Escape from the Insanity

If ever the comments on FFS are moving too fast and you need a quite place to talk, feel free to use the comments on this post.

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18 thoughts on “Escape from the Insanity

  1. To a dark place this line of thought will carry us. Great care we must take.

  2. Michu or Fellaini????

    Just kidding…

  3. I’ll be here when the City lineup comes out. 😀

  4. A DGW Strategy

    So basically if there is a DGW, it will be GW26 involving Liv and Swa. Liv will have WBA and SWA. Swansea will have QPR and liv. Good looking fixtures. Now provided you want 4-6 DGW players, you need bench fodder which is playable the next week. Both Liv and Swa have a blank GW27. So this bench fodder for GW26 is playable GW27 because the weakish teams have good fixtures.

    Bench fodder for GW26 which can be utilized for GW27

    GW27 fixtures

    Reading vs. Wigan -> Pog, Harte, Pearce, Guthrie, Stam, Maloney, Henriquez, Kebe
    Fulham vs. Stoke -> Wilson(hopefully), Ruiz, Hughes, Cameron
    Nor vs. Everton -> Nor defenders
    Wbrom vs. Sunderland -> Wbrom defenders, Lukaku, Cuellar, Fletch, Gardner
    Newcastle vs. Southampton -> Punch, Clyne/Shaw
    West Ham vs. Tottenham as well..

    Should be manageable. A lot of the weakish teams have good fixtures. So basically have the likes of Kebe, Punch, Pog, Guthrie as your 5th mid/3rd striker and have defenders from these set of fixtures as your back up defenders. Should easily allow you to negotiate through the DGW followed by the blank.

    • Yea I’ll be banking on Anichebe after the (likely) DGW and then swapping Davies to a QPR defender (M’Bia if he’s still OOP) on my FT. Don’t see many Swansea CS between 28-32 and QPR have some tasty fixtures then. Allows me to bench Gerrard, Michu and Enrique for GW27 so praying there’ll be no injuries 😕

  5. So, anyone got the City team?

  6. Sooo, basically, after not seeing Dzeko in the City line-up i brought in Itay Shechter of Swansea. Not sure what to make of it to be honest…

  7. Press Conference Review Matchday 1, followed by Preview Matchday 2.

    Group H Europa League: FC Torino 50(+4) – 41 West Brom

    Reporter: Bowstring, would you like to say a few words about the opening match in the Europa League?

    Bowstring: I prayed that Martin Tyler would reiterate the famous cry “Aguerooooooo!” from last season. I waited and waited as added time passed by – the sweats had kicked in at this stage. Panic stations were go, and I knew by this moment Aguero was not going to deliver. My worst fears were soon to be realised with Van Persie playing a home game against the Saints next day, however a blank was a bittersweet result and a safety net for my rank. Clean sheets for Davies and Clichy were a bonus. It all fell apart the next day though when Dempsey was dumped, De Gea fluffed his lines and Azpilicueta’s defensive walls collapsed in the dying seconds. Mata and Walcott kept the score up in the end, with Anichebe’s 5 points reminding me of what could’ve been. Lesson learned though. It was a tough week for both Snake Juice and myself; ultimately it came down to our defences and Ba. I think SJ will bounce back quickly, judging by his rank, as this result is merely a blip.

    Reporter: Speaking of lessons learned, tell us what this means for the next game, against the West Ham differential master, Doosra.

    Bowstring: Yes I think Doosra will be a tough nut to crack. He plays very well at the most unexpected times, and with Baines and Giroud on form, that will certainly be a worry with both having home games on the weekend. I think we need to just persevere with transfers for the moment with this DGW coming up. Hopefully Wilson will be back soon for us in case anything goes up in the air. With the early news of Mata’s ankle injury, perhaps Anichebe will get his time to shine considering his form, but at the moment there is simply no player we can afford to risk benching. Also, we’ll have to decide on whether to field Harte or not…as for captaincy… well we’ll just have to wait and see

    Predicted result (by RMT tool):

    FC Steaua Bucaresti 53(+4) – 54 Torino FC

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