (Norwich), Roscola (KR Reykjavik), RoysCallerAnne (Fiorentina), and Acquafresca (Panathinaikos), seems to include some of the most bizarre fantasy tactics to date.

The Light Knight has gone against the grain with his team, opting with 5 big hitters at the back, and also is without Robin Van Persie. This could end up being either detrimental to his team, or prove to be a stroke of genius, as we all know anything can happen in H2H! Light Knight seems to be the Dark Horse of the group, still with his Winter WC in his back pocket, but somewhat reluctant to conform to the typical FFS Wild Card Outline that so many have followed.

Roscola seems to have taken the form of the Pokémon Zoroark, who is capable of creating illusions that are indistinguishable from reality. This is because Roscola has a Team Value of 110.6, and has been trying to hide this behind his average rank. In reality, Roscola has been building his team value for this tournament alone, and is now ready for destruction, having activated his Wild Card in GW23.

RoysCallerAnne, the only manager in the group who finished in the top half of his league last season, seems to be the favorite of the group. Having activated his WC just before the start of Europa, the other three managers could be in for a world of hurt, if he gets his
Wild Card spot on.

Last but not least, Acquafresca has shown some great resilience as of late. He fought back from relegation to stay in the Rest of Europe league last season, and has finally pulled up his socks as he has strung together five green arrows in a row after an embarrassing start to the season. He comes into Europa with a typical FFS team, owning most of the big hitters in midfield and of course Robin Reliant.

As we conclude the analysis of this group, we have seen four very different managerial styles. Europa League quickly approaches; these managers are itching at the chance to claim the top spot in the group! It is now up to them, with home field advantage and point hits playing a vital role in each match-up.

As Yoda once said, “Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.”


One thought on “Europa League: Group E Preview by Acquafresca

  1. This was a brilliant preview….Usually teams are very similar (even up to 10 players sometimes), but this group has a terrific bunch of different players. Best of Luck to all of you.

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