Europa League Group G Preview

With just over 24 hours to go for the big Europa league matches to kick-start, we look back once again to our Group previews.. this time shifting our focus on Group G.

The clubs which qualified to this group are

Celtic(managed by Count of Monte Hristo)

VFB Stuttgart(managed by Brian)

AS Nancy Lorraine(managed by Coldplay)   and

FC Metalist Kharkiv(managed by TM245)

Celtic managed to get the same points as Benefica (33 points) in RoE season 1 but was edged out from CL due to the inferior goal difference.. Although he will be disappointed not to get a place in the UCL league, i can assure Celtic that UEL league is not too far behind.

VFB Stuttgart managed to grab a decent 7th spot in the tightly contested Bundesliga season 1 with 32 points and surely is one of the opponent that the other 3 clubs should look into.

AS Nancy Lorraine qualified for UEL after grabbing 9th in the Ligue 1 season 1 whereas TM245’s contribution to HOF was duly rewarded with a place in Group G for him in the elite league.

With 3 wins and 1 loss Celtic is now sitting in a strong 3rd position in season 2 of RoE league and is also ranked 18,687 in the current FPL rankings. Things are not quite well for VFB Stuttgart at the moment with 3 losses and 1 draw in the Bundesliga season 2 that puts him right in the relegation zone. Similar to Celtic, AS Nancy Lorraine also won 3 matches and lost 1 in the Ligue 1 season 2 encounter which puts him right now in UCL qualification spot. FC Metalist Kharkiv may not have played in season 1 but he is currently the highest ranked FPL player amongst these 4 managers and is looking to sneak through the knockouts too.

While both VFB Stuttgart and AS Nancy Lorraine have activated their wildcard this week, it is game on now and we can see some cracking matches in the coming weeks. It should also be noted that Celtic still have a wildcard to use, whereas Metalist Kharkiv have already played his wildcard in the earlier weeks.

PREDICTION: It will be hard to predict which 2 managers will go through the knockouts and which 2 will be eliminated right now. All i can say now is that this group is also not different from the other groups which offer some thrilling fights in the coming weeks. But given a chance i would say Celtic and AS Nancy Lorraine are the ones who may be advancing to the next round.

Good Luck to all 4 managers who are in this group. I am sure you guys will deliver your best in the coming games and will also give the spectators and other managers who monitor you, something to cheer about..


One thought on “Europa League Group G Preview

  1. Thanks, goonerdhanesh. I’ve copied my introductory presser here in case it got lost in the Europa Pressers reply chain. Good luck, all.

    Europa Group G New Boy Introduction Descends Into Profane Farce

    An introductory press conference that had begun in smiles and nervous excitement ended in controversy — and possible charges of abusive conduct — as FC Metalist manager TM245 met the media earlier today. Dubbed the Group of Life since none of the managers are currently ranked inside the top 10K, Europa League Group G nevertheless boasts several managers with sterling reputations, elite experience, and Wild Cards in hand or in pocket, as well as new boy TM245.
    Instead of the usual pleasantries and banal questions about squad selection and team shape, reporters immediately peppered TM245 about the controversy swirling around his alleged Wild Card completion, as a look at his profile indicates that he has used both WC’s yet shows a group of defenders that resemble, in the words of one questioner, “a lot you might come across in some drunken RMWCT from the Deadzone.”
    TM245′s response, “I didn’t really want to WC, so I took a punt on Debuchy, and the rest just happened. That is my squad,” satisfied none of the horde and their questions soon turned belligerent. One reporter held up an iPad in each hand and angrily compared his team heading into gw22
    Guzan Tremmel
    Baines Walker Clyne Demel Nelsen
    Michu Fellaini Bale Mata Puncheon
    Berbatov RVP Ba
    to the current squad for gw24
    Mignolet Bunn
    Debuchy Davies Harte Demel Turner
    Silva Bale Michu Walcott Wilshere
    Podolski RVP Ba
    shouting “For god’s sake, Jack Wilshere is there, too. Jack Wilshere!?! On a completed Wild Card team!?! Do you expect anyone to fall for this joke?”
    At that point, TM245 steeled himself and coolly replied, “He outpointed Michu last week. He will turn into someone else soon.”
    However, another reporter breathlessly glanced at an old FFS post and asked, “Sir, do you deny that you once posted a Killer Z’s wild card team?”
    When TM245 attempted to laugh it off, the reporter angrily continued, “That lineup of
    Szczesny Guzan
    Luiz Azpilicueta Zabaleta Alcaraz Chico
    Hazard De Guzman Ramirez Nzonzi Gomez
    Tevez Dzeko Ruiz
    could very well outscore your motley crew.”
    TM245 explained that he thought the inclusion of Chico (from Cadiz!) was “funny,” but the gathering deteriorated into a series of accusations, with several members of the press corps demanding he explain how he had manipulated the FPL site’s code to show a false defensive formation and when he would really use his January wild card.
    At that point, TM245 pounded his fist on the table and seethed, “We are the proud descendants of Soviet metalworkers and will tear down the Iron Curtain built by our forefathers one match at a time. My team is on the pitch.”
    An awkward silence lasted only a moment as the press identified several potential metalworkers in the lineup and explained that differentials are often different for a reason. TM245 then stood up wordlessly and attempted to disentangle himself from his microphone, but the cackles of laughter only grew louder as the entire room erupted into jeers of “Jack-ie Wil-shere! Clap clap clapclapclap! Matt De-bu-chy! Clap clap clapclapclap! No Juan Ma-ta! Clap clap clapclapclap.”
    Embarrassment soon turned to controversy and sociopathy, however, as the embattled competitor channeled his inner gravatar and unleashed a rant straight from the cinematic world of the Coen Brothers, with much of the language, such as the screed “What’s this bulls—? I don’t f—in’ care! It don’t matter to Jesus. But you’re not foolin’ me, man. You might fool the f—s in the FPL office, but you don’t fool Jesus!” not fit for print, especially for younger readers. After gleeful reporters held up their camera phones to record the meltdown, and the incensed manager threatened the room with shouts of “You ready to be f—ed?” and “Metalist and me, we’re gonna f— you up,” TM245 was finally dragged out of the room, though he still resisted his handlers’ attempts to muzzle his shouts of “Let me tell you something, pendejos…Nobody f—s with the Jesus!”
    A representative for TM245 released a statement shortly thereafter in which he apologized for the “unfortunate way in which TM245′s message of peaceful gaming was lost in translation. This altercation in no way should cloud what promises to be a spirited yet civil battle in Europa League Group G. He is truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an extraordinary competition.”
    Predicted to advance: Celtic, Stuttgart

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