The Bottom 7 league IS BACK!

Yes….it’s back.

The Bottom 7 league allows Fantasy Managers to follow the enthralling battle for survival in fantasy terms.


There is only one rule: All Fantasy Premier League teams may only contain players from the following Barclays Premier League teams:

Aston Villa, Fulham, Norwich City, Queens Park Rangers, Reading, Southampton and Wigan Athletic.

Any Fantasy Premier League teams failing to comply with these rules shall be banned from the league.


Those previously in the league may join the new league using this code: 2310409-574408

Previous players may also like to activate their Wildcards to comply to the rules above.


9 thoughts on “The Bottom 7 league IS BACK!

  1. When does it start?

  2. Newcastle is in the bottom 7, not Norwich…

  3. Team done and entered… so Newcastle is okay to have or not?

  4. How do I pick a new team?

  5. newcastle players are allowed?? the guy who play against me, have players from newcastle

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