Ligue 1 GW23 Review by Shipstontrev

REIMS (Mahfreems) 105 beat MONTPELLIER (Facer) 74

On a GW where the Arsenal DGW increased the scores of just about every non-casual, Palace fan Mahfreems set the standard in Ligue 1 with a crushing 31 point victory over new boy Facer. Both managers, as did many in the league, had Walcott(C). Both also had RVP and Mata, but Mahreems’ choice of Podolski proved a masterstroke, despite the German not even playing at Stamford Bridge. Add in the points from Ben Davies and Luis Suarez and it is easy to see how Mahfreems achieved his massive score, which improved his position in the overall FPL rankings by over 130k.

LORIENT (Dr. Ennet) 103 beat RENNES (Sarnab Wazza) 94

The standard this week was so high that Sarnab scored 94 points and still lost by 9 points. Both managers had Walcott(C) and of course both had RVP. Again the Swede’s choice of Podolski proved the winning pick, although he also had good points from Suarez and Mata. Sarnab had Davies and Sturridge, but still tasted defeat ahead of his first match of his Champions League campaign.

ST. ETIENNE (Chrissy Waddle) 99 beat SOCHAUX (Chazza) 93

Despite taking a 4 point hit, Chrissy still managed a narrow win over Chazza thanks to the events of the Arsenal-West Ham game. Yet again both managers had Walcott(C), and they both also had RVP, Mata, Suarez and Davies. The difference therefore was Chrissy’s choice of Santi Cazorla and the 12 points that came with it. Chazza was another player to taste defeat before the start of the Champions League.

LYON (FC Borcelona) 97 beat AJACCIO (Spike) 86

Both managers here had Walcott(C), RVP and Mata, but FCB’S picks of Suarez, Davies and Michu were just enough for him to prevail over Spike’s Cazorla and Bale. Both players find themselves in mid-table in the latest Ligue 1 standings.

NICE (Lateriser) 96 beat BREST (Shipstontrev) 93

Another match-up decided by Wednesday’s game at the Emirates, mainly down to Lateriser’s flair pick of Olivier Giroud for the armband, which allowed him to grab a narrow victory. Shipstontrev had Walcott(C), and both managers had RVP and Mata in their team, with LR having Suarez and his opponent Cazorla. Shipstontrev was left to rue the missed opportunities by Rickie Lambert at St. Mary’s while LR is up to 125th overall in the FPL standings and top of the Ligue 1 table. Cue a comment saying “where I belong” 😉

BASTIA (Aditya) 94 beat EVIAN (King Eric) 89

New boy Aditya is up to 5th place in Ligue 1 after this close match against his American opponent. Unsurprisingly both managers had Walcott(C), as well as RVP, Mata and Davies. The deciding factor was Joe Cole, who despite only playing one match of the DGW on his return to Upton Park, gave Aditya 10 very welcome points.

VALENCIENNES (!Bazzinga!) 87 beat BORDEAUX (Ryan) 74

Ryan’s poor run continued, with the Kiwi’s fourth consecutive defeat, this time to America’s Bazzinga! Again both managers had Walcott(C) and RVP, but while Bazzinga! had Suarez and Mata, Ryan only had good points from Michu. Ryan is now second from bottom of the Ligue 1 table, not in the best of form heading into his Europa League campaign.


NANCY (Coldplay) 86 beat MARSEILLE (Fratboy) 83

Another closely fought match here, with both players having Walcott(C), RVP, Mata and Davies. The clincher here was Fratboy taking a 4 point hit. Coldplay moves to 3rd in the Ligue 1 table as a result of this win.


TOULOUSE (Heco87) 84 beat PSG (Super Zlatan) 79



TROYES (kaz) 74 beat LILLE (In Like Flynn) 71

Kaz turned the tables after the Arsenal – West Ham game in this relatively low-scoring affair, despite his choice of Kevin Nolan as captain, as Walcott, RVP and Mata gave him just enough of a gap to overcome ILF’s picks of Cazorla(C) and Joe Cole. ILF has now sunk to the bottom of the Ligue 1 table.


6 thoughts on “Ligue 1 GW23 Review by Shipstontrev

  1. how do i join one of your leagues please ?

  2. Where i belong. 😉

  3. Won’t mind carrying this luck into UCL

  4. I’m not complaining but is the text missing from the write up of my match?

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